The best advice for taking care of dental implants.

The best advice for taking care of dental implants.

“Marry your hygienist.” It basically means,
for every patient that we treat, we have designed for them, an aftercare programme that involves
usually at least four visits a year with their dental hygienists. Sometimes as many as eight
visits a year with a dental hygienist. Depending on how easy or difficult it is for the patient
to keep what we’ve made them, clean. It’s very important for the implant work to be
designed in a way that the patient can clean them and that they don’t trap more bacteria
than natural teeth. But also, it’s not just about keeping them clean, it’s also about
checking mechanically that everything is fine: that the bite is correct, that the implants
are not being loaded adversely in a way that’s going to cause them to break or fracture in
the long term. It’s an ongoing care pattern. Just like you buy a car, you don’t just drive
it into the ground, you have to have it serviced, you have to check that there isn’t something
going or starting that’s going to cause problems later on. Regular checks are the most important

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Patient's perspective: Most important thing: Oral hygiene. My daily routine now: brush (electric), floss, scrape tongue, and finish with a water pic with the "Pick Poc" attachment. Highly recommended! It may sound excessive, but isn't. Implants are expensive and, more importantly, there are many other problems than can arise if they become infected. YOU do NOT want this! I've had my implants for 30 years and counting —- way beyond the "expected shelf-life"!

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