#thisisdaimler | Site-Portrait Moscovia

#thisisdaimler | Site-Portrait Moscovia

Hello, Welcome in Russia. This is our new plant in Moscow. The board of Daimler decided to implement this location and to build up a new production line for the local market. We started with the E-Class and then will add the SUVs. I am working here in Supply Chain. I am responsible for inbound coordination of all car parts from Europe and from USA. I am really proud to work here because I will see our cars on the streets in Moscow, in Kazan, in all big cities in Russia. And I will be really proud and I would say to my friends: “Look at this Mercedes-Benz E-Class, we produce it in Moscow”. Terrific plant, terrific production line. We have very good mentors, and our managers are amazing. First of all, I am proud of our team, which is basically one big family. Next is the quality that we deliver on the line. Thanks to the global positioning of the company, we were lucky enough to receive training abroad and to meet many of our colleagues from other plants in Brazil, India and Germany. We have designed a one roof concept here, meaning that every production step is under one roof in one building. We have Industry 4.0 standards, such as human-robot-cooperations, meaning that employees are working directly together with the robot. All our bodies are transported through the whole production cycle by so-called Automated Guided Vehicles. I am glad I joined Mercedes-Benz. This is a great motivation for me. And it is an opportunity to work in a company that is renowned not only in our country, but all over the world. I work at the marriage station, which is one of the most challenging stations: we work on complete mounting and assembly of drive units with painted, welded body. I think the main thing I can be proud of is the new prospects that are opening up in the future, for achieving personal ambitions, as well as the production ambitions of the company. The E-Class was, is and will be my favorite model. It is our first model, and the first as always stays with you for life. My tasks include the wiring in the trunk and the installation of airbags. I also plug the connectors and the brake pipes. Our mutual task, is to produce a quality car that is safe for the customer. This is our direct task and responsibility. I wanted to be a part of something really fantastic, as the Mercedes-Benz plant. We have a large team spirit, we work here as one family. For me, it is not like a job. I am sharing the “star mood” with everyone here. In Russia, nothing stands more for premium than Mercedes-Benz. You can see that when you hire the people, that they are very, very proud to start working for this premium brand. And you feel it every day, and I feel it, personally, every day when the people come into this plant. Goodbye and best regards from Moscow!

Author: Kevin Mason

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  2. Nice video, but please give Mr. Bense an english training. His „th“ is terrible. In this position I expect a much better English.

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