The Mountain Bike Dictionary | 9 Things MTBers Say

The Mountain Bike Dictionary | 9 Things MTBers Say

(dirt scraping) – Welcome back you beautiful people. Now today we’re going to be
exploring the linguistics of mountain biking. Yes, the language that has
been somewhat developed over the years through the
mountain bike community. Now, kick it off with
the first one, Richard. – That’s quite right, Blake. Today we’re going to be
getting a little bit radical. – Oh. – Possibly a bit gnarly. – Well that’s two of them. – I know, shall we go down the trail? – Yes.
– And send it? – Let’s drop in. – Tally ho! – Henry, I mean, Richard, ha! Oh Richard, lovely day, isn’t it? – Tally ho, tally ho, what, what? – (mumbles) This trail is sick, dude. Whoa! – Oh my God. – Dude, hang on man,
this is flippin’ gnarly. So you have to jump across the road. – I’m not sure on this
one, this is a gnarly gap. If ever there was a
better descriptive word, gnarly is it for this one. – Shall we go for it? (record player screeching) – Let’s do it.
– More gnarly. – Let’s get gnarly, get,
get, get, get gnarly. – Let’s stop saying gnarly. But that is gnarly. (hard rock music) – I feel gnarly just looking at it. – Oh Rich, I’m scared! – Man, come on, just follow me in! This is gnar– – [Narrator] Gnarly. An adjective. Dangerous, yet challenging and enjoyable. (record player screeching) – Well this trail looks cool. – Yeah that looks good. – Rooty man. – There’s a lot of line
options going on there. – Do you know what roots mean in the wet? – Sketchiness.
– Sketchiness, dude. – I’m slipping trying to get up it, so coming down is going to be? – Sketchy!
– It is. – It’s going to be sketchy
with like four lines to choose. – Some ruts, some roots running across it. – Rich, what is this going to be like? – Sketchy. (hard rock music) – Oh my gosh Richie.
– Oh my God, mate! – Richard, this is so sketchy!
– Man, I’m sketchy as! – [Narrator] Sketchy. The dictionary definition of sketch, a rough or unfinished drawing or painting, often made to assist in making
a more finished picture. (record player screeching) – Maybe we should hit this trail. I heard it’s wild. – It’s super wild, I’ve heard
there’s some gnar in it, man. – There’s some proper gnar
sections coming down this one. – Proper gnar sections. (rock music) – [Narrator] Gnar. Noun, used to describe
trails or sections of trails that are dangerous or
particularly difficult to ride. Derived from gnarly. (light classical music)
– Let’s hit it, like narwhal. – Let’s do it! – Hooray. Drop in! (hard rock music) – [Narrator] Dropping in. Verb, a declaration from a
rider that they’re about to start descending down a trail and that their friends
should be aware of this. (hard rock music) – Oh dude, like, that’s why I’m slow, ’cause 29ers don’t go around
corners that quick, man. That’s why I can’t keep up with you. It’s true! – I had to stop and flip my climb switch, I had it locked out. Like, honest, it was locked
out, I couldn’t keep, I had to stop. I did, I promise! – [Narrator] Racing driver’s excuses. – I had to stop and flip my climb switch, I had it locked down. – Dude I think I running a bit too high. – Blake. Blake. Blake! Wait, there’s a funny noise. I’ll catch you in a minute, Blake. There’s a noise. (record player screeching) – Hey Rich, what’s the time? – It’s about 12 o’clock–
– No dude, it’s time to get loose! (yelling) (hard rock music) – [Narrator] Getting loose. Verb meaning not being 100% in
control when riding a trail, but in a good way. – Oh jumps, I hate jumps. – Oh my God! I nearly died! (hard rock music) – [Narrator] I almost died. Phrase. An exaggeration, a harrowing
event happened during a ride that almost caused the rider to crash. Always told at the end of a piece of trail when a rider catches up with friends. (hard rock music) – Nearly died, yeah. (beatboxing) Cup of tea, cup of tea, cup of tea. Whoa, dude! You shrelped that man! Woo! Look, shrelped it, yeah! (hard rock music) – [Narrator] Shralp. A verb meaning vigorously
turn a corner so that the characteristic shrelp noise is made. – (laughing) Oh Rich, this bit looks so sick. Shall we shred it dude?
– We got to shred this place, it looks awesome.
– I’ll follow you. – Let’s go!
– Dropping in! (hard rock music) Let’s shred it. – [Narrator] Shred. Verb, meaning ride in an excited manner. – Cool nozza. – Woo! Thank you. Man this trail is sick. – That way’s too sick for me. Just shred it. – Yes! It’s so good. (light classical music) – Oh smashing day, Richard. – Real top notch stuff. – Oh yes, absolutely had
a sick time on the trail. – Terribly good. – We sent some gnar. Well hopefully this has given you somewhat of an understanding of the linguistics of a mountain biker. What sort of language they come up with out on the trail to
express their feelings. – Yes, I had a terribly fun time today, terribly fun getting sendy. – Oh yes.
– We dropped in. – We did drop in didn’t we? – Oh did we ever drop in. – Into a gnarly arse trail. – God, was it gnarly? – Yes, hopefully you’ve enjoyed
this lovely video of ours. If you would like to click
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out on some great content. – And if you’ve had a sick time, give us the thumbs up. – Yes, don’t forget, there’s
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– Oh, smashing. – Of the GMBN, ta-rah!

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. PSYCHED (Also spelled: Si-ched): v… To perform a bit of voice-over to give a video a bit of class. Synonym: Also called a Richardson (rare). Example: "I don't know what my video needed but I Si-ched it and it was shown on Fails and Bails so it must have been OK."

  2. This is brilliant!
    My plan for the weekend…
    I am going to get loose tonight, shred the gnar out of some beer and send it in a trolley down the steepest street I can find and yell "Drrraaappin"!🤘🏼🥳
    The only question is, should I plan in komoot or go with strava…???🤔

  3. Gnarly has been used in the English language way before MountainBiking started. You guys are so out of viewable content. Plus the presenters/videos are not progressing in quality. No wonder you lose sponsors every year

  4. As annoying as Blake often is, this was actually bordering on comedy & had me in a state of euphoria (almost). I do however think he needs to CTFD at times 😂👏🏻

  5. My usuals are "HMMPH", "Oh shiz", "WTF am I doing….", "Sorry!", "Son of a diddly" and "This climb can go straight to hell."

  6. Absolutely brill lads! For the next vid, you should tie-wrap bowler hats to your helmets! 👍 Awesome uk posh talking, didn’t even recognize your voices!

  7. The easiest part of being a skateboarder first then a mountain biker was rocking up and you guys all already speaking our language 🤣🤙🏽

  8. I just want make clear that this is the very first time that i totaly understand you guys, and thanks for the imput…👌

  9. "I don't have a spare" – Get your own damn inner tube.
    "Is that a blue tooth speaker?" – Turn it off.
    "Entry level" – It cost 5 grand.
    "I'm kinda tired" – I think I've got internal bleeding from that crash and I'm going to hospital.

  10. What's going on with Richard. When he speaks in a considered way he has really good diction, however, when he just rambles on he forgets the sound for t, puts v for th and puts go'a instead of got to. Not the end of the world but he shows he can speak in a propper way, so why drop into sounding like an oik. I and my colleagues drive lorries so we aren't posh, but we can be understood! That's the only crit', otherwise a brilliant bloke.

  11. LMFAO !!
    all of the stuff i REFUSE to say and do …
    oh the hilarity of it all ..
    Brilliant vid , should be 'required reading' for all

  12. I think you guys are a couple of years late on this content. IFHT & BoBo did this same thing a year or so ago and if you don't include 'shirts of on the rock' you shouldn't make MTB says shit…

  13. I used to follow you with certain enjoyment, but as the time passes, you”re either pushing in more and more products, or getting more and more infantile.
    I will unsubscribe and follow only the gmbn tech. I hope you know what you”re doing, though, and that it fits your audience”s preferences.
    P.S. Focusing on enduro and dismissing XC is another risky step.

  14. Blake, as always awesome to watch you shred however I would like to point out something. G.N.A.R is an acronym for 'Gaffneys Numerical Assessment of Radness', G.N.A.R was created for the ski slopes by Shane McConkey after Dr. Robb Gaffney see also ‘Squallywood’ – a resort guide which gave each of the lines in Squaw Valley a numerical score, hence G.N.A.R. Hope this helps and hope we can catch up at Fort William World Cup weekend again, are you going?

  15. Just about every term is used in skateboarding and have for many many years, which most have stemmed from surfing. When I started mountain biking, I was surprised that so many of these and others are used in MTB as well.

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