48 thoughts on “Site Analysis in Architecture/Urbanism

  1. Omg.. I’m korean boy! 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷
    I love your video 🙋🏻‍♂️❤️
    I’m a big fan 😭👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Do you have any other blogs/people whose work you follow for inspiration? Great vid as always, simple but effective drawing!

  3. Cara tu mora no Brasil, faz vídeo em inglês kkkkk TOP! Um dia vou ter confiança suficiente no meu ingles pra fazer isso

  4. Another great one. I prefer your videos over all other ones, following your channel every week, and enjoy that you take time to explain.

  5. Awesome visuals! Question though, why not use Illustrator to keep it in vector while doing the shadows/textures on Photoshop, then bring over the shadows/textures into AI and layer it in with Opacity settings.

  6. Oiii, eu fiz os passos do Illustrador, mas quando importei pro PS as linhas ficaram todas pixeladas e horriveis, é alguma configuração do meu PS?

  7. I wish i shoud've known this channel when i was in college. Now i already graduated in an architecture school the videos also helps me making creative drawings and diagrams for our company's clients

  8. I really really appreciate the skills you share with us. Helps us heaps.
    im having so much trouble with colour pallets and how to arrange layers in photoshop.
    Id appreciate if you could make a video on colour pallets and how to choose them in combination to the whole presentation poster and also photoshop layer arrangements.
    Thanks you again.

  9. great (!!) content so far! it would be awesome if you could do more staff for maybe a bigger scale, like urban planning, and landscape architecture

  10. Eeeei, você não é o ganhador do concurso de pavilhão do Canadá? Eu reconheci o projeto 0:31
    Cara, que demais! Não sabia que tinhas canal, já vou me inscrever porque quero chegar nesse nível de qualidade! haha

  11. Great video as always, but i have one doubt, on the final work, if i gotta print this site analysis, do i save it in pdf through Photoshop? Or jpg

  12. Amo seus vídeos!!! Oliver como você exporta o arquivo do CAD para o Illustrator já com todas as camadas corretas ?

  13. Assistindo o video bem de boa quando "As i live in Brazil"
    Fiquei de cara
    Ótimo conteúdo, simples, direto ao ponto e perfeito para arquitetos ou estudantes. O youtube é cheio de canais de tutoriais de Photoshop ou Illustrator mas esse com certeza foi o que apresentou mais coisas com real utilidade para o campo da arquitetura.
    Obrigado por compartilhar seus conhecimentos, espero que você cresça e tenha muito sucesso porque você é demais!

  14. Another great one. I prefer your videos over all other ones, following your channel every week, and enjoy that you take time to explain

  15. Alex Hogrefe was my favorite YouTube presentation channel for architecture back in the days, thank you for giving him a shout-out Oliver ! Great videos btw, I love your style in editing 🙂

  16. I hv just graduated as a civil engineer.. Now m into this kind of videos this days cuz I fcked up during my college days n now I m trying my best to keep up haha… Shame on me!!

  17. Amazing work sir. Please I'm having a hard time applying multiple mask objects onto the same layer mask like what you did with the shadows of the buildings.

  18. I used all your tips in my proyect of this semester and i think you are amazing, thank u for your tutorials, i wish more people know your channel, sorry if i wrote something wrong. Greetings from México!

  19. Whenever I try to select my roads with the magic wand tool it selects everything in the drawing, and it only selects the lines themselves as opposed to selecting what’s inside the lines

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