Start Your Success Story: Eric Tisdale

Start Your Success Story: Eric Tisdale

I’m Eric Tisdale, and I’m a graduate of the College of Eduation at St. Petersburg College. I’ve always wanted to go into teaching. I love teaching kids. I feel like I have a lot to offer. But I went a different route. I was good in math so, I was an accountant for several years, and I just decided to make a change. I did a lot of research. There was just something about St. Petersburg College. I felt a sense of community, a sense of togetherness here, and that kind of drew me in. I felt like this is where I need to be. The College of Education is great. I’ve learned so much during my practicum and my observation and also my final internships. The teachers, I felt, were very highly-qualified. They really built on background knowledge. They were very helpful, very caring, and they wanted you to succeed. I thought that helped me out a lot. I feel that I’ve been prepared, I’m ready to go and start teaching in the workplace right now.

Author: Kevin Mason

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