Space Miami – Aerojet-Dade Rocket Site Documentary

Space Miami – Aerojet-Dade Rocket Site Documentary

You think you are going to nowhere, you think
how could I be going anywhere? And then it was like something just grew out
of the ground. Like a whole place all of it’s own. And it was really awesome. So it was exciting in one way, but it was
very scary for the others because agriculture land there was the basic income of the farmers
of the area. We were looking for industry, because we knew all we had was farming, and that was going
to be it. This is the deepest whole they dug in, in
Florida. I don’t know 100, 100 ft, 125 ft deep, The biggest hole I ever seen.
The walls I would say 3 1/2ft, 4ft solid concrete. They would put me on a hook and I would go
down from the bottom and I would photograph it all the way around and slowly they would
pull me up until I got to the top. And I had to make sure I had stripped down with nothing
that would give any friction to cause a spark or anything. They kept the grounds so neat it was really
a showplace. It was the cleanest place I had ever seen. It was tremendous. When that thing went off everything vibrated. The helicopter nearly lost control when we tried to shoot that thing. The shock waves came out that far we didn’t realize it. But when it went off it was a sight to see. Having the Aerojet site here, it was like you were
going to the moon and you were going to be part of it. After my final time with them, they closed the plant. That ended my career with Aerojet. It’s almost remains but then
it’s almost like they stepped from it. It’s almost like a ghost town. I think that they
had pumped up the community pretty well in what they were going to do and that they actually
didn’t do quite as much as they said they were going to do. It didn’t affect the community
as much as they seemed to think it was going to. It was a good era but everything comes
to an end. Now we got to look for something else.

Author: Kevin Mason

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