Stories From the Bunkhouse (Bonus): Ryan Bingham | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

Stories From the Bunkhouse (Bonus): Ryan Bingham | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

– What’s your name? – Walker. – You a cowboy? – I’m cowboy enough. – Walker just came in effortlessly and just blended right in,
you know, without a hiccup. (laughing) (campfire burning) – Ain’t gonna break the law for you, Rip. – Your chance to leave this
place just passed you by. – I don’t know how to
get away from this place. – Might wanna think about making a U-turn. – You leave, I’m going with you. – Hell, I’m leaving tonight. – Nothing suit me about this place. – I’m done with this place.
– Be seeing you, cowboy. – I quit.
– You want off this ranch? You got it. – Adios, assholes. – He’s a terrific cat. – Don’t I know it? (country rock music) (utensils clacking on plate) (country rock music) – He plays constantly, which is great. – Yeah, Ryan Bingham
plays music constantly. – He doesn’t pull a phone out. He pulls out a guitar. And he’ll just get off in his own world. And everyone stops what they’re doing, at least, you know, if you’re not working, and just listens to it. It’s a dream. – Yeah. It’s a private
concert in our bunkhouse. (acoustic guitar) – He’s also an incredible cowboy. Like Ryan Bingham is like an amazing – Oh, yeah. – Sort of triple threat. And he’s like an incredible actor. – That’s really saying something. – Obviously, a great musician. But he’s also like an
incredible cowboy. (laughs) (horse galloping) – Like rope-handler – Yeah. – He can team rope and ride. I mean, he’s got it all. And he’s just so chill. – He would never tell you about it. You know what I mean? He just kind of does what he does. You know, like he doesn’t brag. He doesn’t really try to like
tell you how to do anything. You know, he’ll, you know,
you make a suggestion – I’m afraid there might be a
little more to it than that. – You know, if he sees you
kind of struggling, like, hey, just pull on this a little
bit or do this, you know. – Look, just run down the arena, keep your eyes on the top of the barn, open up your feet and say “Whoa.” – He just blends. It’s that, you know, you would never think that
he, like, lived in a big city. You know what I mean? Just because he just
blends so effortlessly into that whole universe
and that whole world, and has no ego, you know,
and I mean, so accomplished. And to come in with no ego
and just be a part of guys, which I also think is great because Taylor understood the personalities
he was putting together. So, it’s obviously he has a
really great eye for kind of talent and putting all
those pieces together. So it has been a tremendous
blessing to have him a part of the project because he’s awesome. – That’s all y’all get. (country rock music)

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