Sensitive Teeth? (This Technique Really Works!)

Sensitive Teeth? (This Technique Really Works!)

You are helping people that have cold sensitivity and receding gums? Exactly. With a new technique. Exactly. So we always knew we could bring the gum tissue down over the receding gums. But in order to get it to stay down you had to cut gum typically out of the roof of the mouth and put that underneath that tissue When you pull the gum down, you put it underneath there. in order to thicken it and hold it in place. Well that can be very painful and uncomfortable for the patient. Because you have to cut gum out of the roof of the mouth Also, the healing takes a while. You have to put a lot of stitches in and you can only do a few teeth because you can only cut so much gum out of the roof of the mouth. So, I just don’t do that anymore It’s not necessary We can use the Pinhole Technique which is minimally invasive and that way we just loosen the gum bring it down put some material underneath it not from the roof of the mouth to hold it in place There’s usually little or no pain involved and you can do one tooth, you can do thirty-two teeth It’s great! How soon does the cold sensitivity go away? Typically it goes away immediately because once the roots are covered, that’s where the sensitivity is and once the roots are covered, hey, the sensitivity is not there.

Author: Kevin Mason

13 thoughts on “Sensitive Teeth? (This Technique Really Works!)

  1. I was told that a video about charcoal, peroxide trays, and other teeth whitening products would be coming out very soon… when can I expect that video to be released?

  2. That's so cool that once you have the treatment the sensitivity stops right away. What a relief that must be! Wonder if it stops brain freeze when you eat ice cream too!?

  3. I have terrible teeth and I've never underatood why. I brush twice a day-everyday. I grew up in foster care so I don't know if it's genetic. Not to mention going to the dentist is a luxury I cannot afford. I can't really chew anything so I only eat soft foods.

  4. I'm 22 years old and I have very weak teeth. Due to genetics and medicines and vomiting… I'm so so scared of the dentist.. luckily I still brush my teeth and floss and use a mouth rinse but do you have any tips for phobia?

  5. Hey, I’m 15 and my teeth are a little yellow/transparent due to thin enamel. It’s not really bad, but it’s definitely noticeable. I suppose this was from my terrible habit of drinking soda A LOT when I was younger, but now I quit. If I eat and drink the right way, brush 3 times a day and floss daily, maybe coconut oil Pull every now and then, do you think it’s possible my teeth could last till I’m an elder? If my enamel gets too thin what would I do? I know I’m worrying about the far future, but I’m just curious. Thanks.

  6. I can't hear high pitched noises or breathe with my mouth open or else my gums will feel freezing cold and I will cringe

  7. My rear tooth gets an cold feeling when i eat hot food. Its also noticeable when breathing in and out of the mouth, i do brush twice a day but how long would it take for something like that to die out.

  8. Hey sometimes I rub my teeth against each other (weird right) and all of a sudden my front top tooth started hurting. I drank some water, and the pain started going away. Now it hurts just a little bit and feels weird. Is that good or bad?

  9. I chipped my tooth and when ever I lick the middle of the chipped tooth it stings, why does this happen?

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