Site C: How do you move a river?

(upbeat music) – One of the most important steps in the construction of
BC Hydro’s Site C Dam is temporarily changing the
route of the Peace River during construction, using
two diversion tunnels. These tunnels are
approximately 750 meters long and 11 meters in diameter, and are located within the north bank of the river. We’re building the tunnels
using powerful excavators called road headers that
grind through the rock and load it into conveyors. The rock is then hauled away with trucks. With the river temporarily diverted, construction crews will be able to build upstream and
downstream coffer dams in the main channel of the river, allowing us to begin construction of the main earth-filled dam on dry land. Fluctuations in river
flow throughout the year mean that this diversion needs to happen in the month of September, making it a critical milestone
for the Site C project. Diversion is expected to take place in September of 2020. These diversion tunnels are just one of the ways BC Hydro is safely
and responsibly advancing the Site C Project. (upbeat music)

Author: Kevin Mason

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