SmackDown premiere behind the scenes: WWE Day Of (WWE Network Exclusive)

SmackDown premiere behind the scenes: WWE Day Of (WWE Network Exclusive)

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “SmackDown premiere behind the scenes: WWE Day Of (WWE Network Exclusive)

  1. So… Kofi should get a rematch … right?

    So dumb to force Kofi to job to Brock only to have Cain Velasquez job to Brock a few weeks later. POOF! Brock disappears with the title and SmackDown gets the short stick.

  2. I was very sad when Kofi Kingston was Nat holding his wwe championship but when Cain valesquez was coming and when I saw Brock lasner face like?????? i was smiling like?????? cool legend.

  3. Cain actually deserved to win Crown Jewel, and also the Comora Lock should be BANNED

  4. Remember guys, The Rock was only back for that one night on Smackdown last month to pop ratings for Fox. If you thought he was coming back to wrestle full time again then you're sadly mistaken, he's made it clear that his in ring wrestling career is over and wants to move on to bigger and better things in Hollywood. There's more to his life than just wrestling but apparently most of his fans are too hard headed to understand that, he can still love wrestling without doing it for a living 24/7.

  5. After 11 Years Vince Doesn't Even Respect Kofi Kingston Enough To Let Him Lose His World Title In A Descent Length "Wrestling" Match In The MAIN EVENT!!?

  6. There should be better build up and beef between Brock and Cain. For year Lesnar has been this ufc badass who knocked out Randy Couture and won ufc title. That's what Paul Heyman has been speaking for years now. Match between them was so bad i don't even understand why they did it

  7. Everyone should appreciate Kofi for giving up the belt. We now are able to watch, at the very least, the main events again.

  8. Man i really hate brock for this. Seriously he wont show most of the time. He comes he takes the title and leave. Not to mention his one minute match. This is just unfair for the rest. Dont understand why vince sucking brock balls so much

  9. WWE just acted like Kofi never lost the title. They dropped a huge storyline. This why WWE is going out of business. Soon Fox will cancel them.

  10. Its crazy that the editors on this can tell Kofi's story better than Vince and his trash writing team. Fox will soon cancel them.

  11. I'm a fan of Brock Lesnar but Kofi shouldn't be screwed like that. At least they should allow him to put up a decent match before he lose.

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