Smile Makeover Contest – Dental Veneers Online Marketing- $100 Brighter Image Lab Winner Announced

Smile Makeover Contest – Dental Veneers Online Marketing- $100 Brighter Image Lab Winner Announced

hey guys first and foremost I want to
tell everybody that thank you so much for the comments that you gave us last
week we announced a contest we asked you to comment below and to give us your
feedback on some creative that we wanted to go with I want to get straight to the
comments I want to go with the people who won who gave us great comments and I
want to get to who’s getting the money and I have a surprise at the end so
stick around I want to tell you about it when it comes down to the Billboard the
first thing people ask is which one are we gonna go with
we’ve decided from your comments that we’re gonna go with number 3 when we
asked you for your comments in case you didn’t know it we got a lot a lot a lot
of comments back we got answers on Facebook we got answers on YouTube and
we got answers on Instagram on Instagram we got Ann Hong 82 the reason why I
like what she tried to say it was the same message she just said it a little
bit longer is we don’t want to be confused with the typical dental ad that
a picture of a nice smile could be confusing and thank you for coming out
with your answer Samantha V wanted to say thank you for youtube god I hope your
a subscriber when she told me that she can picture these on her husband and when
you see a picture of somebody that already has em in with a nice smile it
invokes a little bit of jealousy she wishes that he had a smile like that but
when you show a product that he can actually own himself she goes I wish my
husband can own your product Samantha V thank you so much and tell your
husband thank you too that brings me to Facebook guys both the people I’ve
talked to you before they’re both are getting a check I know we promised it one
time we’ll do it two times both you guys will get a check for $100 I have a
special surprise I want to tell you this young lady basically said I’ve been
watching your company for almost two years because I’m one of the clients
that truly needs your product I need it badly for an opportunity
so Lucy Dee your words were not deaf on me the fact that you’ve been following
means a lot to me I want to give you a choice if you want to win that hundred
dollars I’ll be more than happy to give that to you but if you want the smile I’ll
give the smile instead I will give you a
brand new smile I want you to look amazing I want you to be able to be
ready for any opportunity not just the one that you’re waiting on but the one
after that and the one after that and the fifty that you don’t know about I
want to get you a new smile thank you so much thank you all this
week when you comment with me you tell me that you’re with me when I hear the
good and hear the bad and hear the indifferent it tells me that we’re on
the same side we’re just trying to spread a message you don’t have to spend
thousands of dollars to having a better smile as I hope to tell you week after
week after week all of your involvement motivates me it’s what we do it who we are and it’s why we do it oh wait wait wait wait wait before I leave guys
there’s one more thing that I’m working on we have a new video that we’re
working on next week I want you to see it it’s one of the best client reviews
that we’ve gotten a long time I think the work turned out great I
think it’s the kind of review that you want to see please subscribe please
comment below please tell me more about what you want to see I like you guys
that I’ve talked about too please contact me so I can get your money this
was a pleasure for me thank you guys very much if you made it this far it’s
because you probably liked the video do me a favor hit the like button and hit
the subscribe button helped us grow this channel our subscribers mean the world
to us I think you’ll like what’s coming this year
amazing smile makeovers for people all over the world thank you for watching
the video and hit the subscribe back talk to you later bye

Author: Kevin Mason

26 thoughts on “Smile Makeover Contest – Dental Veneers Online Marketing- $100 Brighter Image Lab Winner Announced

  1. Awesome! You guys are the BEST!🎉🎉 I’ve been a Brighter Image Lab “ambassador” for a year now and I cannot thank you enough for my own new smile.😁😁😁 Congratulations yo the winners! And I’m so happy for her new smile! 💗

  2. God bless you for that gift to that woman! And for those of you who have never experienced bad teeth, you cannot imagine how it is going to change her world

  3. I got the kit and my impressions did not turn out good and I cannot find a dentist or a lab in my area of North Alabama that will make a mold for me

  4. Awesome choice; congrats to the ladies that won; I I’m going to have the courage to send
    ics in in hopes that a miracle that they can create a veneer for me, I’m in the category of having a deep bite with missing teeth so I hope some how they will be able to create a veneer for me. I can’t get anyone to call me back after a interview and I’m a RN with years of experience with a great work history.

  5. I am a person that I just right know I just saw your program you know something I don't have a smile trust me I don't have anymore a smile like I have not been carrying but I'm hoping you could give me back my smile please help me in having back my smile in me carrying for my tooth please if not I guess I will stay like this becouse I don't have money but maybe if you see my mouth you might want to give me back my smile I will always appreciate your survive thank you I'm Lizett Ramos Cosio from Calexico California thank you ones more god bless you you inspired the people with your channel you do give people hopes

  6. I had a tooth extracted today. I will be calling and reaching out to you Bil. And I pray you will be able to help me …talk soon !

  7. Congratulations to the winners! How amazing is this company? He does so much to give back…and it is pure kindness. Great job!!!

  8. Very awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee congratulations to everyone. I've also been watching you for 2 years I was going to go with instasmile but waited once I get my taxes this year I will get these I really really hope they do. Thank you sir thank you so much!!!

  9. 😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️
    Even though I would've done anything in this world! And i mean anything and then some, to win the new smile makeover, I honestly had chills the entire video, and felt the warmth spreading through every inch of my body, especially my heart, and felt so happy for all of these winners! I'm so happy for all of you, but I really need to win me a $100 contest too so I can put the rest of the money with it for a down payment for my new smile!!!😫😫 I'm so jelly but yet I'm still so over joyed with happiness for all these ladies and from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the very best!

  10. After so many months of watching, I'm in need of this product thanks to my mom .. after so many years of neglect to my teeth, it's sad to say I'll be losing my front, however after periodontist dentist scaling of my mouth I will only be losing my front teeth….. Skeptical ,nervous and afraid…..but it's for the best

  11. Growing up my teeth were OK, not great… but OK. Now I am 60 and time has taken it's toll on my teeth and I had to do something. I watched these vlogs and contemplated
    this for a year. Two months ago I bit the bullet and ordered the mid-price upper/lowers. Kit came, very easy for me to make the impressions following the video on youtube.
    In three weeks my new teeth came. At first they didn't feel quite right, but after a week of wearing them WOW! They seem to conform to my mouth over time and they look
    ABSOLUTELY beautiful! It's so odd to go out and people will comment on my smile, they look SO real. I have to say, I am not a narcissist, but I can't help but look in the mirror
    often and smile and see these teeth in my mouth… they look so wonderful.

    I no longer have to maneuver my mouth (to hide bad teeth) when I speak to people. I do not hesitate to go out in public or to social functions. It might seem like a lot of money
    to most of us, but frankly this is THE least expensive option to regain your smile with a quality product. I can tell these are high quality and with proper care will last for years.
    Thank you Bil, and Brighter Image Labs for this product…. you have helped many many people.

  12. Wow! Thank you so very much! I started to cry and really want to thank you for all you do for those who suffer inside and hiding. To see someone that you know is AMAZING and you know would be so confident with straight and white teeth = PRICELESS!
    You are a life-changer sir! I simply cannot wait for one day to have my husband fitted for a new set of these veneers! If you only knew how wonderful this husband of 25 years really is, you too would want him to SMILE! It's so true when you say that teeth that need work rob you! Tetracycline stain has robbed him of his confidence, robbed him of his self-esteem and really robbed him of so many amazing opportunities he would of had!
    I want him to smile like all of the other Brighter Image Lab customers! I believe in Miracles, Brighter Image Lab makes Miracles come true too!

  13. Bonsoir Monsieur ,j aimerai tellement avoir un sourire comme celui ci ,hélas mes moyens financier ne me le permettent pas .

  14. You are doing such great things for people. It is completely life changing and I know because my life has completely changed since I lost my smile. Bless you for all you do.

  15. I travel to my country in Philippines just fix my teeth.. too expensive, I'm still not satisfied.Lost some of my front teeth and I'm wearing now a crooked denture. I wish still not too late for me to have a bright smile to brighter Image Lab. I wish they have another giveaways. God bless your Company, you help a lot people make them smile. I am not losing hope, I believe someday will show my beautiful smile in Brighter Image Lab. I also wish to see you sir Bil Watson in person.

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