The 700 Club – October 9, 2019

The 700 Club – October 9, 2019

Author: Kevin Mason

6 thoughts on “The 700 Club – October 9, 2019

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  2. Sorry, reading scriptures has nothing to do with fun. It is life. Amen be blesseed in JESUS name amen

    It is like a home work you do ok. Reading scripture feeds the mind, the spirit and the soul. Amen and prevents the brain from being whipped out from existance in dead cells or dementia etc. Read scripture when needed, but fill a heart with the presence of god . Be blessed amen . Blessings cbn , and 700 club. AMEN

  3. There is hope Dr Caroline Leaf seen her at church conference neuro brain scientist studying mental illness and making a difference as she says everyone has a journey the mental health system is quick to label someone with disorders and give a pill which often makes people worse

  4. Sad thing is when you have a breakdown and get put one only contact there is at 8,00at night when they give you pill seen some people preaching and believers in Jesus locked up for that even young girls getting sexaully assaulted during night while staff sit on computers playing card games seen it with my own eyes lm glad l found Jesus and not medicated learnt your past doesn't define you and trust in Jesus he heals everything

  5. So occupation is all about oil. It's so sad. The wicked wealthy. The rich man and the eye of a needle. Praying always.

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