Shameless Season 10 (2019) Official Trailer | William H. Macy SHOWTIME Series

Shameless Season 10 (2019) Official Trailer | William H. Macy SHOWTIME Series

For the last time, I’m not Fiona. Wash your own stuff! [WHISPERING] I’ll quit tomorrow, okay? We need a break. Are you dumping me? This is what you do when a condom breaks. I got an inheritance waiting for me and
Debbie’s holding it hostage. We need money for a rainy day. It’s time for you to reclaim your patriarchy! LIAM: What’s he drinking? Testosterone smoothie, supposed to help him get his manly mojo back. [YELLING] [GRUNTS] It’s really good. Yeah! You’re a disgrace, Gallagher. Thank you, sir. Those mother– I don’t eat the white man’s swine. Huh? Abort mission, abort! LIP: I fell asleep You can’t fall asleep. I’m tired. Welcome to parenthood. [BABY COO]

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100 thoughts on “Shameless Season 10 (2019) Official Trailer | William H. Macy SHOWTIME Series

  1. bro if we waited this long for mickey to return just for ian to break up with him AGAIN
    it's gonna be a riot and the writers are about to see these hands 😡

  2. So Tami just left the baby to live with Lip and the rest of the Gallagher family? Instead of finding their own place as a new family?? Wtf kind of fuckery is that!??? 🤦🏻🙄

  3. The trailer was came out today which also borderlands 3 came out as well which they also used the same song in their first trailers

  4. I find it funny how Ian is all “we need a break” when their technically roommates😂

    Gallavich better be endgame though. Don’t do this to me again Shameless

  5. Nah yo I'm not even finna watch all this shit go down without Fiona bruh fuck outta here lol like I'mma wait til it's done and watch a compilation of Gallavich scenes because that's literally the only 2 characters I care about.

  6. i don't eat the white man's swine
    bahahah we already know this season's going to have liam having a cultural crisis. i guess it was only a matter of time lol.

  7. Everyone is talking about mickey and ian (which i'm pretty sure the dumping won't be permenant) but no one is talking about the phone call… what if? …. no i don't think so….

  8. Upcoming new season of "Shameless".
    And a new & expected new challenges for the Gallagher Family & for us, fans as well. First fiona has left Southside, not knowing of where she went to or when ever she'll be back? Least she's keepin' in touch with them. (Kept her character mention in the show)

    Now debbie, is in charge of the famiy now.. Left big shoes for her to fill in for fiona. Being a single mom & waitin' on when if she find her true love. Plus Ian is doin time in a federal prison but atleast his not alone in there has mickey.
    Carl & Kelly are staying in strong bond in their relationship, building towards a possible future together.
    Liam, he can be normal & a bit stubborn & cool in his own way.
    Lip & his girlfriend will soon gonna be parent's, lip & her needs to change their ways & plan ahead for the future & for their baby.
    Kevin & Veronica are still keeping strong for each other & for their daughter's. Keeping the bar business going in any which way they can.
    Also….Frank, well he'll always be Frank Gallagher, an major "Black Sheep" real-class screw up of the family. He's always stuck the way he is being a full / part-time: drunk, drug addict, con artist, hustler, drug dealer.  No telling of all his mistakes may catch up on him sooner or later?  We, fans can't wait & see of what's in store for the new season.

  9. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. These show runners know that we love Ian and Mickey and they also fucking know that Ian and Mickey are for life god damnit. I don’t fucking deserve a break up I deserve a fight for LOVE. Also the Gallagher’s are a matriarchy stfu Frank.

  10. Kinda crazy Willam H Is playing a father of kids that are poor and have no chance while he and is wife pay off colleges for their rich kids.

  11. I feel like Debbie is going / did blow all of the money fiona gave her and I feel like Carl will probably be come a dad possibly and I feel like Debbie and Farhad (however you spell it) will get together.

  12. ”We need a break” Ian

    And then the two of them running to be the first one 2 stab another dude. Just so one of them can be in solitary.

    Pure gallavich gold

  13. WTF??? We get 3 seconds of Gallavich and in 2 of those, Ian wants to dump Mickey?? Are you fucking kidding me?? I've been waiting years for them to be endgame and u guys wanna mess them up again for the umpteenth time?? Hell naaah it ain't happening baby. Imma Sue you guys.

  14. I can’t fuckin wait 🥵🌙😓💗☀️😘🎂👼🏻😫😊👋👋👋👋🙃😤😭😟🥳🥳😖😭😢🤤🤤🤤🤬🤬🤬🥶🥶🥶<3

  15. Gallavich!!!!!! I just love Lip! I’m curious/skeptical to see how it will work without Fiona, but I’m dedicated to this show! It seems like the direction they’re taking is that Debbie will step up to hold them together. Can’t wait!!!!

  16. God lord they better give them a happy ending….eveyone who deserves it at least. If not everything is just a big waste of time

  17. I stopped watching when Mickey left, I will watch season 10 just cos he's back so don't you dare break Gallavich up, if you do we're protesting. They are the end game

  18. Everyone chill I don't think they gonna break up its just they are together 24/7 almost and that can he a bit much…its just gonna be some tension which will help make a good season..I pray that kid is lips son.

  19. I just finished season 9 last night I'm already paying 48 a month for hulu another 10 bucks wont hurt so I wont have to wait to see if Carl and Kelley stay together lip and Carl are my favorites

  20. The quality really fell off after Season 4. Season 7 was the only decent season since 4. I’ve continued to watch Shameless because I feel like I must watch the entire series since I’ve come this far. But watching the last two seasons has felt like a chore. I will only watch Season 10 if I hear good things.


  22. Wow, strange that this popped up in my recommendation list. I honestly can't believe this show is still going, I gave up a long time ago.

  23. The fact they brought Gallavich back because they KNEW we were all about to jump ship since Fiona left makes me scream lmaooooo. I wonder how desperate they were. Anyways, Gallavich ENDGAME or I stg this will be my last season.

  24. Fucking Kevin!

    “AHHHHHHHHHHHH” Rips shirt off, and screaming turns to resisting the urge to throw up

    “It’s good.”

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