Top 3 Rip & Beth Dates 💛 Yellowstone | Paramount Network

Top 3 Rip & Beth Dates 💛 Yellowstone | Paramount Network

(slow music) – What are you doin’ here? – Just watchin’ (slow music) – I’m gonna ride off into the sunset. – That’s the sunrise. – Shit, you know what I mean. (slow music) (wolf howl) (guitar strum) – You got old – Yeah – God, you haven’t aged a day. Shit you might just cheat death yet. (car door opens) – Beth? (screams) – Beth! (screams) (wolves howling) Get! What the fuck is wrong with you? – Cheatin’ death, like you said. It’s only the things I love
that die, Rip, never me. Come to think of it I’m
surprised you’re still standin’ (soft music) (wolf howl) ♪ If she’s gone away like a warm summer’s day ♪ – This is almost like
a music festival, huh? ♪ I just don’t wanna know ♪
Want a beer? (rock music) ♪ Like momma did tell me so ♪ – You look good in neon. – Who doesn’t? ♪ It’s been a hard life ♪ ♪ Can be hard on myself ♪ ♪ Just need a good night ♪ (drum solo) (footsteps) (soft music) – Thought you were off of this? – I’ll sip whiskey and stare
at the stars with you, Rip. (soft music) Don’t say it. It doesn’t mean anything on a roof, under stars like a bunch
of fucking hippies. You tell me, tell me when it saves me. – Okay, I won’t say it. (soft music)

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