Teeth Whitening at Home Cheap How to Peroxide Hacks DIY Bleach Trays Kit Best 2016 Overnight Results

Teeth Whitening at Home Cheap How to Peroxide Hacks DIY Bleach Trays Kit Best 2016 Overnight Results

In this video I’ll go over how to make your
own homemade bleach trays, how to select the right bleach for you for very cheap and give
you some other tips with whitening your teeth. The traditional and most effective way of
bleaching your teeth is using either Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide. They are very
effective at whitening and can both be used at home. The first step is to make homemade bleach
trays. Go buy a cheap sports guard if needs be. I used black guard to demonstrate this
video. Obviously boil water and follow the instructions to mold the guard. Only for these
trays I dried my teeth really well and stuck these small pieces of this thick 3M Tape on
my teeth and you’ll see why. You can use anything small and thick that will stick to teeth and
come off. Then mold the tray firmly without disturbing the tape pieces. Next remove the
little pieces of tape. These depressions in the bleach trays are wells where the bleach
will sit so it doesnt all come out when you place the bleach trays in your mouth. Don’t
worry it wont leave white squares on your teeth. If you are worried about using natural whiteners
remember Hydrogen Peroxide is found in almost every cell in your body. That sounds pretty
natural to me. I will link to the cheapest and best bleach in the link in this video
and the description below. Next, Select the right bleach kit. My favorite
bleach I linked to. However let me explain the difference. Carbamide peroxide breaks
down to become Hydrogen Peroxide and then whitens your teeth by donating an molecules
to the staining molecules then makes them less colorful. This process takes 15-20 minutes.
So it takes Carbamide Peroxide that long to become effective. But then it stays active
and works for hours. Hydrogen Peroxide works right away but lasts for about only 30 minutes.
I prefer Carbamide because it is just as strong but works a lot longer and therefore whitens
longer. When selecting, Carbamide and Hydrogen Concentration
can be confusing. They are proportional on a 3 to 1 Ratio. Which means a 30% Carbamide
is the same strength as 10% Hydrogen Peroxide. Remember Carbamide still lasts longer. Any
concentration of either two bleaches will whiten your teeth the same, you just have
to bleach your teeth a lot longer at lower concentrations to get it the same shade white.
A few more tips. The Blue lights you see malls use to bleach
are mostly a gimmic. Most research says it does nothing. A few studies say it does very
little. Either Peroxide can cause sensitivity that
is temporary. If your teeth get sensitive you should stop for about one week and only
resume when the sensitivity is gone. It is possible to whiten your teeth too much
which can make your teeth actually appear darker. This happens because you bleached
to the point that your tooth enamel is a tiny bit see through and the shadow from the back
of your mouth makes your tooth look darker. Also it happense because the level under your
enamel, called dentin, is more yellow and will slightly show through as well. In my other video I go over why natural teeth
whiteners don’t actually work and why youtubers tell you they do. I will link in the icon
in this video and in the description below to an over the counter bleach that is very
cheap and is just as strong as any of the one time bleaches at the mall. Also if you
guys have any questions write them in the comments below.
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Author: Kevin Mason

62 thoughts on “Teeth Whitening at Home Cheap How to Peroxide Hacks DIY Bleach Trays Kit Best 2016 Overnight Results

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    $10 Home Bleach: http://amzn.to/29xFNjn
    Sensodyne Toothpaste for sensitive teeth: http://amzn.to/2d97uQh
    Best Toothbrush: http://amzn.to/2cIcN4T

  2. 1:50
    What does it mean carbomide peroxide "lasts longer" than hydrogen peroxide? Does it keep whitening the teeth after removing it or does it mean in general the teeth will stay white for a longer period of time? I'm confused.

  3. How I whiten my teeth…
    . . .
    Step 1: Buy Bleach.
    Step 2: Drink Bleach.
    Step 3: Get ready to Die.
    Step 4: Die.
    Step 5: Die again…

  4. Literally just stumbled across your video and I love the fact that you actually cite your sources, show proof, and are to the point! Thank you!

  5. I've used the exact product you linked to in your description (44% carbamide peroxide solution in custom fitted trays), 30 minutes at a time, x5 consecutively, and my teeth are FAR more yellow than they were before. It was that they were mostly yellow just at the gum line but now they are an overall darker yellow than that. Very disappointing.

  6. Could you please, tell me about HiSmile whitening teeth kit? They uses an non peroxide gels. The ingredients on the box are Sodium Perborate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Glycerol, Propylene Glycol, Deionized Water, Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid, Carbomer, Carboxymethyl, Poly vinylpyrrolidone and Menthol. How is it possible whitening my teeths without CP and HP? Thank you 🙂 (I'm from Brazil, so, sorry for my broke English)

  7. All the reviews are bad for this product though everyone says it works but causes chemical burns and fries your teeth

  8. just wondering isnt that bad since carbomide peroxide whitening for that long.wouldnt it be breaking down the enamel even more, since it still being activated making your teeth more sensitive and leaving it less protected. I thought that is why people do not whiten there teeth as often for the sake of not over doing it and over whitening. have u had any problems in terms with your sensitivity and weakening of teeth like chips, or slight infections etc? im curious since i would like to try carbomide peroxide but i feel a bit awary from the long lasting work it does through out the day,unlike hydrogen peroxide which does like any whitening product slightly take off ur enamel if u over do it still it to me seem less risky since u can control it and stop the process.

  9. Could I put hydrogen peroxide in my retainer and put the retainer in my mouth and let it sit for however long it needs to be?

  10. I will start drinking hydrochloric acid now because even my stomach releases hcl for breakdown of food seems pretty natural to me!

  11. You get less sensitivity w carbamide..also don’t over fill the gell to the gumline..it might burn cause a chemical burn to the gum

  12. THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU! For being HONEST!!! You Rarely Find That On Here.
    INTEGRITY! At It's Finest!

  13. What if I have braces? Can I apply the carbamide directly on my teeth around my braces and wait 30 minutes.

  14. How do I avoid burning my gums? I put it in and after 5 minutes my gums were on fire so I had to give up!

  15. Thank you for this educational/useful video. I appreciate you backing up the science and everything. Makes more sense understanding how the bleach works. I believe a youtube subscription and like is in order. 😊

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