Single Tooth Implants from Helm Nejad Stanley Dentistry in Beverly Hills

Single Tooth Implants from Helm Nejad Stanley   Dentistry in Beverly Hills

[Randy Alvarez
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So if you’re only missing one tooth, why
a dental implant over a traditional bridge? [Dr. Kyle Stanley, DDS
Discussion: Single Tooth Implants
Yeah, well a traditional bridge,
you know the research shows that it lasts about five to twelve years okay,
that’s okay, we want something that’s gonna last a lifetime. The other thing is
a traditional bridge, you have to grind down the two adjacent teeth just to put
the bridge on, and then the bone underneath the area that’s missing will
actually go away over time, so we can maintain that bone, place a simple
implant. I do everything with guided surgery, so it’s very very predictable,
also means that you’re gonna have less pain and less swelling and then it stops the
cascade, because what happens oftentimes, is they’ll get a bridge and then
something happens with the bridge, maybe we have to take out another tooth, then
it becomes a bigger bridge, then next thing you know got a denture and there
our denture patients like we’ve been talking about. [Randy Alvarez]
So how long does a single
dental implant last? [Dr. Stanley]
If it’s taken care of
very well by the patient and the doctor, it could last a lifetime, just like a natural tooth. [Randy Alvarez]
So it’s permanent, are they
considered permanent? [Dr. Stanley]
It’s like your third set of teeth okay, so you have your
baby teeth, your adult teeth, and then if you lose those, you have your dental implant. [Randy Alvarez]
Now what about cost? I mean what, the bridge is more or the the dental implants more? [Dr. Stanley]
They’re about
the same price, but over time it’s actually gonna save you money to do the
dental implant because you’re stopping that cascade of losing more and more
teeth over time, so come see us for a dental implant. [Randy Alvarez]
So always get a dental implant? Like if
somebody in your family was missing one tooth, you would no way make a bridge for
them? [Dr. Stanley]
No, for sure not, no. I mean the dental implant is the standard of care
now, this is the thing that every doctor should be doing. [Randy Alvarez]
But bridges are well,
then if a dental implant for just one tooth is so good, why aren’t they
all doing it? They’re just afraid of surgery, what is it? [Dr. Stanley]
I think
people hear surgery, they think of an implant, and think it’s some big surgery.
This is very routine, you can have it under local anesthesia, you can be
sedated for it. Most of our patients take ibuprofen, advil one or two days and
that’s it. It’s not a big, giant surgery.

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