Student Government at NYU Dentistry

Student Government at NYU Dentistry

>>You made the right choice to come here>>Because you are about the start this amazing four-year journey to graduate as a dentist.>>Who better to welcome you to the school than your new student
government team?>>The 12 of us are the overarching student government here at
the college.>>We are made up of students ranging from second year to fourth year.>>Elected by our peers, we serve to speak as your voice>>Advocate for your needs>>And act as a liaison between the student body, faculty, and administration.>>Under the guidance and support of the office of student affairs and academic support services>>We work hard to make your journey here an enjoyable one.>>Generally, we approve new student clubs and organizations>>As well as work with the deans, faculty, administration, and four class councils>>To address student needs
and strive to build a strong community.>>So you’re probably wondering what’s the
difference between student government and your 4 class councils.>>Each class
year has their own governing class Council to address and>>speak on behalf
of their class year.>>They address the needs specific to your class.>>We on the
other hand work on behalf of the entire school and student body.>>Anytime you have
an idea that can benefit the school, we are your go-to points of contact.>>Feel free to find us anytime.
We’d love to hear from you.>>We also work with over 40 different clubs>>To further enhance your experience here at the college.>>These clubs range from dental specialty
groups, to cultural, to community, as well as organized dentistry.>>If you’re
interested in becoming involved or joining any of these clubs>>Come find us,
we’d love to help you get involved.>>We also have a weekly newsletter to keep
you updated on upcoming school or club events, as well as important
announcements.>>These are some of the events we host yearly.>>And of course, the All-U Games.>>Be ready to win gold this year.>>And once
again, congratulations.>>Congratulations.

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. I know more than half the students in this video. They all make me so proud. Congratulations!!! Very professional. Very well done!!!

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