Tech How-to: Upload from Google Docs/One Drive to Blackboard

How do I upload an assignment from
Google Docs into blackboard? Well, the first thing that I would need to do is
to actually download the document from Google Docs because I cannot upload it
directly from Google Docs. So, I go to the document. I go to “File” “download” choose
“Microsoft Word.” Press this little up arrow. Click show in finder.
I can see it’s in my downloads folder. I’ll move it over to my desktop. Click X. Then I go to blackboard and I upload it from my desktop to Blackboard. And if I
wanted to do the same thing for a One Drive file, it’s the same process. So I have my One Drive file here. I click
“File” “save as” “download a copy” not “download as PDF” but download a copy. Click download. Show in finder. Move it
over to my desktop. And then upload it from my desktop. Okay, if you have any
questions please post them in the comment section below.
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Author: Kevin Mason

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