States will keep losing citizens until they cut taxes: Grover Norquist

States will keep losing citizens until they cut taxes: Grover Norquist

Author: Kevin Mason

17 thoughts on “States will keep losing citizens until they cut taxes: Grover Norquist

  1. And you got a very corrupt Jerry Brown and all the corrupt judges yeah it ain't no wonder and then you got their corruption with the illegals their sanctuary I need the federal government to cut off all funding to them and let them sink that would drain that swamp

  2. That's for sure because you get Democrats in office you know what they do right first thing they do is raise taxes spend more money span span span raise raise raise oh yeah free healthcare will give you free college will give you free free free oh taxes taxes taxes taxes Dodge has more taxes

  3. How does the average people save money when they can't even pay their bills every month look at Pennsylvania minimum wage 7:35 an hour oh they're going to raise it to 12 to $15 we can do that how about we do 9:50 over 2 years $0.50 every six months thanks Governor wolf you are a wolf in sheep's clothes who the hell keep electing that loser

  4. Every state should have cap that we keep them corrupt politicians from putting their hands in the cookie jar all the time oh yeah then they raise taxes

  5. How about we start paying the house Senators minimum wage and I maybe two days vacation a year no more bought food make them pay their own airfare what we can save a lot of money there and that's what they want people to work for so why shouldn't they and do away with the 20 years work and then pensions how about 40 year work maybe half a pension that would save a lot of money and we might get a little more work out of them do nothing Democrat

  6. we want to lower taxes but we want stupid military industrial complex and grow the empire, how we gonna pay for that, maybe Grover Norquist has a suggestion, or we just print and borrow

  7. Some of these states don't want citizens, or a least citizens below a certain wealth level. This is on purpose to force people out.

  8. This is a calculated agenda to forcibly move left voters to red states by making their own states unlivable. Good luck Texas.

  9. Maybe one day red states won't be welfare states sucking up the taxes from Blue states that support them. Blue states rank higher than Red states who are led by azz kissin Repukes that don't know how to govern.

  10. Uhhhhhhh…. Don’t vote Democrat???? Uh….. Vote more Republican????? Uh…. Abolish and Remove Democrat bulls**t policies???? Uhhhh……… Vote Trump to save and make money??? Uh…… vote MORE TAX CUTS!!!!

  11. I’m from SoCal, this is place is dying but I’m still optimistic and convincing people to vote Red one by one, ima gunna turn up the notch soon

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