The Top 8 Things Dentists Should be Doing on their Website!

The Top 8 Things Dentists Should be Doing on their Website!

– Hey everyone, Paige
Johnsen here with DentalPC. Today, I’m gonna give
you my top eight tips on how to make your
dental practice website stand out from the competition. (uplifting music) I come across hundreds of
dental practice websites every month, and what I’m finding is that the majority of these websites, they look really nice, but they have a similar look and feel. I’m gonna give you the recipe for success. Whether you manage your own website or you outsource the
work to a web developer, it’s critical that you keep your website fresh and up-to-date with content. Most of the websites that I come across were created by an ad agency. Once they were designed, they
were never touched again. This is one of the most common mistakes that I see dentists
making with their website. You need to continue
to update your website with blogs, fresh content,
promotions, patient testimonials in order to give people a reason to continue to come back to your website. So, what are you doing
to set yourself apart from your dental practice competition? Here are my top eight tips. One, confirm your dental practice
website is ADA Compliant. You can be fined if your website isn’t accessible to
people with disabilities. Title III of the Americans
with Disabilities Act ensures people with disabilities must have equal access to buildings,
public restrooms, restaurants, and the internet. For example, if you have a patient with a visual impairment,
images on your website need to include appropriate tags and data that speaks to what
those images look like. Number two, mobile responsive. Studies show that the majority of people are finding your website through their mobile device. A responsive website is one that responds or changes based on the needs of the user and the device
that they are doing it on. Basically, if you’re
looking at your website from an iPhone or an Android, it needs to look exactly the same. Here’s how you can test the mobile responsiveness of a website. If you’re on a computer, you can tell if a site is responsive by reducing the browser window size from full screen down to very small screen. If the appearance of the text, images, and menu change as you get smaller, the site is responsive. Number three, special offers. Special offers, discounts, promotions, whatever you want to call it. These are all great ways to
incentivize your patients, and potential patients
to come to your practice. A few of my favorite promotional ideas are designing your offers
centered around the holidays. For example, a cosmetic whitening right before the holidays, or maybe
even before the summertime. Another idea is a
patient referral program. Reward your existing patients whenever they refer a new patient to you. Number four, video. Every dental practice
has a Meet Our Team page. Individualize your brand
with one to two-minute patient video testimonials, pictures of your office, reception
area, and treatment rooms. Number five, patient testimonials. Let your patients be
your biggest advocates. If one of your patients
is an influential member in the community and
they are well-respected, ask them to write a testimonial, and you can include that
in a page on your website. You can even this a step further and write a testimonial for
their own business page. This way, you can both link
back to each other’s websites. Number six, a strong call to action. It’s critical that you have strong calls to action on your website. One example of this would be having a click-to-call feature on
every page of your website, preferably in the same spot. Another call to action would be having a Schedule A Consultation button or Get A Free Quote button. And make sure that you always include a Contact Us page where patients can fill out a contact form, so they can include their name, phone number, email address, the best time to call, and you should always include an email opt-in option, so people can subscribe to your email newsletters. Number seven, content is king. The right content can engage with new patients and continue to bring them back to your website. I suggest always
freshening up your website by having at least two blogs per month. What I suggest is doing
at least two blogs, and then making sure that
they are 350 to 500 words. Write your content so it is engaged with search engine optimization keywords. Number eight, social links. Social media is a great
way to engage with your patients and potential patients. If you aren’t already
utilizing social media, I strongly suggest that you do. At DentalPC, we have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube channel, the list goes on and on. And you can do the same. You can also run contest
and have your patients share your posts on their page
to increase your exposure, and potentially reach their
friends or potential patients. Thanks for watching our video. If you enjoyed it, please
subscribe to our channel and give us a thumbs up. If you are using any of
these tips that I shared, please share them with us in
the comments section below, and make sure you look
back for our next video where I’ll be discussing the Facebook dos and don’ts for your dental practice. Thanks again, have a good day.

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