97 thoughts on “The Google Story

  1. i love the video 😀
    i'll use it in my presentation about google :)))
    google is the best searcher ever (not only searcher, he is everything) xD

  2. I love Google :')
    I would love to work at Google as an Artist in Residence.
    So Google…please read this…and contact me :')
    My work is around the web…just um…you know….Google me :'D 😉

  3. @DWTDmitri And in that time, maybe Google's search suggestions will teach you the right words to use. It's "whole" not "hole".

  4. And to think that this video clip is now over two years old too … still an interesting look back at the Big G 🙂

  5. Google is the best search engine I've ever used. All services of Google like Gmail, Orkut, You Tube are very useful…. Google deserves the success that it has acquired today!

  6. I wouldn't mind google taking over the world. It just mean we can all have a gym, laundry, great food. etc at our jobs. Sick!

  7. When the back of Google, Yahoo is the dominant on the scene.
    And the location is big, rich Oppe anything you want.
    Google appeared contemptible little … I see him and say what the next Yahoo or AltaVista and other …
    That period that I had the book "Guide sites" – yes, yes – such as a phone book, purchased from the library to find new sites that I want … Vgugl in its infancy, was not popular and we did not hear him in the ranks of university students

  8. But I knew his interest in the house when the connection to the Internet via modem 56 to … At home I found that Google gives me the fastest results and does not require waiting for a large page …

    The days – I was waiting for the minute or two to see a picture size of 800 pixels ?!?!?

  9. Cute video, from the business conglomerate that owns Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, and lots of other companies and monopolies, 41,1% of all online advertisement, conducts 85% of all web searches, scans all personal Gmail-user's e-mails in order to tailor fitting ads, and deliberately recommend socialist propaganda news-casts such as TheYoungTurks to all youtubers.
    Google pretty much owns the internet, and is the company that controls most information worldwide.

  10. Google will take over the world you know. They're going to be like the Federation in Star Trek. United Federation of Planets, except it will be called GOOGLE!

    I have no problem with this.

  11. Veniti aici ,vedeti acest videoclip ,prieteni din lumea antreaga ;Google aici ne iubeste ,si noi al iubim -noi suntem oamenii erei acestui pamant pe care traim. Vedeti ,comentati distribuiti si va minunati Aici este ,,o mare'' comunitate an care intrati.Google ne iubes-te, Youtobe ne daruies-te ,tot ce vrem noi sa vedem ;Ce nu am vazut poate niciodata -Haide-ti prieteni intrati .necazurile vietii sa uitati;noi? suntem oamenii neputintei =Am ajuns sa murim pe strada din cauza suferintei.!

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