Stories From the Bunkhouse (Bonus): Friendship | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

Stories From the Bunkhouse (Bonus): Friendship | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

– Jimmy can you drive? – Feel like you’d be better
off taking a bicycle. – You guys your own series of, you have your relationship. – But like any friendship
or relationship, you know, there’s highs and lows. We get on each others
nerves sometimes. – Yeah. (laughing) (intense western music) – I think the most bromance-y
thing that we’ve ever done was this last season before we
left, it was snowing and then we had an hour, we had
gotten wrapped or something and then we had to
go back at night. There’s this road that
we wanted to travel down and it was went
into the mountain. – And we argued about it, I wanted to stop and ask
– We did fought, for directions.
we fought about it. – Yeah we did and I said,
just take the road and go. That was like the
most bromance-y thing. – The honeymoon phase is
over, season one, that was the Denim and Jeff honeymoon phase. – Yeah, we saw the
best of each other. (cow mooing)
(shouting) Yeah, season two, the mask
came off a little bit. – Colby’s mom, that’s a cougar. (laughing) – Yeah I think, well
I think we. (laughing) (growling) We did. (laughing) (growling) – What happens when a bunch of
cowboys just stop pretending and start getting real. (laughing) – What happens when
the cameras are off? – Exactly. – A whole different world. – I think that reads on
screen ’cause these characters live together.
– Yeah. These characters
spend every sort of hour of the day together. – [Denim] Yeah, they
don’t have a break. – Yeah so having these, like
these friendships offscreen I think translate on
screen ’cause it feels, I walk onto set and I
feel like I’m walking into you know, my family and I
think that lets you sort of, it lets some of that tension go. – Well and I never stress,
I’ve never stressed about, dialogue, there’s not this I
have to feel like I have to do really well in order
to impress this person, you know what I mean ’cause
it’s like we’re always together. – [Jefferson] Yeah. – And we kind of already know
how to bring out the best in all of us, I think
because we have spent so much time together. You know, we kinda hunker down
together in like a fox hole and just make it work. (clapping) – We’ve talked about what Colby
and Ryan are doing sort of in the off season. – [Denim] Yeah. – When they’re not there,
we’ve talked about opening up a little market together
and that they’re– – We have these small
business ventures. – Yeah we have small business
ventures ’cause they’re really, they’re dreaming high. – And also like, us hanging
out outside of that, wine and chess. Which I think I’ve beaten
Ian one time out of 400 times we’ve played chess,
let’s keep it 100. (laughing)
I was so bad. – We should put that
into the next season. – We should. – Just a bottle of– – This is an education. – Bottle of Pinot and
a whittled chess board in the bunkhouse. – Oh I was whittling wood
all of season two. (laughing) So that was really just.
– Just making one piece. (laughing) – I think because
of our relationships
outside of the set, there’s so much
comradery that’s needed. It comes out natural
’cause we know what to say to make each other
laugh and, you know. So I think that
that really helps, for all of our characters. – And a lot of that dialogue
is sort of spontaneous ad lib– – Yeah. – That will just you know,
they want us to talk. – Whoa hunnies.
– Whoa! – You’re just working
girls here, huh. – That comes from what you’re
saying, just being around each other, that adds a ton
of relationship and depth of character, I think that
is what makes a fun cast. Really attractive.
– Unique and unique. Yeah, it’s fun to watch.
– Yeah. – The show in and
of itself really. – Well done boys. – [Narrator] Yellowstone. Presented by Ram trucks. Motor Trends back to
back truck of the year. (whoosh) ♪ Hey ♪

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