Season Finale’s Opening Scene | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

Season Finale’s Opening Scene | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

[thunder rumbling][dramatic music]♪ ♪– I can’t tell anything
from this.[indistinct radio chatter]Where were you standing? – I was standing
right over there. – Any shell casings?
– Looked, didn’t find anything ’cause I don’t think
he was standing there.♪ ♪– Rip. Get my rifle.♪ ♪– Here you go. – You were standing?
– No, I was kneeling.♪ ♪[gun fires] [gun fires] – You sure you were here?
– I’m sure, sir. – Give it to me. Give it to me. – Hmm. Just forgot
you picked this up, sheriff? – That’s evidence.
– Where’d you find it? This time no bullshit. – Where he said. – Right where Rip said. – Say it’s about 15 yards. Pretty damn close.
– Shit, close enough for me. – That is self defense,
sheriff. I have no idea why… you’d want to go ahead
and disguise that. – [chuckles]
I forgot I picked it up, okay? Jesus Christ.
– Gentlemen.[indistinct radio chatter]– Look at me. – What the hell are you up to?
– I ain’t up to shit. Now that shell casing
may get him off the hook with fish and wildlife
but I just pulled two dead bodies
out of that canyon and I ain’t taking
your muscle’s word about what happened. – Heard you got a membership
at the sporting club. How much that cost you
on a sheriff’s salary? – Yeah, well,
it ain’t cheap, John. – I’m starting a list, Donnie. You just made your way on it.♪ ♪The whole county’s
turning on me, Rip. The whole fucking place.♪ ♪

Author: Kevin Mason

33 thoughts on “Season Finale’s Opening Scene | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

  1. I've heard of the show and didn't think much of it, then, I've stumbled on clips of it here on YouTube. Now it looks like I have some catching up to do.

  2. It's true people working in county government can turn on you in a second and run you out of town for any reason.

  3. Nobody beats karma. Pride goeth before the fall. Costner plays this prideful, all too human rancher with a mean streak as wide as the Grand Canyon–and who is not without his virtues–perfectly. At some point, he's going down, but it's a wild ride until, like Achilles, his own pride will destroy him. Real world—sell the ranch, buy land overseas with the gold you've banked over the years, pay off all the ranch hands and ride like the wind. No forwarding address, no social media, no worries, and either bring your woman with you or wish her well, leave her land/gold/vehicles and find a new little darlin'. Problem with being a mob boss, whether it's "The Sopranos w/Six Guns" or the Gambinos in NYC, is that you keep making enemies and at some point, your karma comes back around. Nobody beats karma.

  4. Man I just finished season 1 and this show is fucking amazing !!!! Not one episode or scene I did not enjoy. Kevin Costner is a total bad ass in this and the whole cast is fantastic !!!!

  5. If your sick and tired of all the politically correct bull shit coming out of Hollywood then you'll love this show it's the real deal !!

  6. Все! Точно рванет! Голливуд предсказал и сериал сняли! Азот закачали? Или опять нужно подсказывать?

  7. Such a stupid show.
    First and foremost that is the most incorrect way to raise cattle.
    So before soyboy corn cow wanna be cowboys say bull shit. Cows are herbivores. They move. They mob. They mow.

  8. Season 2 finale eh. The 2 episodes leading up to it were finale worthy. It's like they couldn't wait to wrap up.

    Still good, but damn

  9. A bit disappointed except it did allow me to cut the cable! Thanks for that push! Will figure out another way to watch if necessary when it comes back. Guess they had to use white supremacists being Montana and all.

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