See How Top Model Gets Dental Veneers – Chooses No Dentist, No Drilling in New York City!

See How Top Model Gets Dental Veneers  – Chooses No Dentist, No Drilling in New York City!

the largest amount of scrutiny somebody
can put on you they’ll never doubt your smile it they would have to get so close
to see if there’s anything that’s different and you didn’t have to grind
you didn’t go through any pain this literally has taken minutes for you you’ve
never seen these we walk in and in two seconds a lady who a smile is very important to her can smile big you can’t wait to let it go I don’t even know how to smile like with showing my teeth how do people do that? Hey guys if you’ve never been to New York City Times Square at four morning you owe it to yourself to try you can just see what I’m seeing
it’s un-freakin’-believable I just walked out in the middle of street for the hell
of it I just wanted to see what I could see guys Bring your brand New York City
get your sign in Times Square you’re gonna be seen by the world it’s 4 in the morning and I walked down to see this place and
it’s just amazing to me I love seeing all the brands a lot of
these brands just want to be bigger than the next brand but some of these brands
make a difference and that’s what I hope brighter image lab does you think you’ve
seen some things that are big but until you’ve been to New York City it ain’t big at all that’s why they call it the Big Apple fashion walk hall of fame A model from Germany called me and said hey I’ve got some followers I’d like to see what you do I never spoke with her I guess
with Millennials man nobody talks she just direct messaged our company and I
talked to her through Instagram and said hey if I could help you let’s try if I could
get her to smiling it should be pretty impressive I don’t even know how to
begin to do this modeling shoot tomorrow but I’m positive we’ll get
something good out of it maybe I’m moving too fast maybe I need more patience but at four in the morning I couldn’t wait to be in New York City Wish me luck tomorrow My name is Lara I’m 22 years old now so I
started modeling with a TV show I participated in Germany’s Next Top Model – about two years ago I’m working for a bunch of big clients I do like a lot of shows
runway I do campaigns beauty campaigns yeah a bunch of different things works really well I’m in New York I’m super happy and I think I’m going to stay here I was never really happy with my smile
totally my top teeth are way bigger than my bottom teeth and they stick out
too much and they’re not even I got into modeling in this industry it’s really
common that everyone has like a beautiful American smile so I wanted to
try something to find a solution for it so I researched some things but I am I
could obviously not afford like a 20k makeover and also like it hurts too much that’s how I find found you guys I think my new smile will make me much more confidence I
might get like more even more jobs model jobs I think it would like a change like
my like I don’t know like change my life because a smile is like I’m thinking a
lot about like how my smile looks like it will change a lot Good to meet you kiddo So good to meet you thank you Tell me where you’re from I’m from Germany, Munich oh cool I saw a little bit about that you grew up there
grew up there so you speak German German a little French and English you contacted me through Instagram and we’ve never met today’s the day right? It’s a big day you us we we chatted and initially we were gonna say if we can design it but then we’ll do it you know
there’s always a chance that it may not work so we’ll see because it was so fast I know you seen what I’m sayin’ my staff says Bil you’re always so conservative and they always
work so let’s see what we can do okay Isn’t this crazy Oh my God it’s unreal! thank you so much only thank me if it
works you see what I’m saying no already for your effort it already works what happens is is we know
we’re 95% we just don’t know the other ninety five you’ve never tried these on No okay why am I nervous? I think just because we rushed it so fast
ta da! Looks so beautiful one thing about them is they’re a translucent color they have a glaze on them so that when you smile your teeth will always look wet but we don’t look we
don’t think is is that people shouldn’t take the risk to drill their teeth if
they don’t have to why do it especially if they get to look at it especially with
healthy teeth like my teeth are like super healthy and I’m young why should I like put some like go through pain and everything and what happens if it doesn’t work yeah or
what happens if they come out with a new color and your veneer doesn’t not that
color I understand we’re gonna try these on
you ready I’m ready am I doing it right? You tell me it should feel really tight let me see first I’ve got to see a big smile they look amazing they look amazing? they look amazing Can I see? yeah you can see Oh wow Oh my God! this is amazing we have a couple different
designs so I’m going to see which ones you like better I look so beautiful
they look amazing what happened is they’re going to get seated
here in a few minutes and when they get seated they’re gonna be crazy
let’s try the bottoms thank you I think they don’t fit? They don’t fit? Let’s just close and see what it does does it go on there we go boom sorry we’re getting there this one was no fit they didn’t stay on No do what I need to do is adjust the bottoms so we’ll take a break
when we try getting adjusted when we took a break what happens is we try to adjust the bottom and the bottom is just I don’t think we have a good impression
we just pushed it too fast but we’re gonna get you new impressions and we’re
gonna send you bottoms it’s not uncommon about 85% of the people go straight
through if 15% and it just so happens on one that matters to me we didn’t get the
bottoms but I’m very pleased with your top I just you to learn to smile I think
I’m just kind of shocked what’s more shocking the fact they look perfect or
there’s no gap the white is just like perfect smile like
I look in the mirror and I see like someone else’s smile it’s like in the best way like it was something like a beautiful natural smile
and I like this morning I woke up and I was like and now this morning you had a gap and now I have like beautiful teeth generally every day you go all day without showing your smile and now I think what
will happen is you’ll practice all the time going what can I do we wanted to see what we can do to get your new smile and so hopefully what you’ll do is send me some selfies of how you’re able to make it work for you and
I’ll get you in the bottom the bottom looked perfect on I think once we get it
fitted perfectly they’ll be a great set I already forget that I’m wearing them right and the whole deal is it’s a
perfect fit it feels really good you don’t even notice you’re wearing them especially when you look at how good
they look like from my point of view you forget real fast in the right proper
environment those will be so striking it’s unbelievable that’s the perfect
fit I just want to laugh the whole time I will tell you nobody in the world will ever think those aren’t real no they look amazing but I can tell you love those yeah these are amazing I just look so
perfect we’ve just got to get your bottom done it looks so beautiful we did what we said we were gonna do Wow I just want to smile the whole time We’ve got to get a picture cause we always do. Uh huh! I feel like I’m gonna run through the
streets from now on like I feel like a new person well you definitely
look like the person that you were trying to find hey guys I just thought I’d tell you one
of the hard sides about vlogging is that it’s about 3:30 4 o’clock in the morning
and I’m at the airport and as you can see nobody’s here
I left my luggage on one of the connection terminal connections and I’ve gotta wait for them to bring it back but this this airport’s a ghost town but I just
thought I would show people what it’s like when you’re vlogging and you leave
your stuff so it’s just one of those deals but everybody thinks it’s all
glamorous until you’re stuck at the airport had one of the best trips of my
life I hope to have more of them even with the even with the same kid it’d be
so cool It’s just one of those long nights but I have to tell you it was worth it is worth a lot I enjoyed New York City learn more at

Author: Kevin Mason

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