The First Step For Network Marketing Success

Welcome to Network Marketing Pro. My name
is Eric Worre and today I want to share with you the secret to success in
network marketing. Everyday people ask me from all over the world, Eric, what do I
have to do in order to become a network marking professional. What do I have to
do to get to the top? What’s the secret to success? And of course anybody’s been
involved in business for any period of time understands that there’s no one
absolute thing. There’s no shortcut to success, but I will tell you this. The
beginning of the journey; the thing that’s required in order for you to
unlock all of the other things that you must unlock in order to become a network
marketing professional. That’s what I’m going to share with you today. Okay. So, if
you’re looking for the secret. If you’re looking for that one thing. If there was
one thing that you had to do in order to go to the top. I’m going to give you that
one thing and before I give it to you let me just tell you. Anybody
who’s read Go Pro 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing professional. The book.
In that book, I talk about my story and I talk about struggling in my first three
to four years in network marketing. Really struggling and finally at a
convention I made the decision to become a professional. I made the decision to
walk away from lucky. I made a decision to just quit looking for systems that were
going to change everything for me and just look inside of me and improve my
skills. Become world-class. Become one of the best in network marketing. Not just
in theory, but in practice. Not just in practice, but in results. Okay. So, if you
understand that. That’s an insight into what I want to talk to you about today
and here’s the secret. Make a decision. A real decision that you’re not going to
look right. You’re not going to look left. You’re looking straight forward. There is
no retreat. There’s no other options. You’re going to the top. You’re going to
go to the top the mountain. They’re going to see you
waving from the top of the mountain or dead on the side of the road. On the path to that summit because you’re not coming back. That moment when you
burn your bridges. That moment when you eliminate all your escape plans and all
your Plan B’s and plan C’s and plan D’s. The thing that gets in the way of most
of your success in network marketing is you have too many other options. One of
the greatest things that happened to me in network marketing is I didn’t have
any place else to go. I didn’t have a lot of skills and talent and ability. So, I
was forced to go down this road because of a lack of options. But some of you
have so many options that you still haven’t made a decision. Now, understand,
in my first four years of network marketing, I thought I made a decision. I
thought. If somebody asked me, are you a committed? Yes. I’m committed. Look at
me. I’m working hard. Are you going to top? Oh, absolutely. But there was still stuff
that could knock me off track. If I lost a strong part of my
organization fell away or quit or went to another company or something. That
would discourage me deeply and it would knock me off track for
months. If I didn’t hit a rank when I thought I was going to.
I was just so upset about that. If I was disappointed or if I was embarrassed
or if I had some level of expectation not met, I would question my decision. I
would question my ability to be here and here’s the thing. Guess what the world is
really good? The world is really good at saying yeah, I’ll try it. I’ll give it
a try. We’ll give it a go. We’ll see what happens.
We’ll cross our fingers. We’ll hope for the best. We’ll sign up for network
marketing and if something goes well then maybe we’ll continue. So, you’re
totally being tossed around by external circumstance instead of making a
decision. A decision. A real decision says I’m going. I’m going to the top. A decision says it doesn’t matter what other people in my
local market are doing. I’m going to do what’s necessary to go to the top. A
decision says I don’t need training. I’ll find the training necessary to do
what I need to do in this profession because I’m going to the top.
See what I mean. I don’t need support I don’t need an upline. I don’t need magical
recognition. I don’t need somebody to pat me on the head. I don’t need a circle of
friends to support me. I made a decision a decision. Not a wish. Not a hope for. Not,
I’ll give it a try. I made a decision. If there’s the key to success in my opinion.
That would be that you once and for all make a decision. No matter what the
person around you react. How they react. How the customers react to your product.
How your prospects react to your presentation. That doesn’t matter. Here’s
what matters. If somebody in your company has gone all the way the top that means
you can to. There’s no barrier as far as your
educational requirements. There’s no barrier based upon your age or your
gender or your race. Your color. Your skill level. There’s no barriers there.
You can learn this. These skills are available to you. The talents and
abilities necessary to become a network marketing professional are within your
reach. If you make a decision, all the obstacles fall away. They become
invisible. But until you make a decision, every single obstacle, every single tiny
little bump in the road will seem like Mount Everest. That you cannot get past
it. Do you understand what I’m saying to you. If your decision is real, the
objections fall away. If the decision is not real, you get discouraged. You get
pushed around. All these different things happen to you on a
regular basis. Now you have an
opportunity and a chance today to make a decision. For real. And why do I do these
shows? Why do I do these shows? Why do I share these ideas for the network marketing
profession? Because I’ve been where you’ve been and I’ve done what you’ve
done. And I’ve had the struggle and I’ve had the success. And I want to see you
have a breakthrough. I know you’re tired of crawling through network marketing. I
know that you know that you have more potential than this. And you have more
ability than this. I know that you’re tough on yourself and hard on yourself.
And most of the pain will go away when you make the decision. Now the hardest
part is making it, for real. But once you make the decision most of the pain falls
away. Because your options and your choices and all these different roads
are now closed to you. And you have the one road, in front of you, which is
becoming a network marketing professional. And serving the people that
you have the opportunity to connect with and provide value with. With your
products and services. With your opportunity. Moving forward on that road
instead of being distracted like the world wants us to be; in a thousand
different directions. So make a decision. The world will be yours if you make a
decision. That’s our show and I hope you got value
from it. And I hope you make a decision today. Because ladies and gentlemen, my wish
for all of you as always is that you decide to become a network marketing
professional. That you decide to Go Pro. Because it is a stone cold fact that we
do have a better way. Now let’s go tell the world. Everybody have a great day and
I’ll see you next time. Take care. Bye-bye.

Author: Kevin Mason

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