This 2020 Build a Meaningful LinkedIn Network | Joe McCray’s Mentorship Program

This 2020 Build a Meaningful LinkedIn Network | Joe McCray’s Mentorship Program

Hey! What’s going on InfoSecAddicts! Joe McCray here coming to you from D.C. I was supposed to be in Norway this week, but, had some logistics issues, so, I’m actually still in D.C, it is chilly out here! but look at that beautiful D.C, skyline,
okay? A little bit right after dawn is a little chilly. I’m coming to you guys for
a Mentor Moment. The biggest thing that I think I could give you some advice about
is: use LinkedIn. I know it doesn’t sound like the right thing to do, but, if I
think back on what was most beneficial to me, was the relationships that I’ve
built over time, I’ve got twenty-four thousand connections in my LinkedIn
right now, I honestly think that’s about one-third of what it should be over the
years all the people have come into touch with, I probably had a solid ten
years where I just didn’t even use LinkedIn so I’ve got a former mentee, who’s now starting his own company he called me this morning, we’re texting right now, and I just you know told him like “Man! If you’re getting
ready to do your own thing, the most important things I would say right now
would be LinkedIn and YouTube. You’re really good at your craft right now”… He’s
an Incident Response guy, he’s a ninja, you know, just a badass at Incident
Response and Malware Analysis, and all that, really knows his stuff. Shout out to
you Quentin! Man, keep doing the damn thing man, go make that money bro, you’re good at it really good. Yeah man! That’s what I was just telling him, we were
just texting right now, and I’ve said be serious about that LinkedIn, be
serious about that YouTube everybody that you meet at a conference, everybody
that you meet when you’re on-site consulting, don’t be insincere, don’t be
fake, and regardless of even if you’re working for a company right now, and
you’re fairly new, now’s the time to do it! Get serious on LinkedIn, use it, build
those relationships with people because you’re thinking: “Well hey! we’re in the
same position right now” you know, “he’s an analyst, I’m an analyst”, but, that’s not it
or “he’s on the helpdesk, I’m on the helpdesk”, “We both work in the SOC. Why
should I link up with him on LinkedIn?” that is the wrong way to look at it. Life
is long man, and as the years go on, those people move on to different, jobs you
move on to different jobs, we bubble up in our career and if you are maintaining
those good relationships with people That can turn into consulting, that can
turn into better job opportunities. There’s nothing but benefits out of
keeping good relationships, don’t be fake don’t be insincere, obviously, it’s about
maintaining the relationship, even if is casual, “Hey haven’t talked to you in a couple of months”, “Just checking in to see how you’re doing” LinkedIn is really good about doing like
birthday announcements, and when people change jobs, and stuff like that, and
those are those little opportunities for you to stay in touch with people, you
know: “Hey here’s what conference I’m going to you will you be there?” that kind
of stuff, it doesn’t need to be way over the top, it just needs to be sincere, you
know? Not fake, not phony. Guys, I really wish you the best, those of you who are
like my buddy Quentin, who are going out on their own, doing their own thing, man!
Go for it! Go for it! Go for it! Go for it! Me doing my own thing, like I’m doing
right now, has been the craziest thing in my life, the hardest thing in my life, the worst thing in my life, and the best thing in my life. At the same time, there’s so many ups and downs Good things and bad things, people say
bad things about you, I don’t want to say that it’s “all roses”, but, I’ve never had
anything more fulfilling other than family. Really, it’s that good. I wish you
guys all the best, Joe McCray coming to you again for a Mentor Moment, use
LinkedIn! Take care!

Author: Kevin Mason

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