The World’s Best Dive Site: Barracuda Point, Kakaban [4K] | Indonesia from Below (S01E07) | SZtv

The World’s Best Dive Site: Barracuda Point, Kakaban [4K] | Indonesia from Below (S01E07) | SZtv

In this episode we take you to one of the world’s best dive sites.. Ride ripping currents to get the shot. And discover an underwater garden of Eden. My name is Bertie and this is Indonesia from Below. Less than hour from Derawan, lies the walled island fortress of Kakaban made famous by its unique jellyfish lake. [Music] But outside the tranquility of this placid lagoon sheer underwater walls and ripping currents. At the southeast corner of Kakaban the island’s steep walls meet at a sharp angle – a gnarly dive site known as Barracuda Point. This junction of ripping currents next to deep water make it a hotspot for marine encounters and our next dive site. Alright, listen up guys. So we are gonna be diving Barracuda Point tomorrow, which is definitely the most hazardous dive site that we do here at Scuba Junkie Sangalaki So what we are gonna do we are gonna drop down right here from a sloping coral wall, all the way down a little part of a platform down to a very steep coral wall. Here this where the current can be really picking up. In the blue, sometimes we can see schooling barracuda there. Then later when we get brought by the current further, this wall here will be moving into a platform and here the current can even pick up more. What is really important when we move over this platform is that it comes to a very abrupt end. And that strong current can either bring you down or push you out really far. At around 17-19m there is two big rocks here and that’s where you have to make a turn to the left. If you don’t, you get in trouble here at the edge. So who’s going to join me? [Music] Wrestling with the rushing water I tried to keep my composure. Suddenly out of the blue we saw them… …schooling barracuda. [Music] With large schools of fish like this one, make sure to have your strobes out nice and wide kissing your subject with a flash of light. [Music] [Music] Struggling to fight the flowing water, I had to get around the corner and into the calm blue behind the drop off. [Music] Making it round, I could finally catch my breath. But it was soon taken away once again. Clinging to the underwater cliff face was a kaleidoscope of the most beautiful coral I have ever seen. Simply stunning. Just as I thought this ridiculous dive site couldn’t get any better we were graced by the presence of an ocean giant. Barracuda Point. Jackfish, massive school of barracuda, and then just at the end when you’re in amongst the garden of Eden, thinking “does life get any better?” and what comes from out the blue? A whale shark. That just doesn’t happen, that shouldn’t happen but that just did happen. Amazing. What can I say? Currents, coral, and crazy animal encounters – Barracuda Point at Kakaban has got to be up there as one of the best dive sites in the world. [Music] [Music]

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