Spot the robot dog being used on construction sites

Spot the robot dog being used on construction sites

This is the Spot robot made by Boston
Dynamics. We’re actually using the robot to take 360 pictures on-site. So you have
two cameras in the front, two in the back, one on each side. You also have proximity
sensors. We’re using it to take a picture and upload it into the HoloBuilder platform so we’re already doing that right now but he is now going to do
some non added-value tasks so we can use our teams to do more added value tasks.
The robot can also be used in dangerous area like closed space ones.
You can also equip it with sensors that could detect gasses. There’s also a 3D
scanner on top of it to do 3D point scanning in real time. The Spot robot can be used in in many circumstances. Ultimately it’s going to
be able to go into tight spaces that would otherwise be less secure for human beings to go into. It could peruse the job site at night also facilitating time
management for our workers and really allowing our team to spend more time
analyzing the data versus capturing the data.

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Je ne comprend pas pourquoi ces vidéos sont toujours seulement en anglais ? j'entend que Montréal est la deuxième ville francophone, mais presque tout est en anglais ' sommes nous tous des ignorants ?

  2. The question we should be asking is: How do we eliminate data altogether?.. this would greatly reduce analysis time and theoretically increase weed smoking leisure levels.

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