Thailand Dental Veneers Price and Quality of Work

Thailand Dental Veneers Price and Quality of Work

we had a subscriber come in it was about six months ago now and I went ahead and sat down and had lunch with him and it was great he was here his main mission was to do some dentist work [Music] his work is going to take about ten days the dental work is concerned so about ten days a little over a week but guess what he did I thought this was great he that he doesn’t get to travel too much so what he did was he went ahead and scheduled his trip for three and a half weeks so I think that’s a great idea for you guys out there looking in to get some dental procedures in Bangkok you might as well stay here a little while longer right give yourself that buffer just in case anything goes wrong but in his case he was actually just wanting to take a little vacation and even spend a little time here with his son so they ended up getting a Airbnb and that for three and a half weeks was about I think it was about a thousand dollars and as far as his procedures went to try and get this pricing right he had about thirty thousand dollars u.s. dollars worth of work to be done and the u.s. so he had two root canals that need to sort of be reworked and he also has he was having veneers I believe they’re called the nearest put it and like I said $30,000 was more or less what he was getting quoted in the US so he came over to Thailand to have all this done and the price for just the dental work I think from what I remember he was saying came out to about ten thousand dollars and we’re gonna throw in there he had to buy a flight right yeah the but the Airbnb he had to eat when he got here but we’re gonna say we’re just gonna call it thirteen to fifteen thousand dollars for his total costs coming over to Bangkok having the work done so just sort of rough estimates we’re talking here about you’re spending half and you’re getting a free vacation so how can you beat it I want to talk to you because it’s been six months since he had the procedures done I want to also talk to you about well is he happy what’s you know what it’s so cheap did he get a good he got this great price but is the work good and fortunately he reported to me after the six months first of all he really really liked the service and he went to a place called VI DC CIBC Bangkok International Dental I’m not familiar with it myself but this is the one he picked out I get he’s definitely recommended in it so VI DC for that he thought this service was great you felt really taken care of the whole thing took about ten days for that and he saw a number of different doctors there it sounded like he liked every one of them and great experience and to add of course all the work he’s doing was is holding up after the six months so that’s just a little bonus all right these little good got the price on there I like that kokin car all right I got my eggs my wife sent me out for eggs so the report on the work after six months as far as he’s telling me the work is great he’s not having any problems and I think six months is a pretty good test of course maybe something like two or three years might be better but this is the best we can do for this vlog here and he’s getting that work done everything he’s happy with everything after six months he’s getting half the price and I would even put it a little bit a little bit better than half because you know it was he was getting courted 30,000 he came over here and did everything for we were saying about 12,000 so a little bit less than half and that’s with the trip included correct with the trip included and all the expenses on the trip so that dental work alone the numbers he was telling me was coming in at about a third of the cost so about 33 percent so he was getting quoted 30,000 in the US and the price he got the dental work alone for in Thailand was about ten thousand so it’s a great way to go ahead you know medical tourism it’s a way to come over and also get a vacation at the same time something I highly recommend people do I mean let’s think about this people that are working people that have trouble traveling you’re getting you’re traveling at the same so you’re getting this nice cultural experience you’re also saving money and you’re getting the work done so at a much cheaper cause I know when I was young I used to Tijuana to do all mine to do all my dental procedures just head right down over the Tijuana that’s how he did my stuff great way to get in there and go ahead and lower your medical costs I know a lot of you guys out there have insurance but if you don’t there is you just cannot be a medical trip get the trip get the insurance get the debt get the procedures and just all makes sense right alright thanks for watching us you

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  1. I was advised by the my technician here that for a little extra, I should get the full Ceramic Crown work done as they last so much longer. You could check my playlists as I did a full series over the course of 2 months, and it is now 1 year later and they are perfect!

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