The Mind Of A 30 Year Old Female – Chloe Temtchine

The Mind Of A 30 Year Old Female – Chloe Temtchine

Cosmopolitan’ recently published an article
that offered a peek inside the roller-coaster mind of a 30-year old female. It chronicled
the feelings, rational or not, associated with this milestone age. The flurry of questions
that pin-balled in her thoughts included: – Do I officially fall into the category of
cougar? Do college kids think I’m old? Is it creepy if I think they’re hot? – Will I never be carded again, and if I am,
will it be a “courtesy card,” like when they card my mom at the liquor store to make her
feel better about herself? She’s 60. However, for YouTube sensation and the 2011
AVON National and International Songwriting Competition Winner, singer/songwriter Chloe
Temtchine, age 30, one question rings loudest in her thoughts: Will I live? In February 2013, Ms. Temtchine’s album, produced
by American Grammy nominee, Greg Camp, was nearing completion, and its national and international
promotional tour was imminent, when inexplicably Ms. Temtchine’s personal and professional
life were forever altered. She was rushed to the emergency room due to congestive right-heart
failure, the result of a rare life-threatening pulmonary disease, which had quietly and viciously
attacked her, leaving her breathless and almost lifeless. Pulmonary Veno-Occlusive Disease (PVOD) is
a clinicopathologic syndrome that accounts for a small number of cases of pulmonary hypertension.
PVOD is so rare that the largest clinical study in the world consists of 11 cases, 9
of whom died before the year-long study was concluded. In spite of the grim prognosis, Ms. Temtchine
has elected to replace the sirens of death with the beautiful and life-inspiring sounds
of music. Mere months since her diagnosis, Ms. Temtchine,
along with her portable oxygen tank, whom she affectionately refers to as Steve Martin,
will valiantly breathe life back into her music. On Saturday, March 29th, Ms. Temtchine’s new
song, Be Brave, will debut on iTunes. It is intended to serve as an anthem for all those
afflicted directly or indirectly by this aggressive and unpredictable disease. Fifty percent of proceeds will benefit the
Pulmonary Hypertension Association to support their mission: to find a cure. Be sure to
download your copy. Be Brave on March 29th.

Author: Kevin Mason

23 thoughts on “The Mind Of A 30 Year Old Female – Chloe Temtchine

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I've always thought you were a talented, brave, beautiful, and interesting woman.

  2. I will definitely be getting my copy when it comes out. Nice to see you are hanging in there. Missed seeing you here 🙂

  3. Dear Chloe, Your voice, music and song writing are all amazing. Listening to your album has brought me so much joy and appreciation of your talents. I must look out for your song "Be Brave" Hope you are keeping well, Best wishes Billy 😉

  4. Hi Chloe, My 5 year old daughter has PH and she was diagnosed at 8 months old. She is currently on SUB-Q IV remodulin, a cocktail of oral medication and oxygen 24/7. Her pulmonary pressures around 130. She is doing well but we wanted to say thank you for the beautiful song Shattered Glass. Sophia sings along in the truck! It brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it. I can't wait to hear your new song, Be Brave! Stay strong. XO

  5. Best wishes on the new song "Be Brave", Chloe!  Knowing your previous work, I know it will be great & am looking forward to it's release!  All the best to you & God Bless.  🙂

  6. I to have been recently diagnose, and really felt alone in my age group, especially limited information and medical knowledge about the disease, but I pray for a cure for us strong woman

  7. Sorry to hear about your Injury. You are a Fighter I can see.. Our Lord "JESUS CHRIST" is w/ You always.. May HE comfort & Help you through this. You are so amazing..! My thoughts & Prayers are w/ You Chloe..! 

  8. Hey Chloe, your story is inspirational. My boyfriend was diagnosed with PH and right side heart failure two years ago and was told at the UofM hospital that he would die in a year if he didnt get the treatment. It was really bad because he was misdiagnosed with asthma when he was younger, which PH is usually mistaken for. He is doing good now and i think seeing others with PH has let him brush past the fact that he cant swim, because his line can get infected, or play contact sports because hes on a blood thinner. We will spread the word of your truly inspirational song not only in hopes of finding a cure but making others aware.

  9. awesome that you are bringing awareness to this disease, and i pray you are doing better now. I will keep you in my prayers, I too have PH, but not on any medications yet praying its soon… Hope to keep in touch and watch you go very far with your talent…. <3 <3

  10. How in the world did I miss your story?  How inspiring!
    Today I found your version of  Carla Bruni's "Quequ'un m'a dit," which is one of my all-time favorite songs.  Love your rendition!  All the best for the new year.

  11. This is one of the best videos to make others understand what its like its so raw and so real I can relate to the part when your talking about getting surgery and stop and say "oh I just got sad" just remember what it was like just before i got surgery and the pictures in the hospital are so similar to my experiences <3 you for being so open and sharing it is so important

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