The Key to Networking Isn’t What You Think | Fast Company

The Key to Networking Isn’t What You Think | Fast Company

– Mentors help you widen your network. – Widen your network. – When guru’s help you,
– And guru’s help you, – [Both] Widen your horizon. – A mentor will help you
navigate in the corporate world, and get you along as you’re
in a specific position. But a guru helps you
get to your north star, and helps you sometimes
see things in yourself. – [Both] That you don’t even see. (trance hip hop beat) – I’m Tricia Clarke-Stone. – And I’m Antoinette Clarke. – [Both] And we’re the
authors of Double Down. – What’s your best kept secret
when it comes to networking? – That you don’t network,
you connect, right. – That’s my secret too. – (giggles) So we share that?
– Yes. – And I think it’s because
you wanna get to know people, not what they do. Because when you get to know people, and you’d kind of get
that level of connection. That connectivity scales, and it has a longer life span, right. It has a longer shelf life essentially. I always found it
interesting when people say, “Oh, I’m gonna go to three
events this week and network, “and try to meet as many
people as possible.” And then by the weekend they’re exhausted, and they come away not
having anything substantial, to really show for it. So for me it’s really
about matching passions, and not professions, right. So you wanna create some
level of connection, based on shared passion points, and interest that really take
you guys to another level, in terms of the
relationship that you have. – And I think to add on to that, for me it’s kind of a
three prong approach. So it’s basically when you’re networking, and we don’t even like to
use the word networking, it’s about connecting. So when you’re trying
to connect with people, it’s about showing up as who you are, and not who you think
you’re supposed to be. And also leading with what you have, not with what you want from other people. – Right, it’s about being
a maker, not a taker. So you bring something to the table. – Right, so you meet people
and you wanna understand them, and what their needs are. – I always find it interesting
when young people say, “Well, I wanna meet the
CEO or the CMO, or this VP. “But, why would they talk to me? “Like, what do I have?” – They don’t realize
that they have so much, that they can bring to the table. Their youth and their
attention to cultural things, that we’re not paying
that much attention too. That’s their advantage, and that’s what they
can bring to the table. – And that’s why I always tell them, bring your perspective and point of view. Because that’s something
unique and different. And who knows, that could be the basis
for that connection point.

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