Synergy Dentist Student Testimonial – Muna Hakim, BDS, MBA

Synergy Dentist Student Testimonial – Muna Hakim, BDS, MBA

Hi my name is Muna Hakim, and I was born and brought up in Canada. But grade six we moved back to India, and I finished my high school, my junior high there. Went to dental school there and practiced there for a few years before moving back to the United States. In the beginning I didn’t have any guidance, and I started applying, and I got a whole bunch of rejections before I got this acceptance at Iowa. And this was after this synergy program. So that really helped me get a clear-cut idea about how to approach this, what I can do to make my application more competitive. So it was definitely a really helpful program. We honestly came with kind of mixed reactions from people telling you to do this and that while you’re applying to the international program. But with synergy it is really organized. It kind of gives you a systematic review of how to start. They start with your CV, your resume, your personal statement and then interviewing skills and then telling you the various different routes of getting licensure which is just not doing your NBD and then doing an advanced editing program. So there’s different options as well, and they were really good at explaining all of them. I honestly feel like it makes a big difference. When it’s people from the same background most of them we’re internationally trained dentists, and they have been licensed out to practice in the US. So getting their perspective and their thoughts about how their journey was really helped us. They give personal attention so that was also really great, when we did the one-on-one interviews. And also I think the personal statement is something that we struggle with because we’re not really sure what story to write, and they were good at kind of trying to get to know you and find that unique something in you to make your personal statement stand out. I feel like in this long journey sometimes we get lost and we have so much different opinions and views and sometimes you’re misguided. So this was a real great program to kind of give you a clear-cut idea of what to expect, and what are the different routes to take. And there’s a saying that every accomplishment is made with the decision to try, and I feel like this program is definitely that step towards getting your accomplishments done.

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Excellent job explaining the application process n what a great help u received from the program! Bravo👌👌

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