Solea Laser Dental Fillings Without Anesthesia at Fantarella Dental Group

Solea Laser Dental Fillings Without Anesthesia at Fantarella Dental Group

This is Dr. David Fantarella of the
Fantarella Dental Group, where we use tomorrow’s technology today. I’m going to
show you how we use the Solea Laser and other technology to change the way we
treat tooth decay. I feel anxious but I know good hands. I’m not really
concerned. The regular fillings are quite painful. I mean with the with the
anesthesia and, you know, the needles, and the gums, sometimes I’ve kind of shied
away from dentists because of it. At times due to some past experiences that weren’t so pleasant. This is a patient who has decay on tooth number 29. We use Carivu, which uses trans-illumination, to show us the breadth of the decay.
Isolite is used to make the patient comfortable and to control the environment, and Solea during the caries excavation and preparation. It all took just about
10 minutes. This patient is not numb. There is no anesthesia used; we simply
use Solea to vaporize the tooth structure and perform the cavity
preparation. We also use Solea to excavate the decay and finalize the
preparation. All of this technology makes the procedure easy for the patient and
the dentist. The patient is able to just sit down and get to work and get it done
quickly, without anesthetic and without pain. Solea’s positive patient
experience and ease of use has changed the way we treat tooth decay.
It was great actually. It was a lot easier than the regular,
traditional drilling. A little cold sensation but nothing major; I mean
there’s no heavy drill grinding noise in your ear and screeching, didn’t feel
any particles getting shot away, I mean, it’s just a little cold sensation. That
was it. I mean, it was easy. Within five minutes, it was done. My mouth has no
numbness. I don’t have that front numb lip if it’s where he worked on the tooth.
But right now I’m just gonna leave here and I’ll go have lunch and be on my way. Thank you for watching and if you would like more information about
this procedure or any others, please visit our website at

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