Streamlabs Creator Sites: Do Streamers Really NEED a Website?

Streamlabs Creator Sites: Do Streamers Really NEED a Website?

– What’s up, guys? Pete here from Gaming Careers. Today, looking at a brand new service that Streamlabs has just
announced, called Creator Sites. Nowadays, if you want to
become a successful streamer, or content creator, it
is vitality important that you have a presence online. In countless videos now, I have talked about how
important it is to engage with social media, interact
with your community, and build a brand online. But, with all these
different social medias, it’s a little bit of a mess. You have your Twitch channel
where you livestream to, you have YouTube where you
probably upload videos. You have Instagram and Twitter, where you share posts and
photos with your community, as well as interacting
with other streamers. All of these social platforms are amazing and you should absolutely be using them ’cause they’re very good at
doing their specific job. But you don’t really
have a central location where you can share things about you and control the type of
content that you share. If somebody wanted to learn more about you and see all of your online
presence in one place, they’d be stuck. There isn’t a single page location that you can send people
to, to learn more about you. People have typically tried to use their Twitch profile to do this, using those panels that you have below the Twitch video player to describe some things about
them, talk about sponsors, advertise, merch, and things like that. But it’s still just so restrictive as to what you can and can’t do. You can’t embed recent YouTube videos, or Twitter posts, or Instagram posts. You can’t advertise and
actually sell your merchandise, and you can’t even accept donations without linking off to an external page. Maybe worst of all is that, if you do share your Twitch
profile with somebody, and you’re not streaming
when they click through to look at it, your main
page that you arrive at is taken up by a massive offline image. So it’s not really a great experience for sharing what you’re all
about with somebody else. At the rate that the streaming
market is growing at, there are so many companies
arriving at this space looking for influences of
all sizes to work with. And you might think, yeah, but they’re only wanting
to work with the big guns, the people at the top of the directory. But there’s actually now a massive push and lot’s of research done, behind what they call micro-influences. People that have smaller followings but very, very loyal followings. And a lot of companies are now looking to work with smaller creators as well. So the only real way of solving
this problem in the past, was to create your own website
where you could advertise what you’re about, your
schedule, your merchandise, you can sell things through there. You can talk about the
equipment that you use, you can bring in all of
your different social medias and things like that. But creating a website is
a complicated thing to do. You could go the self-hosted,
or WordPress route, where you have to deal with
things like DNS records, HTML, things not really
looking as you want to. You have to do a lot of research, and probably quite a lot of work, to get things looking
as you want them too. Or, you could use a service
like Wix or SquareSpace. They’ve become very popular
in the previous years. And you get a very nice looking website, and it’s much easier to work with. But they’ve not really been built for Twitch streamers or YouTube creators, where embedding things like
your livestream and chat, they haven’t really got the
functionality to do that yet. Well that is the problem that
Streamlabs are trying to solve with their new Creator Sites. Creator Sites are highly customizable, yet incredibly easy to build websites that you can use to show your livestream, your chat, your social
media posts, recent videos, your streaming schedule,
sell your merchandise. Basically, anything you want to do, all in one central location
for both your audience and any potential brands looking
for creators to work with. Now, I totally get it. If you’re new to streaming and you’re wanting to grow your audience, you’re just starting out, creating a website probably
isn’t at the top of your list. You have a hundred other things
that you need to be doing to try and grow your audience. Especially, if you’re having
to deal with a full-time job or school, or something else
that takes up the majority of your time, and streaming
is really just a hobby. But for those of you that are wanting to represent yourself online
in a more professional way, or you’re nearing that tipping
point of going full-time, or getting partnered. I really do think
spending 30 to 45 minutes creating a website where you
advertise all of the things that you’re doing online is well worth it. So what exactly do Streamlabs
Creator Sites allow you to do? Well, as I said before,
it’s a super simple, yet highly customizable, website builder. You can choose from some predefined themes to get you started or
completely create your own, which allows you to upload
your own background images, choose colors, fonts, and
styling, and things like that. As you can see here, Streamlabs
have already pulled in some things automatically
from my Twitch account, like my avatar and name. But here is where the real
fun of customizing begins. You can simply drag and drop
to add whatever elements you want into your website. Choosing from an absolutely massive list. Things like contact forms, social feeds, images, sponsor banners,
leader boards, your livestream, your merch, your streaming
schedule, your social reach, tipping module, YouTube videos. And you can choose exactly where these go and how they are arranged in your website. Obviously, I would recommend
adding your stream to this page and stream chat automatically
pops in, if you are live. So, imagine that you’re
streaming on Twitch, or Mixer, or on YouTube, which ever player
you add into your webpage, when you go live, the
stream will auto-play and the livestream chat will pop in from the right hand side. For the social feeds element, you can add Twitch clips,
Tweets, and YouTube uploads. And these posts then get
chronologically shown in the feed and they’re automatically pulled through from those networks. So you never need to come
in and manually update with your latest YouTube
video, or something like that. It’s all automatically pulled in and displayed live on your website. You can also add all
sorts of other platforms that you are active on and
they will display up here in the header of your
website automatically. This makes it super easy for
people to come to your website and find all of the different platforms that you’re active on. You can also really easily add
in any of the Twitch panels that you’re already using
on your Twitch page. If you already have info
in your about me section, or you’re using something
like the Streamlabs’ Countdown and Schedule plug-in, you can include them in your website easily with
just a couple of clicks. One really nice feature, if you are using Streamlabs
integrated merch store to sell some merchandise to your audience, is you could simply
include the merch element into your website. Show off, and directly sell
through this website as well. The idea behind this
whole Creator Sites system that Streamlabs have built, is
that it’s really easy to use and it’s perfect for those
online content creators, streamers, or YouTubers. People like that, that want
to have a central location on the web telling more
information to their audience and any potential brands
what they’re about and also displaying all of the cool stuff that they’re doing online. So, Streamlabs have two different tiers for these Creator Sites. There’s the free tier that
allows you to do everything that I have just talked about. And they also have a paid version, that they’re calling Prime, which allows for some additional features around a domain name, some
custom email addresses, some advance SEO settings. As well as a bigger
selection of different themes that you can start working with. This paid tier, Prime, costs $150 a year, or $12.50 per month,
and I’ll go through some of the advance features that you get now. The custom domain name option allows you to host your website at a
completely custom domain. So something like, for me, something like, or,, or absolutely anything that you want. Obviously, for you it
won’t be Gaming Careers, but it’ll be maybe your, or, whatever’s available. One thing worth mentioning here, is that you can’t buy a .gg domain. I presume this is probably
because .gg domains are incredibly expensive. I think they’re like $80 per
year or something, anyway. So it wouldn’t really make sense for Streamlabs to be able
to offer this included in their package price, anyway. So, .com, .tv, .live,
there’s absolutely loads that they suggest for you. And, also, if you do already
own your own domain name, you can, of course, move that across and use that domain name to
host the website as well. The custom email addresses allow you to then use this domain
name that you have chosen and create any kind of professional
email address around it. So, instead of using like a gmail, like I use to have
[email protected] when I started out. But instead, now, if you
did go for the Prime option, you could use [email protected], or [email protected], or [email protected],
whatever you like. So it’s any name, at,
and then your domain name that you’ve chosen at the end. Although this doesn’t sound
like the most important feature, I can’t explain how much better it feels to talk to somebody, or some brand, and be able to give them
a proper company-style email address. It just sounds so much more professional and they’re going to know that you take yourself
quite seriously in this. Now, $150 per year certainly isn’t cheap. But when you compare it to the
likes of Wix and SquareSpace, they’re nearer about $300 per year. So, about half the price of that. And I really hope that Streamlabs continue to poor lots of development
time into these Creator Sites, giving you more themes, more things that you can embed into it. And basically, just more customization to make these really personalized and really advanced as well. Obviously, since there is a free version, I’d recommend everybody really goes over and plays with the free version. At the very least, you’re going to make a more
appealing donations page that you can use for your streams. If you do decided to
upgrade to their Prime, and premium option, then
Streamlabs have been kind enough to offer me a voucher
code that you guys can use to get yourself $10 off. I’ll leave it on-screen here, as well as down in the description below, if you do want to use it. I’m really excited to see what people do with these Streamlabs’ Creator Sites. And what Streamlabs does
in terms of the development and the continued
improvement of them as well. As I said before, this tipping point of people
going full-time with streaming, is always coming down. It used to be maybe a hundred
creators, then a thousand, and now there’s so many
people who are partnered and able to do this full-time. And I hope that we see people start to represent themselves
more professionally online, using the Streamlabs’ Creator Sites. If you have enjoyed the video,
please do give a thumbs up. And if you haven’t already subscribed, I would highly recommend doing so. Finally, I do want to
give a massive thanks to all my patrons this month. These people help me do
this as a full-time job, keep creating content for you guys, and tutorials, and things like that. So, I am massively
thankful to all of them. And subscribers, I’ll see
you in the next video. Peace! (upbeat music)

Author: Kevin Mason

41 thoughts on “Streamlabs Creator Sites: Do Streamers Really NEED a Website?

  1. Literally just began using this last night – Fitting that this video shows up in my feed today. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Great vid!

  2. Dang, this is going to be INCREDIBLY useful! I've been working on building my site from scratch (HTML/CSS, JacaScript, using React as my JS Library), but if I can customize the streamlab creator site using my OWN HTML/CSS, then I'll be on board.

  3. I think this is a cool idea. I've already opted to create my own website using Wix, as my Twitch stream is my podcast, and streamlabs creator site just didn't seem catered to something like that. i.e. embedding my podcast episodes and allowing listeners to to download them directly from the site. Now if StreamLabs ends up adding features like this, I could see myself making the switch.

  4. I just tested Streamlabs Creator Sites and tbh it is not that good with the whole subscription pay wall for domains etc.

    It is very easy to set up as there is not so much to work with in the first place. The row-system is easy to understand and gives a lot of variations of alignments of content. The available content that can be placed in rows are almost everything essential that you need as a streamer/content creator. You can also see how the website will look on tablets and mobile phones.

    It gives you 6/12 free themes which are not that unique. Almost every time you make changes before going public for the first time you are reminded to change your domain which you obviously cannnot really do as it is a prime feature. You basically keep getting tricked into a window to pay for the prime subscription straight away. The free domains you end up with are horrible ( is mine for example) and paying for a decent domain as a small streamer starting out is not really an option for most. Weebly for example has a pretty good free domain ( ). For some odd reason my username keeps getting posted as "mrghosto1o1" even though on twitch my username is mrghosto1o as well as everywhere else where I am registered. YouTube videos can be displayed alone or in a row of multiple videos of one playlist in one content block. You cannot add videos from different playlists in one block without having to go through the trouble of creating a whole new block, which also only allow a max of 4 contents (or videos) per block. The feed looks really unclean and simplistic. It looks like a cheap third-party addon. The navigation bar at the top of the website shows only added content in the page which will be scrolled down to when clicked on but there is no option to turn it off entirely. It is also not possible to replace the content in the navigation with new pages for the website as those are a prime feature too as well as most other things currently available in Streamlabs Creator Sites.

    (Keeping in mind that it is a BETA)
    A good start to the "Free Website Industry" with nice ideas but that is really it to be honest. Overall lacking in visual quality, customization of website elements such as navigation, footer and additional pages to the website (which should be included for free like on every other website creation). There are many other free website creator sites that offer a lot more freedom of customization of website elements for free (including SEO) which can ultimately achieve the same things as Streamlabs, if not even more with a little knowledge of Photoshop. I suggest small creators to wait for further updates before trying out Streamlabs Creator Sites.

  5. I set up a Prime account last night, what a confusing mess. No support what so ever. No instructions what so ever. I'm a little disappointed your promoting this given it's current state. You need to stop saying it's easy to use!! I paid for a Prime subscription and it didn't even give me the $10 discount code you promised. Very disappointed Pete.

  6. Anybody know if alerts are working better with streamlabs? I've had problems in the past about follows and stuff not showing up on stream. Wanting to know if they're working every time.

  7. Prime is now available either as a monthly or yearly payment, to get yourself a $10 discount at checkout, use

  8. Hey! i know this isn't very relevant to the video (great video by the way), but I am having weird issues with my stream and I would like some help.
    I have been streaming for about 3 weeks on the exact same settings, haven't changed anything, and the streams have been running perfectly every stream, 60fps, 720p without lag in-game, or on stream. But today, when i tried to stream, after about 30 minutes of streaming, my game started lagging, in the way that every 3-5 seconds or so, the frames wen't straight from 170 (my cap) to <20, basically freezing the game. And on the stream, it was kind of the same issue, but the stream only showed one frame per second or so. the viewers experienced this aswell when watching the stream and it could not be enjoyed. The audio didn't freeze or anything, only the video, audio was fine. I tried restarting stream, restarting PC, wifi and such but nothing helped. I tried changing bitrate too, but that didn't change anything either. I watched a few of your videos to try to find the issue. I tested softwares like the website and other things like that, but it said there were no dropped frames, no bitrate drops or anything, but the viewers and me basically couldn't watch it. This has never happened to me and I don't know how to fix it. Please help.

    OBS settings:
    Keyframe intervall: 2 sec
    profile: None
    Bitrate: 4000
    Quality: 720p60
    CPU Usage preset: faster (tried multiple ones)
    Encoder: x264

    Thank you so much for helping.

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  10. hey man i have a quick question , i have currently been using obs for streaming (nothing major just a start up) i am currently stuck in some audio issues and i could also use a little bit of guidance. I've been looking a lot of tutorials, tips and trick, etc. But keep thinking i might need a little bit of advance "help". i would really appreciated if you could give me a hand.

  11. I thank you a thousand times over for this video! The structure and detailed information in this video is priceless! Thank you!!

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  15. I love this !!! As soon as I hae a teady income from steaming I look forward to supporting this channel financially as well as dole out recommendations of all your content to my audience !

  16. As of right now they took away the option to have a free website. When you go to save and publish any changes you are prompted to pay for the pro version. Just a heads up if anybody else is trying to start a new "free site". Ohh and a merch store is no longer free as well through streamlabs. You are grandfatherd in if you already had items.

  17. awesome info, it would be more awesome if i knew how to get the free version without having them not letting me save cause i gotta buy a domain, so…. i dont care the domain, u may slap me silly and call me susan just give me a free website but all i get is them pushing me to voy the domain… with 20 subs…. being a noob at this… rite…. any help mate?

  18. Have you heard of It was started this year as well. Custom websites for streamers, stream branding and development.

  19. You have to pay for prime if you want to sell Merch. Any previous merch is still free, but soon as you change or add, you must pay for Prime

  20. At first, they asked me to customize my website address and
    Why when I go to Streamlabs they asked already to pay after I choose my web page address ? I want the free website , where I have to go ?

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