The Lie About Prepper Food – Ensure You Have Enough Food for SHTF

The Lie About Prepper Food – Ensure You Have Enough Food for SHTF

So many companies, especially the
companies that market long-term storage food to the prepping community, are
feeding you misinformation. Misinformation that could lead to your
death after SHTF. And today you’re going to learn what that is and how you can
ensure that your family remains fed during a grid-down scenario. Right after
the channel intro: So I see this all time: especially with long-term storage
foods that are marketed to the prepping community. And while the first part of
this video is going to deal with companies that sell mainly freeze-dried
foods, this video is also going to be extremely relevant to those preppers
that bag and bucket their own beans and rice and dried corn and dried oats, etc. So stick with me. But many of these companies that sell freeze-dried
foods: they will tell how their can of food or how their bucket of food will
have 10 or 20 servings in that can or that bucket. Which leads a lot of
people to believe that they will get 10 or 20 meals out of that container. In
essence, if a person sees that a #10 can of freeze-dried food has 10 servings in that, then a lot of people will falsely believe that they will get a little bit
over three days worth of meals out of that one #10 can.
For example here is a can of Mountain House Pasta Primavera, and it
says that it has 11 servings in it, which can make many people think that they’ll
get almost 11 meals out of this one can; or that this one can of food can feed
them for almost four days. But if you look closer there is only 170 calories
per serving, meaning that you would only get about
1870 calories out of this whole can, meaning that you wouldn’t even get one
full day’s worth the calories out of this can, let alone the almost four days.
I mean, if you were to go off this and actually eat one serving per meal and
you’re eating 3 meals per day, you probably wouldn’t even get
500 calories for the whole day; and obviously. that’s not going to cut it. So
folks, for a lot of preppers out there (who think
that they have a full year’s worth of food in their food
stockpiles) they may actually only have a couple of months’ worth of food.Which
means that they may have to triple or quadruple their food stores in order to
ensure that they and their family are fed after SHTF.
And for you folks who buy your own beans and dried oats and bag it and put it in
buckets yourself: you also want to pay close attention to the manufacturer’s
serving sizes also. For instance: a typical serving size of red beans is
about 1/4 cup, and has just about 170 calories. And again, if you ate by serving
sizes, you’d again only end up with about 500 calories for the whole day if you
ate three meals a day. So what we as preppers have to know: is that after SHTF
calories will be king. So what I do to ensure that my family has enough food at
to eat after SHTF: is that I label my buckets and boxes of
food to show the total calories in that whole bucket, along with the serving
sizes and stuff like that. Every time that I do up a bucket of dried wheat or
whatever for long term food storage, I will label it so that it shows the
contents of the bucket, the total weight of the bucket, the typical serving size
of that food, the amount of calories per serving, the amount of servings in that
whole bucket, and the big one is the total amount of calories that’s in that
bucket of food. And I also put on that label when it was packaged and the
expected expiration date also. But by doing this: I now actually know how many
calories of actual food that I actually have, and how far that will carry us. For
instance: if a 25 pound bucket of rice has approximately 40,000 calories in
that whole bucket, and then if I have 10 buckets of rice, then I know that I have
about 400,000 calories just in rice alone. And then if a 25 pound bucket of
dried wheat has approximately 37,000 calories in it, and if I have 10 buckets
of it, then I know that I have about 370,000 calories worth of
dried wheat just by itself. Now with these cases of dried goods from the LDS Home Storage Center, I will simply write on the outside of the box
the total amount of calories that is in that box, and then I’ll also write down
the amount of calories that’s in each #10 can that that box contains. So
when I go to do my regular inventory of my food preps: this not only allows me to
quickly see what kind of food that that bucket
contains, but it also allows me to see how much calories worth of food that
that bucket also contains. And this really gives me a pretty good accurate
answer at how far my food that I’ve got stockpiled will carry my family after
SHTF. Right now I have a little bit over three million calories worth of food put
back for me and my family. And of course this is stored at separate locations. And
if my math is correct, that gives me about 2700 calories per person per day
for a full year. And this calorie count does not include the dried milk from the
LDS or the sugar I have stockpiled. Now as you’ve probably seen in this video I really try to keep my food stockpiles pretty diversified by having buckets of
food that I’ve put in a mylar bags myself and put in the buckets, plus I
also have the food from the LDS Home Storage Center, plus I have some of those
Mountain House freeze-dried foods in the #10 cans, and then lastly I also
have canned foods that I keep in my stockpiles also. So I only have about 8
cases of that, or about 48 of those #10 cans from Mountain House. For
me, freeze-dried foods are for special occasions after SHTF; because as hard as those times will probably be you have to admit that it would be pretty cool to have
lasagna on Christmas after SHTF. But back to where I go to do my regular
inventory of my preps: having a large label on that bucket that quickly tells
me what kind of food is in that bucket, and just how many total calories are in
that bucket… that really helps me to be able to really do my inventory in a
quick manner, and this also just really helps me too also just quickly add up just how many total calories I have in all of my
food added together. Now today’s video is actually a remake of a video that I did
a couple years ago. And when I originally did this video Che with Prepper Logic
actually had a very good idea that I would like to share with the community.
And his idea was that: instead of labeling the bucket as food, that you would actually put something
else on the label of the bucke,t such as “miscellaneous car parts” or something like that. And this is so that if an unwanted person sees your food or sees your buckets of food, then
they wouldn’t immediately know that it was food that they might want to come
back for it a later time. So now let’s make this video a wealth of information
for anybody that views this video: Comment below with some of your biggest tips that you have or that you practice for stockpiling food for SHTF. And what
kind of foods do you like to store for SHTF? Do you like the freeze-dried
foods? Or do you like the long-term storage dried goods? Or do you prefer canned goods? Or a mixture of three? And after SHTF: being able to
purify your drinking water will mean the difference between life and death. So to
learn a cheap and easy way to kill a lot of the bad stuff in your water, so that
you can make it drinkable after SHTF: then click on the video that should be
appearing at the top of the screen (just about now) to learn more about that. And
every prepper should have a good grain mill so that they can grind wheat or
corn or coffee beans, etc. So to see a video about a solid grain mill that’s
much cheaper than its main competitor, then click on the video that should be
appearing on the right side of the screen just about now. Anyways folks: if you made it this far: Thank You very much for watching, and I pray that you have a good night.

Author: Kevin Mason

57 thoughts on “The Lie About Prepper Food – Ensure You Have Enough Food for SHTF

  1. These Pro 2A shirts make a GREAT gift (for yourself or someone else):

  2. WHY… did you decide to show your face? I thought you wanted to remain anonymous for OPSEC?
    Another great video! Keep up the good work brother!

  3. Will you as a law enforcement officer enforce red flag gun laws if they are passed in your jurisdiction and you are ordered to do so or will you follow the constitution of the united states of America and up hold American citizens rights to due process and the 2nd amendment?

  4. Excellent video, that is deceiving and dangerous, they should be more forthcoming and to be honest l would have thought exactly what you explained, l am just hoping we have Christmas on Christmas after SHTF.

  5. I dehydrate water for storage. It takes up far less room. When you need it, you open the can and mix it well with 5 gallons of water.

  6. Here’s my tip. It takes about 750 pounds of dry food to sustain a person for one year. I use this to help others estimate how much food they really have to make it through SHTF. I agree that many preppers who think they have a year’s supply of food are shocked at how little food they actually have.

  7. The biggest issue is calories (then look at the fats and sugars that are part of that total meal serving). Most of the meals are sugar-laced or fat-lace – much like buying all the modern Campbell's Soups that are now laced with excess milk, cream, and sugar to make up for all the real meal ingredients. Having all fats and sugars (with minimal protein is like being a fatball with minimal muscles and muscle strength on a skeleton. You might have fats/carbohydrates – but you will spend an immense amount of metabolism converting the fats into sugars, … and what sugars you have will be instant-fire for peaked energy, then a sugar-trough, … and that sugar will be needed to process the fats !!!! Say waste of energy !!!! Might as well eat a carrot or celery – with minimal calories – and fat is water weight gain. And if there is any left over calories in a starving body with low/no metabolism – it is going to pack it on as watery white fat cells – even more body weight slogging around.

    When the serving is mentioned as 200 calories, that really caught me in the 1990s, and the whole over-priced, minimal serving sizes. (The current reason why someone is sueing one of the prepper food companies for false advertising). When you have 1000 calories that I work on each day vs 2,000-3,000/day, .. this is a bare minimum of 1 calorie/minute metabolism – literally you are a "chair turd," not doing anything – which is the exact opposite of being an active and mobile SHTF person !!! And for me, having those 200 calorie "servings" would still be 5 meals/snacks at a minimum caloric intake – as said for an entire #10 can that you will never be able to cram and stuff your face – let alone stomach – and live !

    One issue is reducing your metabolism, upping your fitness, and still being energetic with less food/drink consumption … because eating a 200 calorie "meal" is far below a survival ration – it is a starvation ratio – and only meant for very short-term SHTF duration (!). Even military MREs have larger portions and calories – with real protein and meats vs embedded fake foods of sugars and fats (oil, milk, cheese). And when you really start getting starving-hungry, your body and brains will attempt to out-think you – and take a little nibble now and then – and at times you will credit card your food supply (pay back later – for instant calorie [and comfort food sensation now] … and later all the food will be gone no matter what – and you will truly have instant starvation and death.

    Make sure that you have proven healthy balance of proteins/sugars/fats in a 2000-3000 calories/day per adult, 1500-2500 for growing teenagers ("caloric smeltry furnaces"), and 800-1500 for growing infants and children – for your expected SHTF duration period.

    As such, any of the 1-2-3 year prep food plans out there are basic BS. Look at the total calories, proteins, sugars, and fats. And you will find that your stockpile of needed storage food has now muliplied by 3-4x as much volume ! And that doesn't include any of the other food additives (ketchup, chili sauce, butter, olive oil, cooking oil, milk, cream, sriracha sauce, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, hoisin sauce, A1, worcestershire, spices, salt, … and a vast inventory of spice essential oils (drops are more potent and stable than dried herbs in a lesser volume). An the essential oils also work as medicinals, and other first aid treatments etc.

    And use your pressure cooker (or bigger canner) for pressure-steam cooking saving all those calories and nutrition. Those original foods at the food processing facility had 400+ calorie foods that when cooked and bakes lost 50% down to 200. If you again cook up or bake that same food you basically might as well chew a tree or eat a 70 calorie can of green beans or corn. DO NOT cook up, bake, or boil your prepper food. Having hot water that is 98-120F vs 200F rehydrates the food, instead of killing off the food content. If you need other hot water, then go make a coffee, tea, or hot water drink BEFORE you eat anything 15-20 minutes BEFORE you eat anything. That way you will get the needed water and heat from the body for body warmth. The water will be assimilated into the stomach – and then you can have a meal with "hot-enough" water properly digesting the food. The hot water will also calm down the stomach causing less metabolic hunger. Also pressure-steaming the raw food (not pre-prepped and air-/freeze-dried foods) you will have perfect 100% food with hot steam taste. Pre-processed foods only need to be rehydrated and WARMED UP not re-heated. This will be the worst of prepper agendas by putting their foods back into campfires and losing all their food value – and only eating dietary bulk poop food with no calories – going through their intestines.

    You can use the same pressure cooker for 40+ uses, but also less energy wasteful use of firewood etc as a slow and low cooker, or soaking/rehydrating dried beans, then pressure steaming them to perfection. I commented on a recent (Cook's Illustrated) YT America's Test Kitchen about making Boston Baked Beans that they made in 25 hours – that I could make (and have greater calorie count) in 5 hours (or making at the end of breakfast or lunch) and having ready at lunch or supper (!). Less energy, grater caloric retention, greater flavor, less time, less firewood fuel – less calories wasted in making a sizable meal for many people. And using the john-firecan (with twigs and small firewood vs a global warming bonfire) you also save even further calories and firewood fuel resources – especially in a stealth cooking event. Pressure-steaming vs open cooking does not aromatize the entire neighborhood that other cooking methods give everybody on the block the "dinner bell" to come to your door as you are the SHTF restaurant for all the grasshopper to come and raid. Pressure cooking and pressure-steaming can do any temperature of 98-250+F in quick time vs other fire and cooking methods.

  8. "Peterson's Field Guide for Wild Edibles" and "The Trappers Bible". Buy them. You will still need to eat WHENEVER your food storage runs dry. Or procure food so your food storage lasts longer. Bugs are 17 to 19 % protein. A steak only has 7 to 9%. Many men have starved to death with tons of worms and grubs under the ground where they stand or even worse, where they laid down to die.

  9. Good video! Thanks for the info. I am currently storing: canned foods, self-canned foods, freeze-dried meals, and a variety of freeze-dried "sides" (e.g., corn, mashed potatoes, asparagus, tomato powder, powdered milk, etc…). I also have an assortment of dried beans, rice, wheat, sugar, and salt in buckets. Our biggest challenge is working in the self-canned food into the rotation. Our garden is just too productive; I know, it's a good problem to have. ;)' SemperFi! BTW, nice disguise!

  10. Nice goatee. I am glad it works. I store a mixture of formats, but using my own freeze dried as there are allergies and other food issues that I must contend with. Remember with the beans and rice, you will need a lot of fuel to cook from raw, so making your own quick meal combos help until you are established. So freezer for the first days, dehydrated (stored in the freezer) for the next few month, cans for longer, and freeze dried for even longer.

  11. "calories are King" after SHTF is right on. "serving size" assumes that you have 3-5 other items on your plate.. how many cups of dry rice & how many cups of water are needed to give 4 people 1/3 of their daily calorie requirement. how many cups of rice does that bucket hold? = 1 bucket = ? cups = ? meals = ? calories. also… putting things in columns as Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fruits, Vege's will allow you to see quickly where your diet may be lacking. Ever try to live on just carb's? It causes digestive problems. Prepackaged meals might say "meat lasagna" but look at their protein count…if there's any, it's from added fats & it won't be very satisfying nor will it give you what you need under stress & or a work load. canned fruits (& don't go low sugar here) are excellent because they are water, sugar & food needing only a can opener. just for fun, do a little calculating, how much clean water will be needed to prepare one days meals from what you've put up? then consider how much cooking (fuel) and time will be needed to prepare a days worth of food. you may find that your wife will have no time to sleep or eat between cooking & cleaning & keeping you cared for. SHTF dinner: open a can of beans. a can of carrots, a can of corn dump them in a pot & put it next to the fire to heat. the cans can be your bowls & you can toss em or save em. or, cook up some rice in the can. canned foods usually contain liquid & liquid (fast, easily accessible) will be better than gold.

  12. Hey buddy just got back from bug out location had vacation time saved up so spent the summer there working on different stuff there that small river I told you about well it is a natural spring ice cold even in summer.i built a small damn have a nice collection are with nothing but sand.made a 10×12 root cellar.but I'm back for the winter stinks time to get back to work I'll have to catch up your vudeos..
    God bless be safe my friend

  13. When you say that it's a "lie," IMO that only applies to pre-packaged meals such as the Mountain House Pasta Primavera. Most other foods are marketed as ingredients — that is, only part of a meal. For example, it's pretty obvious that a two-serving can of green beans is not two meals. We understand that you need one serving of meat + one serving of green beans + one serving serving of rice to make one meal. Of course, the Mountain House is a marketed as a meal, so you would expect the servings to already be added up. Their "servings" are about half the size we would expect.

  14. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The first thing to go away is water during a grid down scenario here in the desert.Therefore, water is the biggest storage item for me and my family. Dried foods will be eaten first for as long as the municipal supply holds out. That is why most of my food is canned and able to be cooked in its own container. Won’t have to use water to cook or clean up with. Having freeze dried foods or dry beans/ rice will be mostly useless where I live.

  15. Open can of Freeze Dried Meat

    24 hr on the counter

    2 weeks in the fridge

    4/5 months in the freezer

    Or reseal in a bag or jar with a food saver, O2 absorbers, 20 years

    All the above depends on no X contamination and no water/humidity added to the product.

    As soon as water is allowed in, the meat it will spoil. It is real meat.

    The same for a #10 can with meat in the product, stew/soup/taco/casserole (maybe a little longer times because of the high salt content).

    The above is info. from Honeyville.

    Keep in mind, a high humidity area of the country would have less counter time.
    If one calculates the price of the FD meat reconstituted, it works out to about $20-30 a pound.


  16. Oh one last thought I also got like 10 cases of MRE for good messages with the heaters plus heaters could if your gathering some where or hunting could save your life make wonderful Foot heaters lol god bless be safe

  17. Thank you for all your good works you've done for the community and whether you show your face or not I'm still a fan God bless Jesus saves

  18. You need to know how many calories you need to sustain your bodyweight with and without intensive expenditure. Alot of people are drastically understoring

  19. I have 6 months of MREs…and canned goods to supplement cooking, no calorie calculation, no fuss, no mess..and they taste pretty good too..

  20. I have a few questions:
    How&why did you stock the pasta in cans?
    Don`t the buckets crack when you put so much of them on top of eachother?
    Food rotation?
    Dried milk? Why? Also i thought it goes bad relative easily?
    Since i didn`t see all the canned food: No ravioli, spam, liverwurst and other meats?
    "Traditional food" like saussages, other meat, potatoes, honey or marmalade?

    I`m not from the US so some points might be a cultural thing.

    I`m a big fan of canned bread (dunno if i`s even available in the US).
    Here we can get readymeals in the internet and grocery stores which are basically the main meals of our military rations. Other great things out of this rations are the chocolate (50g) and biscuits (125g). If you only eat them you`ll shi.t sticks but they can be a good energy source, especially when you`re out and about.
    I also like all kind of meats (canned and "fresh" like all kind of sausages including something that seems simmilar to "bloodpudding" and ham [looks way different than when i search for the english word for it, it stores simmilar to sausages like salami]).
    If you store more sugar you can eat it with noodles as "sugarnoodles".
    I like peanutbutter. It stores supposedly up to 4-5 years and it makes an great iron ration. One jar gets you, if you`re roughing it through about 5 days to a week.
    Other things i like to store and have is tea peppermint and forest fruit (they`re the cheapest here and i like them the best).
    I like to cache and hide food. You often can make a room, cellar or garage a little shorter or smaller and store things behind a cover wall or in a wall or even hide a whole room

    (in the movie "The St Valentines Day Massacre" here on youtube on min. 34:30< is a great example).
    You can find other options regarding this when you look for entrances and storage of prohibition era speakeasys or for the modified vehicles used by drugrunners where you have to put certain things to the right level to open a hidden compartment.

    If you already store food in buckets it`s hard to declare them as a lot of other things, especially if you don`t have some kind of workshop/repairshop which again might make this things interesting again. My parents have curtains on the shelfs on both sides of a small hallway so people can`t see what`s there and it also looks a lot cleaner. You could store food behind the things in such a shelf or even make a hidden storage compartment behind such a shelf which you could open in multible ways.
    Other boxes can work as well as can rainbarrels and garbage cans (especially if you put things on top of the food if you label them different or don`t label them at all).
    If water isn`t directly an issue you maybe could use two clay buckets (different sizes) to make an off grid fridge (it`s done this way on food markets in africa for certain products but i don`t know the temperature and how long it works). A fridge or freezer that is independent from the grid would be a great tool (supposedly there are some fridges that work on the same principle as the clay pots).
    Oh… one important thing. Just because "SHTF" happens doesn`t mean that the power has to be out so storing things in freezers might still be a good idea. In general books from Benson Ragnar can give good pointers.

  21. Never, never, ever, buy flavored drinks/juice from food storage companies!

    They are used to inflated the daily calorie count in the cheapest possible way for the companies.

    Buy your Tang, Lemonade, Ice Tea mixes in big box stores and in the largest containers available.

    Watch out for the flavored milk products also, again paying for sugar at an inflated price.
    AND Pilot Crackers! MH 1.91lbs #10 can $ 26.99 ÷ 62 crackers = .45 per cracker
    60 cal. × 62
    crackers = 3,720cal = 0.0072¢ per calorie
    ingregents: enriched flour, palm oil, sugar, baking soda
    All Purpose Enriched Wheat Flour, 10 lbs 16,510 cal $5.98 +
    Crisco All-Vegetable Shortening, 48-Ounce, 11,000cal. $5.58 +
    Great Value Pure Granulated Sugar, 10 lbs 15,400 cal. $3.92 +
    Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda,(2 pack) 4 lb $4.96 8lb =
    = $20.44 = 42,910cal = 0.0004¢ per calorie
    3,720 cal vs 42,910 cal

  22. Yes you freaked me out by showing yourself ( despite the goatee).
    Excellent content. I was glad to hear from you today.
    I wish I’d started prepping so much earlier. I have a huge family with limited money to head towards it. I’m pushing on to keep doing what I can.
    God bless you sir and thank you

  23. Was wondering what happened to you , hadn't seen a video in a while . Glad your ok . Looking forward to more important prepping tips .. Thank you !! Suggestion , Mega man vitamins from GNC. Help me everyday .

  24. You had me all confused for a second thinking you were revealing your identity.

    I look at everything like I’m feeding growing teens because well… I am and one of those big cans will only feed one of my teens for one day.

  25. Hey, brother! Since we’ve last spoke, I joined the Florida Militia and met a whole lot more preppers! I’ve mentioned that one could acquire the family food from LDS. How would one go about the first approach when going to the LDS store? And how much do they charge per box?
    On a side note, I was wondering why you decided to no longer go incognito on here!?

  26. Excellent video my friend. Good to ‘see’ you. Goatee looks good vs those ads. Lol. Great labeling and set up. Thx for sharing.

  27. I'm so glad the goatee is fake as it looks like a dead hamster!
    Great topic and agree. Store real food and store lots of it. Have a solid large farming plan. Expect to starve on and off. In terms of three meals a day. Not much chance of that in a big shtf. Breakfast and dinner and work hard in between gathering food. Sleep exhausted all night

  28. This was such a great video. I had to share on my channel. All the years of storing long-term food storage. I never looked at it in this way. Great video ! Very valuable indeed 👍💯

  29. I've been paying attention to nutritional labels and stored foods can be woefully inadequate in nutrition. Good advice in this video.

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