Seungjae’s very first time to visit the dentist [The Return of Superman / 2017.03.05]

Seungjae’s very first time to visit the dentist [The Return of Superman / 2017.03.05]

(It’s a peaceful morning at Seungjae’s place.) Seungjae. (Sighing) (The atmosphere is tense.) You need to be punished. You need to be punished. – I am sorry. / – Raise your hands. (His cute act has no effect.) Keep your hands up until I tell you otherwise. I won’t do it anymore. Keep your hands up. Words won’t make a difference. The atmosphere is tense. What exactly happened here? Seungjae, I will give you some cereal. (Seungjae practices his bows with the cameraman.) Happy New Year. (He doesn’t answer since it isn’t New Year’s Day.) (Why isn’t he giving me a coin today?) (Do I need to bow first?) Uncle, happy New Year. (It puts a smile on his dad’s face.) Uncle, you should eat. (Jiyong makes a simple breakfast.) (He is given a slice of bread with strawberry jam.) – Isn’t it spicy? / – No, it isn’t. It’s strawberry flavor. Is it strawberry flavor? Yes, it’s strawberry flavor. Try it. (He gives it a taste.) (Seungjae only eats the strawberry jam.) (You should eat the bread, too.) (He returns the bread to his dad.) (Seungjae continues to do something else.) Are the dinosaurs drinking water? The dinosaurs are eating. They are eating? Aren’t you going to eat? The dinosaurs are eating. What about you? I’m not going to eat. – You’re not going to eat? / – I’m full. (He stabs the table with a fork.) (Jiyong firmly gives a second warning.) Can’t I pick the table? No. What will happen if you do that? – The wood will hurt. / – The wood will hurt. (He plays with a bowl of milk this time.) (Sighing) (Spilled) (What should I do?) You need to be punished. (Surprised) Didn’t I tell you not to spill milk? (You did.) What is this? Give me your foot. (He wipes the milk off Seungjae first.) Raise your hands. Are you sorry? I am sorry. Raise your hands. (His cute act has no effect.) Keep your hands up until I finish cleaning up. (He gets time to reflect on his action.) I won’t do it anymore. No. Keep your hands up. Words won’t make a difference. (Disheartened) Why would you spill food? You are a baby, aren’t you? – I’m a big boy. / – A big boy wouldn’t do this. (His arms start to hurt.) A big boy wouldn’t do this with food. (He starts to wiggle.) (He rests his hands on his head.) (Stern) Raise your hands properly. (He is reaching his limit.) (Groaning) I’m not done yet. (He clenches his teeth and holds on.) (Seungjae became a triangle gimbap.) – Are you sorry? / – I am sorry. – Will you do it again? / – I won’t do it again. What will happen if you do it again? Will a police officer come? (He answers without a pause.) (Jiyong can’t help but smile at his words.) Don’t do that. Then you will raise your hands again. I want to eat milk and cereal. – Will you eat cereal? / – Yes. Dinosaurs, move for a second. The dinosaurs can stand here. Here is milk. (Slurping) It looks like Jiyong’s discipline worked. It’s important to teach children table manners. Seungjae. You ate a lot of chocolate and candy these days. – Didn’t you? / – Yes. That’s why we are going to a dental clinic. A dental clinic isn’t a scary place. I promise. – It isn’t a scary place? / – No. I’m going, too. – Won’t I get a shot? / – You won’t get a shot. (No matter how many children go together,) (the dental clinic is always scary.) (Children who watch cry.) (Children who get treated bawl.) (Ilkook was grabbed by his collars.) A dental clinic is scary for both children and dads. Seungjae has never gone to a dental clinic before. He recently developed a sweet tooth. He eats a lot of chocolate and candy. I felt that a check-up would be necessary. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. I made a reservation under a name Ko Seungjae. – Please write down his name. / – Okay. – Do I write down his birthday? / – Yes. (Seungjae happily explores the clinic.) There are dinosaurs. Which dinosaur do you like? I like this one, that one… (A dental clinic is a fun place.) – Do you like all dinosaurs? / – Yes. (There is even an older boy who plays with him.) (Whirring) (He follows the sound.) (He finds an older boy who is getting treated.) (He is confused by the sight.) (There he is.) He is brushing his teeth. – Let’s brush your teeth. / – He is brushing his teeth. (Jiyong explains in case Seungjae is startled.) Let’s turn your head a little. – Is he brushing his teeth? / – Yes, he is. You will do it soon, too. – He is brave. / – He is brave, right? Your turn will come when he is done. That’s the order. – Okay. / – Hello, Seungjae. – Hello. / – Hello. He developed a taste for candies. How do you brush your teeth? Do you brush your teeth like that? Go on. You are very good at it. Seungjae, who brushes your teeth? You or your dad? I brush my teeth. I see. Your dad should help after you are done. When bugs get into your teeth, teeth will rot and develop a hole. You wouldn’t like that, would you? I wouldn’t. No. Should you eat a lot of candy and chocolate? – Yes. / – Should you? Really? I will brush my teeth well after I eat them. Remember that children’s tongues can get coated. It’s important to clean the tongue as well. I will check his teeth first. Okay. Thank you. – Seungjae, let’s go in. / – Let’s go in. I will be back. – I will be back. / – Let’s go. A Tyrannosaurus rex is here. – He came to a dental clinic. / – Hold it. It laid down on the bed. The dinosaur laid down on the bed, didn’t it? (Seungjae raises his head and is startled.) (Is it your first time at a dental clinic?) The Tyrannosaurus rex laid down on the chair. (He notices the scary equipment.) Seungjae, do you want to lie down with it? – I don’t want to. / – Why not? I will show you other dinosaurs if you do well. A Brachiosaurus. – I will show you a Brachiosaurus. / – Lie down first. No. (The negotiation fails.) – Let’s lie down. / – No. Seungjae, come on. Lie down with me. Come on and lie down. Seungjae, you saw an older boy getting treated. – He endured it. / – It was over soon. – No. / – You said you will do well. You won’t get a shot today. Do you want to sit down instead? Let’s just sit down. – Sit down. / – Sit down. – Sit down. / – I don’t need to lie down? You don’t need to lie down. Sit. – Let’s sit. / – I don’t need to lie down? You don’t need to lie down. Sit. Hug the dinosaur and sit down. Will you use that? (He was scared of equipment that looks like a shot.) No, I won’t. There is no shot. – Isn’t it a shot? / – It’s not a shot. I will show you what it is. – No, no. / – I will use it on me. It’s cool. It’s cool. Let’s try it on your leg. It’s cool. Let’s try it on the Tyrannosaurus rex. It’s cool wind. It’s cool wind, isn’t it? Let’s try it on your dad. – It’s cool. / – It’s cool. Try it on Uncle, too. Okay. It’s cool. Okay? All right. It tickles. That’s all. Seungjae, let’s lie down. – I need to… / – No. Seungjae, let’s lie down and get it over with. – You can do this. / – No, I can’t. The Tyrannosaurus rex is brave. You must be a coward. – You aren’t a coward, are you? / – I am a coward. I am a coward. (He bursts out laughing) (Seungjae comes out as a coward.) You’re a coward? (Seungjae was full of big boy charms.) (He announces himself as a coward.) (Seungjae used to lead older boys.) It’s fish. (Seungjae is revealed as a coward.) You’re a coward? – No. / – You aren’t a coward. No. (He tries to escape.) – Come here. / – No. (His attempt fails.) (You are so mean.) (I want to cry, too.) Seungjae, she will only count your teeth. She will count your teeth quickly. No! No! (It’s impossible to reason with him.) – Is it scary? / – Yes. What’s so scary about opening your mouth? (A dinosaur is summoned on the ceiling.) – What is that? / – A triceratops. It’s a triceratops. (The dinosaurs make him calm again.) They are fighting. (It’s a theater for Jiyong and Seungjae.) Your neck will hurt if you watch it like that. Let’s lie down and watch it. My neck hurts. Gosh, my neck hurts. Gosh, my neck hurts. Is it not scary? It’s not scary. Follow the Tyrannosaurus rex. The Tyrannosaurus rex is opening its mouth. – Yes. / – Lie down. Good job. Are there more dinosaurs, Seungjae? What is that? (Jiyong diverts his attention.) What is that? An Allosaurus. It’s an Allosaurus. (He forgot about his fear.) Seungjae, what’s on the ceiling? – One, two, three, four, / – Let’s open wide. – five, six, seven, eight. / – There you go. (My goodness.) You brushed your teeth very well. – Shall we stop? / – Yes. – All right. / – You did a good job. – Give him a hug. / – You did a good job. (Proud) Good job. Good job. Good job. (He gets a present for enduring a check-up.) – Thank you. / – Good job. He has all the teeth in the lower jaw. His maxillary molar on the right side is coming out. Once it’s out, he will have all of his temporary teeth. A fluoride treatment will strengthen the teeth and prevent cavities. It will be nice to get it regularly. Can he get it done now? He can get it done today. (Of course.) – Should I open it at home? / – Yes. (Seungjae is clueless and happy.) The second round remains. (It’s a sign of his struggle.) My shoe. (He came back to his senses.) Is there a shoe? (He collects a shoe.) He struggled a lot. – Look. / – Here you go. It’s a dinosaur. (He gets ready for the second war.) You need to drink a lot of water. Drink some more. (The atmosphere is serious in the room.) She secretly gets ready for a treatment. Will Seungjae take it well? (Come here, Seungjae.) Let’s see the dentist and clean your teeth. Okay? (It was nothing.) It will tickle. – Yes. / – Lie down. Good job. (I will do it once more.) – All right. / – Put your hands down. It’s okay. It will be over quickly. All right. It’s okay. (I can’t do this.) It’s okay. No. (He grabs his dad by the collar.) Let’s lie down again. No. (He even kneels.) Stop it. Let’s apply it quickly. No. No! (Why must I suffer?) (This is for your sake.) (He is reminded) (of his sweet memories.) (I didn’t know that) (the sweets would betray me this way.) (Goodbye.) (I enjoyed the days I spent with you.) (The fluoride treatment is over.) – Dad, it hurt. / – Wipe your mouth. Did it hurt? Did it hurt? Stop crying. He isn’t crying. (He stops crying at the mention of an older boy.) Are you a baby? – He isn’t crying. / – No, he isn’t. – She isn’t crying either. / – No, she isn’t. – Did you calm down? / – Yes. – He isn’t crying. / – No. (Embarrassed, he repeats his words.) She isn’t crying either. – The dinosaurs aren’t crying. / – That’s right. – The elephant isn’t crying. / – No. – The giraffe isn’t crying. / – No. Only you cried. From now on, go to hospitals with your mom. – Bye. / – Bye. – Don’t eat a lot of chocolate, okay? / – Okay. What about candy? – I shouldn’t eat a lot of them. / – No. – I will eat just a little bit. / – Do that. (His hand gesture shows his determination.) What about brushing your teeth? – I will brush my teeth. / – That’s right. – See you again. / – Okay. Bye. Okay. – Bye. / – See you again. – Bye. / – Bye.

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100 thoughts on “Seungjae’s very first time to visit the dentist [The Return of Superman / 2017.03.05]

  1. I honestly can’t remember how I was went I first went to the dentist, I still have some fear of the dentist but for a child this must be trauma. 😂😂 Seungjae is such a silly toddler

  2. I just got back from the dentist and I’m pregnant I hate the dentist so so so much scares me more than giving birth. I’m worried for my kids and how to teach them bravery when it comes to these situations because as an adult I feel so alone and scared when you don’t know wtf is going on 😭😭😭😩 well done to all the kiddies who go to the dentist and doctors 💪🏼 stay strong!! FIGHTING 💪🏼💪🏼❤️

  3. Song's Appa and Triplets😢😭😭😭😭😭😭 4:36 suddenly I got pause this video!! I missed them a lot😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. It’s always so fascinating watching this scene because, IMO, this was when Jiyong was probably at his worst in terms of being able to handle an upset Seungjae lmao (Jiyong just looked so flustered watching Seungjae freak out lmao he was like “do I touch him or???” )

    In current episodes he’s able to relate and understand Seungjae through all his moods so much easier (naturally). I’m like weirdly proud of him lmao

  5. Making kids put their hands up for a long time is cruel I would just sit them down in the corner,make them face the wall and put a baby gate around so they can’t get out until I open the gate

  6. Please I really love watching your show but I don't like it when I download and its not in English sub

  7. OMG!!!! He's really cute😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  8. I think his dad shouldve let the dentist look at his teeth and have his son watch, show him it's not scary.

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