Témoignage de Nathalie Roschewitz sur la formation “Site Internet Professionnel pour Artistes”

Hello everyone! My name is Nathalie
Roschewitz. I am a painter. I started painting in 2010. I am self-taught. A few months ago, I started to learn about
website publishers. And then there was a lot of offers. Apparently very easy to use but not really given; in the neighborhood of 20 euros per month; and that did not necessarily allow to make a personalized site. I did not necessarily want to have a site identical to all others … At the same time, in one of his videos, I had heard John say that he was working on a training
internet site. So I waited several months
finish this training and put it on sale. And so I bought the
John Beckley’s website training. And frankly, I do not regret at all! It is a training that consists of several videos in which John guides you step by step to create a site on which there are multiple possibilities. This is the solution “WordPress”. I think I do not even use 5% of all the capabilities of this solution … In each video, it’s great, because it’s as if John was at
next to you, and guide you step by step in the creation of your site … Really!
You do everything with him. I took my time. I took a month
to do it since I did not do it every day. I was doing a little bit
from time to time and that allowed me to go at my own pace, to come back on
some steps, because I was trying also to understand what I was doing.
And it was very interesting! it makes things very, very cool. What was great too was that John was very responsive. At one point, I blocked myself because I did not notice a step (with a word account creation of
password- Anyhow). And so, John was super responsive because I made an email and the next day he found me the solution to unlock me. I was able to continue creating my site. So, super responsiveness John! Super site! I will advise taking notes as and when. But even if you do not, you can still go back over steps since you keep training. You do not have to roll everything all at once. You can redo steps that you did not do. Me, there are some that I zapped because I did not necessarily need it. I did not need to put a blog right away for example. But I know that if by
I want to put a blog on his site, I can. I will go back to the stage
regards the creation of a blog. That’s it, so really it’s very very
interesting. I advise you all to buy this training. I want to clarify anyway – very important – I’m absolutely not good at
computer. But it’s accessible, you have to be well focused and all
world can do it. So “thank you John!” I wish you all, as he often says, “Have a nice creative day!”

Author: Kevin Mason

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