Susan Collins on her decision to vote to acquit Trump

Susan Collins on her decision to vote to acquit Trump

Author: Kevin Mason

75 thoughts on “Susan Collins on her decision to vote to acquit Trump

  1. What a very silly and embarrassing interview. Watch the 'Lincoln Project" condemnation of Collins. Maine voters know the way to vote. Yet another Trump* sycophant who will lose her seat because she's terrified of Trump. More aspirational!!!!!!

  2. The biggest shame with this impeachment is having to listen to these idiotic politicians on both sides of the aisle. And to think at one point I actually thought the best of the best were elected to serve in Washington.

  3. Collins should shut the f up. Most hated woman in America. TRUMP should shut the f up too. Approval rating at an "all-time high of 49%" ????????? PATHETIC. And that's ONE POLL. All the other polls have him still down in the toilet, where he usually swims.

  4. The president didn't do anything wrong in fact he had an obligation to see that perceived corruption is investigated. There's adequate evidence to justify an investigation into the Bidens far more evidence than there was to investigate the President and impeach him.

  5. This FOX lady still has her head up hilliarys b**thole. Makes me ill. Sen. Collins most people know you did the right thing. Thank you.
    TRUMP 2020 WWG1WGA

  6. Joe Biden wasn’t a political rival at the time of this phone call! Why doesn’t Martha say that? Martha almost acts like she’s on CNN or something.

  7. I like Fox News accept for Martha, My automatic up next duped me into Martha once again. Please let your guests speak without your opinion. Martha, every time your interviews don't go in the direction you want them to, your eyes flutter and you stretch your lips back like Jubaka from star wars, FYI! Would not make a very good poker player.

  8. she should have kept it to herself. She knew the Senate was going to acquit. It was the same as wearing a MAGA hat at a rally.

  9. Its ok for Biden to have a prosecutor fired, that was ok. That was for his gain and I hope our people will dig up all the dirt about all the "Sons" of B–ches"

  10. Romeney is involved in the Ukraine money laundering too.He wasn't voting against Trump for any reasom except to hide HIS corruption.

  11. Research Mitt… he doesnt like TRUMP bc Mitt has his hands dirty from millions made off his company that WORKS WITH PLANNED PARENTHOOD! HE is a baby killer….

  12. Sure Mitt, you're just still butthurt. Key words "high crimes" like something as serious as bribery or treason, not non-crimes like the 2 articles put forward by democrats in the house. There was bipartisan votes against not for in the house

  13. He’s use to Obama… he’s a disgruntle government employee at this point… they all are …. too mad ? it’s sad ?… just saying

  14. Passionate speech ???? ROMNEY ??? His faith ??? LOL. It was for him simply his ONLY and LAST opportunity to hurt the guy who defeated him in 2016. Donald Trump.

  15. Excuse me, President Trump was not calling because of a political rival. What rival. Please… President Trump was calling because h
    e wanted to make sure the money he was going to give did noe end up in Bidens pocket l)l pool

  16. Senator Collins seems like a lovely person, but she does not appear capable of the faculties necessary for public office.

  17. Susan Collins has such an old trembling voice. She's such a Granny. She is definitely one of the weakest links in the Republican Senate

  18. Why is it a crime to have political rivals investigated when there is more than obvious evidence (like a confession) that they have committed a crime? They hate Trump because he wants to drain the swamp. I think every member of congress needs to be investigated.

  19. Martha McCallum; is an idiot. Trump wanted known corruption in Ukraine to be investigated; he wasn't asking for a political rival to be investigated. Great hair and makeup, but she can't seem to grasp this. Trump didn't need to learn any "lesson"; it's the media who should have learned a lesson to do some investigative reporting on the Biden family and DC swamp corruption.

  20. Goodness! The vile abuse Sen. Collins has received for doing the right thing! I have felt critical of some of her actios in the past, particularly in not supporting Trump. However, she has gained my respect for her measured consideration and for ultimately taking a stand on principle. I hope people wake up and she gets a lot of support in her home state!

  21. Good for you senator Romney your our hero, keep giving the orange stain in the White House crap, help get rid of the demon in the White House who committed the ultimate sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit at the prayer breakfast. If you don’t understand how then read the words of Jesus if you own a bible. If further you still don’t understand that Trump is an anti christ than listen to his quote where he states that he has nothing to confess for as he has never sinned, the lord calls this person a liar and a deceiver, doesn’t get any more specific that that. We need to get the satanic influences outside of the White House immediately.

  22. I don't see a problem with the President pointing out corruption to anyone that could end the behavior. I don't believe there was any pressure unlike Biden's press release when Biden states, "Fire the Prosecutor". You have 6 hours before I leave or No Billion in Loan Backing. His son also receiving $83,000 per mo. ,from the same source, with no experience?

  23. Accept the fact that a trial without witnesses is not a trial. Both parties have their defects but as an American you should look for the facts. You guys aren't even putting party before country. You guys are putting Trump before party and country.

  24. Acquittal is not a evidence of innocent. Trump clearly committed abusive of power. Just like OJ is not innocent because his acquittal.

  25. Hypocritical Mitt Romney. You are so small minded, you are taking revenge on President Trump. Senator Cruz puts you to shame. President Trump Cruz, Nunes, Julianna Jordan and others are true Patriots. Mitt Romney unfortunately is too wrapped up in himself.

  26. Evidence there were none and you're god must be Lucifer who you are serving and not the people of Utah not sure Romney even understands the truth from lies .

  27. Her voice is so incredibly annoying, she always sounds like she’s shivering when she speaks. Having said that, those assholes that left those voicemails need to be looked into. They were so wrong.

  28. Everyone should watch Town Hall with Bernie Sanders on youtube.. Be willing to hear both sides. Both sides tend not to care what the opposition says and will totally ignore

  29. Martha, I am confused what your point is in this interview. Especially Sharing those dirty tweets defaming this noble lady- a very rare gem in American politics now debased by the elderly females of the Pelosi genre. She is a lady par excellence and doesn't deserve such grilling. It's very unfair for ms. MacCallum to join in the harassment. Shameful.
    Nonetheless thanks for bringing her for us to get the opportunity to see that decency still exists in Congress.

  30. The HOUSE had 18 witnesses that the President was illegally denied. He was completely denied due process. The Senate is not the place for witnesses, but Schiff & Pelosi shut things down & proceeded regardless.

  31. OMG, BIDEN is not protected, so why not tell theTRUTH about Romney? Romney is involved in the Ukraine scandal. He voted against our President to protect HIMSELF, & you know it.

  32. Mr Mitt you are a sore loser. You were never a match for Trump in the past, you are not one now and will never be Mr religious Mitt

  33. I love Susan Collins. I hadn't heard of her until about two years ago. I've heard several of her speeches, and I believe she's a real brilliant lady. (A "lady" in the true sense of the word.)

  34. I disagree with Collins and I think Trump did the right thing investigating the Bidens and he should do it again if their is corruption.

  35. What a weird woman. She ends all her deflections and non-answers with such a rehearsed "please take pity on me" look in her eyes.

  36. Yep… that "senator" babysitter needs to go… she doesn't know how to be a senator or a babysitter… I'd be surprised if is is a or ever was a mother to any toddler. She has sold her reputation out of fear… that is the behavior of a true coward.

  37. Susan Collins….you are a corrupt caryatid…please stick your head in the sand as you have been doing up until now and never, ever pull it out again…pathetic, shameless, without moral human being. Aggressive on Nancy Pelosi, accommodating on Donald Trash

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