Smoking and Dental Implants

Smoking and Dental Implants

Hi welcome to dental vacation discussion forum…. This is a great place to ask questions and participate in conversations related to dental work… Your questions and comments help us decide on the future topics…. Hi, Dr Komal… Dr. Komal do you think smokers should have dental implants? See, as we all know, smoking is very harmful for our health, not only our lungs and our immunity…. But also our oral health is affected and this part of our health has been underestimated for the longest time…. So let’s start by discussing what implants are…. It’s basically a screw like object which is made of titanium….Now titanium, you might wonder it’s a metal… ..why are we placing it in the body? Well, it’s… biocompatible… What that means is that it’s…. compatible with your tissues. It doesn’t cause an allergic reaction. It doesn’t cause any harm to your tissues. That’s why it’s used in the bone… So there are two appointments. The first appointment is where the implant is actually placed in the bone…. Then there is a gap of about three to six months and in the second appointment… Your abutment and crown are placed on top of the implant….when you smoke …the sheer heat of the smoke that you inhale scars your tissues. Now what that does is that it causes… overproduction of the top layer of your skin now this is called hyper keratinization. So smokers are barbecuing their skin? Yes. For a normal person plaque accumulation happens… But it’s not at the rate at such a high rate as in smokers…. Smokers tend to have a lot of plaque and calculus in their mouth…. Now this essentially means that they have bacterial colonies and these bacteria can enter your gums…. They can enter your bone and they can cause diseases…. This will lead to loosening up of the gums… And the seal that the gums provide around your teeth and your implants will be lost….Okay, so… smoking and… smokers oral health seems… to be not a conducive… environment for dental implants …Absolutely not! Also, nicotine causes vasoconstriction… what this means is that it… decreases the the diameter of the vessels and the capillaries that are carrying your blood to the gums… Now blood has nutrients it has oxygen…. these things are very essential for the normal functioning of the gums and the bone.. My understanding is when we breathe in…Our lungs are the organs that exchange oxygen with the blood and that’s how it gets around the body … See..when we inhale oxygen when we inhale air we take in the oxygen to our lungs… But that doesn’t mean that the lungs are the only part that get that oxygen… it exchanges… …Places it enters the blood and then it goes to all parts of the body… Oxygen therefore essentially, is going everywhere. Another thing is that… nicotine harms your salivary glands….Saliva is an antibacterial. You might not know this…saliva contains lysozyme which.. functions as an ezyme which kills bacteria… so that’s all the more essential for a smoker if you were smoking and your bacterial activity is already high and Also, there’s more plaque accumulation in a smokers mouth…. It’s all the more essential for you to maintain your saliva…. Wow that reminds me of these national geographic Videos where we see animals wounded animals licking their wounds…. Exactly exactly that this is the very reason why they do that. It’s antibacterial…. Also, it flushes out all the debris in your mouth…. The places you can’t reach manually… Your saliva helps to flush out those areas… So for a smoker…. This is very important… Is there a relationship between grinding your teeth at night with smoking? Yes, this condition is known as bruxism… Due to their inhalation of nicotine their… Perioral muscles are in a constant state of excitement… so this… Leads to grinding of teeth against each other and this for your implant…. it’s actually very harmful it can cause a lot of instability and…. this will lead to ultimately lead to failure…. Seems even nicotine patches and… consumption of… tobacco and other… Nicotine products are not conducive for dental implants and your oral health. Yes, you’re right… nicotine patches or you know… Tobacco that you chew…all these are actually providing you nicotine in other forms or in a lesser mode… But they’re actually doing essentially the same thing…. Nicotine inside your blood causes vasoconstriction when you are consuming nicotine…. another…. By-product is carbon monoxide…. Carbon monoxide has 200 times more affinity for blood than oxygen…. Is carbon monoxide, correct me if I’m wrong, the same gas that…. Causes so many deaths during fires and you even hear of People suffocating in their cars because carbon monoxide from the engine leaped into the car….. Yes, that’s actually a good point….. Carbon monoxide poisoning is an actual thing Because of its affinity for hemoglobin in the blood… It’s very poisonous and it can kill you in a matter of seconds…..seems that smokers…. Must have very high dental implant failure rate compared to non-smokers? Yes, they do and there is a huge difference in smokers…. The failure rate is about 16% Where is that in non-smokers is just about 1.4….Wow, that’s almost…. more than 10 times? Yes it is….. it’s a huge difference which is why it is stressed upon so much that you need to be very honest you need to…. Open up to your dentist. You need to tell them everything about your smoking habit…. So what can smokers do seems they are not left with much choice. I mean if I were a smoker I would not be a good candidate for dental implants. So what can I do? Are there any other options like dentures – like are they better alternatives to dental implants like dentures? see first of all…. The first thing is that you will have to quit smoking at least for some time before and after your procedure…. And as far as dentures are concerned…. dentures actually have a lot of… disadvantages. But since you are a smoker and your oral conditions, it’s already very…. compromised…. Any kind of prosthesis would be a would be a challenge. Dentures actually tend to decrease the amount of bone in your in your mouth… …implants on the other hand…. they increase the amount of bone formation. It’s just that… you need to make… Lifestyle changes or quit smoking to accommodate having dental implants if you are a smoker. Yes…. Lifestyle changes are very important first of all again…. You need to quit smoking…you can substitute it with other things like a cigarettes which don’t contain nicotine These kinds of e-cigarettes are available in the market. You can join support groups… You can join Facebook forums and there are apps available on play stores these days which you can download and you know….. They can help you… quit smoking… as well that you can meet people who are going through the same process and… I would like to point out also that your diet plays a very important role before and after implant procedure… Oh, is that right? Yeah, your diet needs to be as healthy as possible…. You need to consume green vegetables fresh fruits. Lots of water. Keep yourself hydrated at all times and… Avoid sticky foods avoid hot spicy foods avoid caffeine also again… it’s a vasoconstrictor and it decreases the blood flow to your guns and your… hmm, so… what I…. know after hearing you is that People who smoke they should not go for dental implants unless they are willing to quit smoking…. Yes, what are your recommendation how I am a smoker today? How can I go about getting… dental implants?. Well, you need to be very very honest with your dentist. You need to tell them everything… About your habit about your medical condition. How much you smoke how long you’ve been smoking?… everything…. You need to send your CT scans prior to your visit. Okay? Yeah, so that you don’t waste your time you get there and your procedure is started….. so Doctor Komal What we’ve just learned from you… seems… Smokers should quit smoking. It’s not only for dental implants. It’s for their overall health as well and…. What I see is that if you want to get dental implants being a smoker…. Only do it if you are ready to quit smoking…

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