Tesla CEO Elon Musk purchases ventilators from China

Tesla CEO Elon Musk purchases ventilators from China

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Tesla CEO Elon Musk purchases ventilators from China

  1. why purchasing ventilators from China? I don't understand. Compared with life, isn't freedom more important? Those ventilators can be used to collect the data like Huawei devices?

  2. We used to make our own products until both parties sold us out to enrich themselves. Term limits now and return all of our jobs from China to the USA.

  3. Right now isn’t the time to argue about where ventilators are coming from. I’m sure the California hospitals and the patients that will be connected to them don’t care. Out of crisis mode, 100% agree with buy USA made

  4. Wtf, I'm pretty sure the Governors could have purchased those ventilators themselves if all they were going to buy them from China anyway. I thought they were gonna make them, in the USA not just buy them from CCP slaves. That's pretty sad.

  5. Now we know Trump is lazy and has been holding out for his US manufactured ventilator kick back, putting lots of lives at risk. Get rid of Trump NOW!

  6. To the hell with china, they started this mess. We need to stay away from china. Stick to the made in the usa label. As the old sticker sess Hungry, eat your foreign car.

  7. 1:42 wtf is up with her eyebrows? Apparently she has 4 of them. I had to rewind and pause to see wtf is going on. Not hot…

  8. Elon Musk missed the point about the Defense Production Act. In times of war we need to produce these machines here in the US. It's easy to buy these machines from China , who incidentally introduced the Corona virus to this country, it's sort of like buying weapons from Japan after they bombed Pearl Harbor! Does 8make sense Elon? I guess you are from South Africa and you are not fully understand US history.

  9. Should it not come into the equation of paying taxes that the governments of the world would have bio security measures ready to go at a moments notice no to save their citizens from kaos theres been to much of the money needed for this alreay given to china bunch of dickhead politicians need to bring manafacturing back to the west especialy pharma if a company worth 10 billion can make 19 billion in a year wtf are our governments doing not setting them up for there own people rather than giving our hard earnrd to china fuking wankers .

  10. China will probably ship out their infected ventilators. Oh and by the way. A bra makes a great face mask. You can get 2 face makes per brazier

  11. US Americans, HOMEWORK while locked at home: List down all possible reasons (economics, psychology, geography, biology, etc… 😄) why US was not manufacturing most products on it's own. Given its high-tech capability, it could have mass-manufactured 'at scale', lot of products, used as needed internally, and exported globally. And help US to become GREAT AGAIN.

  12. How did Elon Musk become who he is? He's the only person that continues to inspire me over and over and over. He doesn't fit the idea I have in my mind that the uber-rich are disconnected from reality and only care about money.

  13. No, we need to be manufacturing everything in this country. There's no reason to manufacture in China except for raw greed. Do people even realize China hates the United States? Why do people try to raise the quality of the life of those that hate us and our culture? Put %99 tariffs on all goods shipped to the United States that are manufactured by American companies overseas for their cheap labor costs.

  14. 美国真无能连呼吸机都造不了。不应该出口呼吸机到美国,这群不知道感恩的蠢货

  15. You'd think the headline would be what Musk did with the ventilators.


    • sent them to Mars
    • donated them to short sellers to help them breathe
    • drew happy faces on Model 3s and strapped them to the front
    • bought them from China then sold them back to China under a fake Amazon merchant account named Dank Dan
    • put them in a dummy Falcon Heavy payload

  16. In the Marine Corps they call this sort of thing "good initiative, bad judgement." Hey dummy, that's where it came from. Until we know the full scope of what this virus is and it's origins, don't go getting anything from China. Last thing we need is the modern day version of smallpox blankets

  17. Last century America could make a 15000 ton freighter in under 4 days…Now this guy is buying stuff from China that should have in production, in America, a month ago, but some fuckwit thought it would just go away In April…You all got what you voted for.

  18. Trump didn't complaint about what Elon Musk did for this country, why do so many idiots whine so much. it saves life. how soon can the US companies deliver? hope China don't sanction it. thanks God

  19. I thought elon said the concerns over COVID were ridiculous….now he’s getting ventilators; probably have his assembly line folks connect to them to keep them working

  20. it's shameful and disgraceful to have this liberal trash buy items needed to save american lives from america's enemies.

  21. Trump told all these companies in 2015 to bring back their companies from China and they didn't listen. He was right AGAIN!!!

  22. I will not be trusting China ventilators!!! I’ll prepare for another option!!! Thank you!

  23. Now maybe they will listen to Trump when he 1st took office he said we need to bring back manufacturing! Trump 2020

  24. Elon took American tax payers money for years to develop Tesla cars , then this man screwed Americans eyes out by making them in China . Why to go Elon . You just every other major business in America sell us out to China

  25. And the left hate him because he's straight, white, male and successful genius. The left has lost their mind for blocking & berating the only millionaire who could save millions of Americans because socialists HATE Free Market Capitalism. They CAN'T WIN so they SABOTAGE others out of envy, jealousy & hatred.

  26. So you can say Chinese ventilators but not Chinese virus? Hmm, seems like if ventilators were engineered and built in China, and the virus was engineered and built in China, then they are both Chinese

  27. yeah well you better have those ventilators checked that are coming from china also the meds they are sneaky and could be using bio warfare against america

  28. That’s right folks he’s gonna buy from China send to Cali…. if that’s not population control then idk what is 😂

  29. Better watch out, they may be weaponizing them…in case you didn’t know China is claiming we weaponized this virus to deliberately infect and Iran is saying not to accept US help because it is a trick to weaponize relief medicine…check out MEMRI.

  30. 看了那么多评论,发觉原来有那么多不理性和狭窄思想的尾国人. 看来那么多年,你们的媒体把你们忽悠瘸了。顺便告诉你们,你们的媒体一直都没正面报道过中国,全是抹黑,你们将会为你们的傲慢和愚昧付出代价。

  31. The Bloomberg Musk Gates Foundation at work, I'm certainly grateful these billionaires are looking out for our well-being time to take our cut America and make the playing field level they always make money along with the Chinese Communist Party. Maybe Bernie is right

  32. Wow,science advancing rapidly with a medical emergency in the country. A good lesson for the next virus or country emergency-thanks to the Presidents leadership and company leaders like Elon Musk this will be beaten. And 3M of course-cant name them all but they all get credit.

  33. See Trump was RIGHT again bring it back to the USA especially meds and equipment. China has proven they cant be trusted with these things.

  34. Buying stuff from the idiots who attacked us to buy up put property the Chinese did this to cripple our economy fact

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