The Part that Matters is YOU | MISUMI

The Part that Matters is YOU | MISUMI

MISUMI is a Global and Manufacturing Distribution
company headquartered out of Japan. We’ve been around for 60 years. MISUMI is a Manufacturer and Distributor of
configurable components. Made to order components online. Sold in the factory automation industry. We have an unbelievable variety of parts. We can make it any size, any spec, any length,
any color. Customers like Tesla, Panasonic, Denso, Aisin,
Hitatchi, large companies that come to us. We make sure that they can get the highest
quality, lowest cost, in the quickest time. We work really well with both the engineer
who is experienced in what they’re doing to the marketing and purchasing professional
all the way down to Joe working in his garage on a project. When I first started at MISUMI I met with
our President and he asked me to take the first few months to take a look at our operations
and our processes and look for opportunities to improvement and so I did that. I appreciate the fact that I was given that
autonomy to do that and to make that change. We saw our business grow I believe as a result
of that and with that came additional opportunities for me to grow within the organization. I actually started off as an Application Engineer
and a position opened up in the Marketing Department for kind of an engineer subject
matter expert and I got the job and I’ve been in the Marketing team for about three years. When I got hired on it was actually for customer
service trainer, worked with the team here for about two and a half years, developed
them put a lot of programs and policies in place and then was given the opportunity to
take it on at an organizational level. Rather then being a generalist, I’ve had the
opportunity to become more of a specialist in the things that are really interesting
to me. I’ve been given a lot of opportunities, pretty
much anything that I want to try or test out, I get to challenge myself in creative ways
and that’s kind of been the beauty of working here. So MISUMI has really helped me move to where
I want to be and hopefully want to keep helping me so I can get to where I want to be in the
future as well. I found MISUMI to be very surprising in that
it’s so personal. I came from a Fortune 100 company and any
time you talked to somebody on the phone you had to start with your employee ID number. Which is sort of impersonal, right? So when I came here and they told me “You
don’t have an employee ID number, it’s just you.” Right? It’s your name, it’s your face, we know you
as a person was really refreshing. What has surprised me the most is the people. Everyone is just so generous and really caring. What really surprised me was just how all
encompassing the diversity was and how positive it’s been not only for me personally in my
career growth, but also my team. I did not think I would develop these really
close relationships with the people that I work with. They’re essentially my family, something else
that surprised me at MISUMI was how they support me in our growth. I actually won Employee of the Year in 2018
so that was a wonderful opportunity. I was awarded Employee of the Year in 2018. It was a super humbling experience and it
just goes to show that your hard work here doesn’t go unnoticed. I remember the first time I saw that award
being given, in my head I was like I don’t think I’ll ever get there, but MISUMI gave
me the support to get to that level. The people here are just a lot of fun, I mean
we work hard but I guess we also play hard. There’s plenty of ways to get involved. There are plenty of spirit days, plaid, teams, sports. Pay Day Donuts 5K’s Charitable things Holiday party Rec softball team surprise Birthdays on the team professional softball team I never played softball, ever in my life and
it’s been really fun to get out there and get athletic… sometimes. There’s always something creative, we did
a blood drive, we did a Top Golf event. I was on the same team as one of the Vice
Presidents, someone in Customer Service, someone in HR, and the President himself. These are usually people I would not talk
to all the time so I got to know them better and you know, have fun with them at the same
time. Those are really important things to help
create a culture here that really kind of tie everybody together. What makes a MISUMI employee great is just
that ability to be open-minded and really allow yourself to think differently about
traditional ways of doing things. And you will be challenged in a lot of different
ways, mentally, maybe even socially. And that’s a good thing you know, you need
to be challenged professionally and personally so when they come here focus on that continuous
improvement and mindset so making our business better as well as making themselves better
through learning, working on different team projects. All those things that really speak to what
people want which is purpose in their work. We have a culture of empowerment where we
try to treat our business and our area of authority like our own business and so if
they’ve got a passion and a drive to succeed, pretty much everything else we can train and
develop and coach and mentor to get them up to speed. I look for people who are committed, people
who work really hard, people who have great initiative. It kind of helps drive the culture not just
the individual but it becomes part of the fabric of the company and I think when you
look around our company you see a lot of people who are like that. A lot of good people! Like, in the seven years, I can say that I
have worked with really caring people. That’s the essence of MISUMI and that’s another
reason why I’ve been working here for so long.

Author: Kevin Mason

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