Thank You Healthcare Workers

Thank You Healthcare Workers

[More than ever before, people are searching] [how to help]
Step by step, we’re gonna figure this out and we’re going to find a way through this. [how to help medical workers]
We are working really really hard in the hospitals. Our nurses, our techs, all the docs. [flatten the curve]
It’s about staggering when people get it [how can I help hospitals]
so that the hospitals can cope. We’re gonna go through an awful lot of these. [where can I donate medical supplies]
All across Puget Sound people have been stepping up and donating personal protective equipment. [how to help nurses]
(Chanting) [how to help doctors] We stay at work for you, you stay at home for us. [thank you healthcare workers]
(Clapping) Just know, we’re all with you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you doctors and nurses. [To everyone sacrificing so much to save so many,
thank you.] [Help save lives by staying home.] [More information and resources at]

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Thank You Healthcare Workers

  1. Shouts out to everyone who’s working during his time my love and prayers go out to anyone who has covid-19 but side note anyone who disliked this vid is a douche canoe

  2. Thank you doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, truck drivers, drugstore employees, cashiers, police, firefighters and the guy who stocks the shelves at Walmart.
    Thank you to the children who listen to their parents at a difficult time. We know it's not easy.
    May God Bless you all. ??

    LOOK FOR LOCAL BLOOD DRIVES TODAY, if you cant give financially, need you now even more.

  4. Hey Google instead of saying thank you why don't you send them a bunch of masks since you have billions of dollars that would look more forthright then some touchy-feely ad. And while you're feeling generous you might consider sending them a few respirators and actually save a few lives instead of just focusing on money and how you look

  5. Thank you health care worker and everyone else who plays a helpful roll in this society, without you guys, we would all be nothing ❤️

  6. God bless those who are still working and doing everything to keep things going!!!!!! We thank you and we are forever grateful for your efforts!!!! You're deeds are not unnoticed.

    Thank you????

  7. I'm an RN and I want to thank everyone for their support and I want to thank you guys for trusting us now more than ever. We really do care. I personally have been working up to 6 12 hour shifts a week to keep your loved ones well. Only thing I wish is that someone would give healthcare workers their own shopping time because with all these crazy hours I can barely find groceries and essentials at the store and we can't keep caring for others if we can't take care of ourselves. Thank you

  8. You are our life line. We are all so thankful for the many sacrifices you are making for the rest of us. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. And thank you to all of those who are keeping others in mind by staying home to help keep everyone safe. We can get through this together!!

  9. Not only thank them but say Sorry how Trump created a more dangerous environment for health care workers that is risking peoples lives

  10. Thank you to all of you healthcare workers, doctors nurses, firefighters, EMTs, police officers, ALL of you on the front lines, we love you and are praying for you!

  11. To ALL OF YOU THANK YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS AND PROTECT AND KEEP YOU. I’m praying daily for you from housekeeping, the kitchen up to Drs and administration and everything in between, I was on the coronavirus floor for five days and I saw and I know what you’re up against, thank you for the care and concern for my life over yours. My God is able and HE will not leave you nor forsake you, but you must hold on to faith and trust and believe that. In God we trust and I’ll never stop praying for you

  12. My mother is a Patient Care Technician and has been working in an NYC hospital for years. She's ALWAYS worried about getting the virus because she takes public transportation. But she gets up EVERY night and goes to work like a soldier/fighter. She cried while watching this video. I want to thank Google and everyone involved in creating this. I support, encourage and praise her ALL the time for her constant work ethic and bravery! This is the FIRST time my Mom felt appreciated for her service. All I can type is Thank you! #ShesMyWarrior #ShesMyHero #MyBraveSoul.

  13. I also want to thank ALL of the PCTS, CNA'S Medical Assistants, Nurses & Doctors your service is does not go unrecognized. PCT'S ( Patient Care Technicians) are usually considered the underdogs and usually get unrecognized for their work and help. Finally a video that shows appreciation for ALL healthcare workers. #Warriors #MedicalTitans

  14. This was never treated as a real problem until it happened outside of China. Millions of doctors and nurses in China sacrificed their lives to save us two months and it’s completely wasted by us.

  15. Gracias a mi sobrina que es enfermera en el hospital del paso TX y tambien a Las que se encargan de la l limpiesa

  16. In india, all the citizens in lockdown come outside in their balconies and clap for the doctors and the vendors who are trying to help

  17. thank you to those who helped the whole world and it make me cry bc they be working hard and they did many thing to people to save their lives

  18. 加油??Come on??さあ??Allez??Komm schon??Давай??Tule nyt??어서??Kom op??Andiamo??Come on??Cheer for the world, victory will belong to us!

  19. God is using the Corona Virus to judge the Wicked and to test the Faithful just like He's done in the past with other plagues ?

  20. Never seen such propaganda for a field that is so lagging in curing people whether virus, cancer, or whatever. Shameful

  21. Shout out the Respiratory Therapists. The unsung heroes of every hospital. We go without recognition but we know our importance. ??

  22. Heart felt thanks with deep gratitude and unconditional love and blessings to all the healthcare hero’s fighting this virus on the frontline.

  23. I pray for the best for everyone, stay safe and healthy. To all the people who are fighting for us, you are all heroes, my sincerest appreciation. May we all proceed with wisdom and grace.

  24. Thank You Healthcare Workers AND TO ALL OTHERS too! (our everyday heroes)

  25. thank you to all the nurses and doctors who are dedicating themselves to helping others at this moment. this experience is heart wrenching and difficult for everyone, and thank you so much to those who make sacrifices in hopes of keeping our communities safe <3

  26. Ok, thank you billion dollar company for the short video and your empathy. You now what helps more and is a better pr ———-> MONEY.
    Donate them money instead.

  27. Coronavirus ruined my life and destroyed everything I have built overnight and now I'm genuinely considering suicide

  28. Thank u to all front line First responder,Nurses And Drs. We appreciate u all. And thanks to God for all the blessings to All

  29. Remember not all medical staff are allowed to wear PPE………. the janitors from every hospital are quitting left and right. Don’t over exaggerate this, without someone cleaning up the mess, Doctors can’t do their jobs. Without a dishwasher, no restaurant will run PERIOD.

  30. To all healthcare personnel, food industry workers, sanitary workers, policemen, business owners …

    Thank you.

  31. Just wait until they commit a medical error that injures or kill patients and the cover up begins. I bet all of you would be singing a different tune after that.

  32. My mother was killed by a lazy incompetent doctor who covered up his mistake with help from the Hospital Administration. No thank you from me A-holes.

  33. Encourage the front line workers, but don’t hate on the nurses and doctors who don’t want to be actively involved as well. You have to understand that people are scared, doctors are scared, nurses are scared, civilians are scared, not just you. Be understanding, patient and kind, and then no matter what problems humanity faces, we will get through it. Supporting one another is the best thing that we can do for each other right now.

  34. i dont understand why people are disliking this video, healthcare workers are sacrificing their lives just to help other people

  35. My Big Respect and Thanks and also I always Pray to all Nurses, Doctors in the whole world … I have 3 friends, they all doctor and already stayed 20 days in Hospital .. Hope they all oke .. Amiin

  36. I want to give THANKS to all medical personnel worldwide, you guys are really risking your own lives to help those in need
    THANK YOU ALL and to my daughters who continue to work in the medical field
    May The Lord shield all, God Bless You All ????????????????????????????

  37. For all the doctors and nurses including other health workers who are working relentlessly to help and heal Covid-19 patients … Thank you soo much! I hope you all stay safe and healthy wherever you are whether in China, USA, Iran or Italy or all the other countries!

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