[SOLVED] Can’t connect to this network | Windows 10 WiFi Problems |

[SOLVED] Can’t connect to this network | Windows 10 WiFi Problems |

Hi friends, this video shows you to solve
one of the WiFi problems you might have faced in your computer while connecting to WiFi
networks. That is, more precisely, how to fix “Can’t
connect to this network” error. Sometimes, you may have seen this error message,
if you have changed your WiFi password, sometimes you can see this without any reason. Follow these simple steps to solve this problem. Click on WiFi icon in the taskbar. Here you can see network settings. Click on that. If the WiFi icon is not there on taskbar in
your computer, go to Windows settings. For that, click on Windows icon. Then click on Settings. Here select “Network and Internet”. From the left side select WiFi. Then click on Manage known networks. Here you can see all WiFi networks you have
connected earlier. Click on the network you want to connect and
Forget. Now close the window and reconnect to the
WiFi. Here you have to enter your password. Feed it here and click Next. Now it is connected. Enjoy your internet. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day.

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “[SOLVED] Can’t connect to this network | Windows 10 WiFi Problems |

  1. For all the people who think this does not work… It does. Sure… It may not work for you. But I have used this method before. Also. You do not Right click the your network. You left click it. Then it will show. Properties and Forget…

  2. Why so many idiots dislike?
    This is only one solution for this problem that you should try
    Your problem might not be due to password change, there is no need to dislike

  3. WOW Why did I NOT think of this easy af and simply solution! You're a genius!
    If only I had common sense and that was the first thing I tried, if only!

  4. This actually worked. I was trying to connect to my iphone hotspot and I needed to forget the info on all the iphone hotspots I had connected to before.

  5. Fuck you windows for fucking up my life past 3 weeks with no internet, no wireless, can't connect to my own network without changing anything like passwords or else. Just windows decided to mess up my laptop!! I read all the possible tutorials, nothing is solving. Is either collapsing, either all networks disappear, either refusing to connect. I have no other connection to forget. I updated the driver -> saying I have the last edition anyway. I disabled the driver and do it again. Nothing is working. Nothing. Has anyone solved this with a wireless usb?

  6. Reboot your router. Clear error codes. Do it yourself or your internet provider can do it if it’s their router. Got mine done that way.

  7. My laptop doesn’t let me connect to my WiFi anymore since 2 days ago but it works on all other devices. And when I try to connect either it tells me that I can’t or my entire laptop freezes and they is nothing I can do but boot in off and then back on

  8. Thank you so much. I from Thailand.I love you so much.Thank you.🥳😍😍😍😍

  9. Simple, but worked! 👍🏻


    Kind of a repetitive thing to do. Everytime it gets disconnected, this same thing needs to be done. again.

  10. I tried everything also and none of it worked.

    Here's one option I did first, it didn't fix my WiFi error, but I did it before I did the following instructions ahead, so i prefer u do it just in case. So go to your network setting status and click "Network Reset"

    ~Then Here's what fixed the issue!
    1. Go to Firewall & Network protection. (Type it in your laptop search bar or find it in settings.)
    2. Click Restore firewalls to default then restore it.
    3. Try to connect to your WiFi

    It helped me get connected to WiFi, I tried everything the videos said none of it worked also. Let me know if that helped you also!

  11. For the lot that are still experiencing issues after this troubleshoot, you may need to access your firewall and reset the firewall settings to default.
    You can access this by holding the windows key and typing R. Type "control firewall.cpl" or you can type in windows firewall after clicking the windows symbol on your taskbar. Restart the computer and you should be able to connect.

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