Top 10 Friday Night SmackDown moments: WWE Top 10, April 3, 2020

Top 10 Friday Night SmackDown moments: WWE Top 10, April 3, 2020

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Friday Night SmackDown moments: WWE Top 10, April 3, 2020

  1. Bryan is probably going to end up with the title. However, if Zayn retains, I would like to see the faction implode and there be a triple threat match for the title. Cesaro should win. If this would have happened at mania this year, it would made more sense for storytelling but that's just my personal opinion.

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  3. If u really think about it, it’s just like 8 grown men in a building, 2 of them fighting. Everything jus seems so pointless and boring without a crowd

  4. So I haven’t watched WWE in like more than 4 years so can someone explain why there is no more people in the crowd?

  5. Please tell me they not building Tamina for Wrestle Mania. I’m gonna go insane if she gets a win at wrestle mania

  6. When no one is watching it's just everything is just dead
    without the crowd it's just walking down the hall of the mall except that mall is located in detroit

  7. Anybody else legit jump when Bray showed up behind Cena while the Fiend was away from the ring? If this doesn't show you how much of a horror mastermind Bray is, nothing will.

  8. I'm so sorry to say this, especially in these hard times, but wrestling does not work with out the fans. You need that vibe from the live crowds. I would have postponed all main event shows for the foreseeable outcome, then just really showed off each wrestlers performance in the performance centre. Yes I know that Vince hates too lose money. Yet by having a great 4 week pay per veiw would pay off in the long run. At the moment it looks like a few performance clips sent to wrestling promoters. In my own opinion.

  9. The rated R superstar can always conquer the fiend, because he can use his R to make the fiend his friend .


  11. Make Sami Zayn a face again please..if you don't agree just watch all of his memorable matches as a face..

  12. btw, what an odd character mashup lol… right? I understand the Wiz Khalifa comparison but where does Cena see a similarity between between the Fiend and the friggin' WB frog??? Seriously lol… why??? hahaha

    Who even remembers the damn WB frog? lmao

  13. Sami Zayn is so overrated it is ridiculous. No real fan "cares about his struggle". He doesn't deserve the push he is getting.. especially not at the expense of two other much more superior talents….

  14. I never realized that there are 5 star matches in Wrestlemania 36.

    Edge vs Randy Orton: Last Man Standing. (First we will see Edge in a singles match in 9 years)

    New Day vs The Usos vs Miz and Morrison: Triple Threat Ladder Match

    John Cena vs Bray Wyatt: Firefly Fun House Gimmick Match. (I'm sure they will have Special effects)

    Undertaker vs AJ Styles: Boneyard Gimmick Match. (I'm sure they will also add special effects.)

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