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  1. It is weird that without any knowledge I got to the same result, as the core of our questioning has to be entropy and space-time.
    With my Winnie the Pooh approach all is information, even God if existed and entropy will make him insane by some circle clock time. So those (non existing) entities has to go through on purgatory (this place) in order to revive themselves, cutting back on entropy. 13 level of consciousness zip-ped in by the main chakras and unzipped.
    About time, I sense it was 3+1 dimensional and space is low energy= frozen time.
    … By the way, I don't think that particles can be influenced by other particles only. It sounds like a caveman wouldn't believe in magnetic field, for he can't touch it. There has to be a such a jump there as quantum mechanic was over classical physics.
    … I love the way he explains things! Good job!

  2. Just wow. Not only an extraordinarily lucid, compelling description of "everything" but fantastic entertainment too. I was not expecting genuine laugh out loud moments to pop up in such a weighty subject. Awesome. I think I may be a fan…

  3. Great talk! but the example of file size for computer people didn't just click. Anyone listening to you have some basic interest in physics and science in general, therefore, they know a bit too, so that's fine not giving examples from the domain you are not much aware of.

  4. I like your introduction of being a generalist and covering many subjects including physics and understanding the way the universe works.
    I would appreciate your comments on the manuscript in the link below headed “A Grand Unification Theory”. It unifies our understanding of the 4 forces of nature and many of the current conundrums in physics like the entanglement and the measurements problems.


    [email protected]

  5. ppl cant find the meaning to life because there isn't one! survival and reproduction ( " procreation") are even meaningless

  6. People have turned Carroll into some sort of god, because of his public speaking prowess. Not a good thing. He will convince people through has speaking abilities. Not good. It is never good to turn your scientists, doctors etc into gods and idols. You will end up believing anything.

  7. Science brings more questions than answers when it comes to the grand scheme of the Universe and its existence. Why we see so much order when it should be chaos. We are either incredibly lucky, like 11,000,000,000,000 or there is some sort of outside driving force that causes uniformity. Doesn't mean a God, it could be a Simulation. Although if Scientists can accept a Simulation they should be able to accept a god as both are somewhat the same.

  8. Whilst participating in a meditation retreat, “Awakening Wisdom” I had to perform the practice with my eyes open. The translation machine stopped working. I was watching what the lady in front of me was doing as the Chinese version on the practice was playing on the PA system.
    I started to see light around me. Then I saw just out of thin air a flash of light fell and landed on an empty meditation cushion. To the height of an human being there was a shimmering light on the cushion that was one row behind me and one row to the right of the meditation cushion I was standing on.
    A lady that attends the meditation center came in a little late and stood on this cushion that the light landed on. The light deciphered. Then I saw with my right peripheral vision I saw the light reappeared and was surrounding her. When she makes a sudden movement the light disappeared and reappeared when she was making the movements slowly. She did not see or was aware of the presence of the thing that I was seeing. I saw this happen two more times during this retreat.
    I have seen other things like a ball of light outside my body above me (with my third eye). I have seen a vortex of light come out of my chest. There were over a hundred people in the hall. On two other occasions I saw a neon blue disk in my chest and was strobing and the light from it was flashing on the wall that was about fifty feet in front of me. I have had other people that I have met at different occasions tapped my chest and asked me what do you have in your chest. They can sense the blue disk but they cannot identify what it was.
    There are so many other experiences it has changed my perspective of who we are. There is more than that just meet the eye.

  9. If you people thing you are smarter than Aristotle you couldn't be more wrong. Also to disprove the law of causality is so stupid as you are.

  10. Well said in a real layman's terms. I now understand more clearly this world and the nature of the universe than to the other speakers and physicists. Thanks for this upload.

  11. hahahahahaha 4 min i am already laughing with his thought sequence which is amazing!
    We need to blame someone :'D

  12. STOP looking for the signature of the Wave in a particle state! It will always be the projection of the observer. #SNAPOUTOFIT

  13. I don't agree 100%, Sean, you can't predict the weather. It's an illposed problem. Study your Von Neumann.
    By the same token, you can't say what the temperature was yesterday unless you measured it. You can't deduce it by measuing the future weather.

  14. Sean Carroll you say every point is the center of the expanding universe then when the universe is run backwards there are many points with a big bang starts from it depends on your perspective of how you looking at the expansion so the Big Bang did not come from a single point because everything is moving away from each other depending on where you're looking from so if you run the clock back there are multiple points of it receding so the Big Bang did not contracted to a single point it can track it to an infinite amount of points depending on which star you looking at as a center from the expansion

  15. Entropy is a cute byproduct of mathematics,. It has nothing to do with the arrow of time. NOTHING. This is another horseshit fact promulgated by these USELES rubes that call themselves theoretical physicists.. When the results from the Parker Space Probe fuck of General Relativity, will you all promise to FINALLY SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  16. Sean Carroll does a great job of showing that particle physics is not incompatible but rather implies the possibility of human scale concepts, such as cause and effect, human thought, and morality. To the best of my knowledge the first person to do that magnificently was David Deutsch. I therefore recommend his books too.

  17. This guy isn't as smart as he thinks he is. For a start he missed out the gauge fixing in the path integral. And the fact that this doesn't converge for gravity. Hence why people invent things such as string theory and loop quantum gravity.

  18. The real lesson here is that while the over all entropy of the universe steadily increases, the overall entropy of physicists hairdoos decreases over time.

  19. IS 'time' really a 'dimension'? If so… it seems to be a 'one-directional' '1-dimensional' phenomena (perhaps '½-dimensional'?). As far as we know – no 'entity' can 'travel' in a 'negative' time direction. The same is not true for the spatial dimensions. If time was '1-dimensional' – like a spatial dimension (a line) – you WOULD be able to 'travel' in both directions? … a thought 😀
    Great lecture! <3

  20. just for peoples information(off-topic): We have no Jury 3:35 in the (dutch) justice system. We have a judge, a prosecutor and a defender.

  21. sean carroll is on this list: Gabriel Vacariu (AUGUST 2018 – 2014) The UNBELIEVABLE similarities between the ideas of some people (2011-2016) and my ideas (2002-2008) in physics (quantum mechanics, cosmology), cognitive neuroscience, philosophy of mind, and philosophy at

    Some preliminary comments
    Introduction: The EDWs perspective in my article from 2005 and my book from 2008

    • (2016) Did Sean Carroll’s ideas (California Institute of Technology, USA) (within the wrong framework, the “universe”) plagiarize my ideas (2002-2010) (within the EDWs framework) on quantum mechanics, the relationship between Einstein relativity and quantum mechanics, life, the mind-brain problem, etc.?
    • (2016) The unbelievable similarities between Frank Wilczek’s ideas (Nobel Prize in Physics) and my ideas (2002-2008, etc.) (Philosophy of Mind and Quantum Mechanics)
    • (2017) Strong similarity between Carlo Rovelli’s ideas (Italy) in two books (2015, 2017) to my ideas (2002-2008) + commentary February 2018!
    • (2016) Kastner + (2017) R. E. Kastner, Stuart Kauffman, Michael Epperson “Taking Heisenberg’s Potentia Seriously”: Quite similar ideas to my ideas (2008) +
    • (2017) A trick: Unbelievable similarities between Lee Smolin’s ideas (2017) and my ideas (2002-2008)
    • (May 2018) ‘Thus spoke Zarathustra!’ – A fairy-tale with Eugen Ionesco and the Idiot about Nothingness


  22. A cosmos sized black hole could be the organising principle to cause this arrow of time around and flick the new universe back into existence. Then, a Googleplex years later, it suddenly flash boils into a fresh new universe! Evaporated by the vacuum pressure.

  23. Regarding the initial story about the 2003 law case against Lucia the Berk; there is no jury system in Dutch law cases as Sean Carroll suggested.
    A single judge decides in the Netherlands whether to convict the suspect or not.
    In this case the innocent woman was in prison for 6 and a half years, before finally pleaded innocent.

  24. We live for 3 billion heartbeats on average (80 years). There was never a time in written history where people lived to be no older than 40. Just alot of deaths before age 5. But after age 5 most people would live past 70. What point does he try to make? Just wondering. Although the increasing average amount of heart beats also means more entropy as more people get older due to almost no one dying before age 5 anymore.

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    Finally finished reading From Eternity to Here. (Spoiler alert!) The theoretical physicist, Groucho Marx turns out to be correct about how the universe actually works: Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana.

  26. 29:15 "why are you able to draw such conclusions about its past and not its future? …" Its not a low entropy big bang. It is the low entropy of protein folding and crystallography! Temporary geometric order out of chaos.

  27. 45:00 The thing about just being a pure physical entity; I feel justified in calling myself a automaton and I have doubt about the reality of morality.

  28. The big picture in physics theory is my physically logical unifying physics theory, matter theory. The Copenhagen type interpretations of quantum mechanics were invented to try to explain some results of particle 2 slit experiments. In my video, “Particle 2 Slit Experiments Explained By Paul Marostica”, I offer an alternate, simple, physically logical, field theory explanation of these results. If my field theory explanation is physically logical, then the Copenhagen type interpretations of quantum mechanics explanations are all physically illogical, which explains why no 1 understands them. I think it is critical to determine which explanation, if either, is correct. So I invite all viewers of this video, and especially Sean Carroll and every 1 at Talks at Google, to view and comment on my video. Should any of you find my video convincing, or just interesting, then I would also recommend you view my videos, “Quantum Mechanics Intervention”, and “You’ve Learned Relativity Theory”. There is no math in any of my videos.

  29. There is a theory that our essence or "consciousness" comes from outside our physical reality with our brain acting as an antenna of sorts. When you die the receiver no longer works but the source of your ( self, animas, soul, consciousness etc) continues.

  30. This talk given here and at the Royal Institute are the best physics lectures given in recent times, Feyman would be so damn proud of this man. Talk about big picture vision!!

  31. The inverse of a black hole is the lowest entropy state any “thing” can achieve within its governing system or universe… to reason with the big bang was the lowest entry point of our universe, and a reference, is because every time that happens it creates the universe independently isolated within itself, but still a fundamental part that compromises the multi-verse …where the big bang created our universe, Brother Banks, big or smaller than the actual big bang, or occurring as well in their own independent universes…This explains why it was at his lowest entropy, they fluctuate is pretty expensive high and then crash is back in itself creating another universe forever 29:49

  32. Isn't it interesting how establishment scientists are always careful to tell you that they know what you are made of? Maybe it's a just a way to get you interested. Or else it's a way of convincing themselves that the mystery of human imagination has little bearing on the inevitable winding down of the universe into entropy. That anything like God can be confined to the dim mists of time. That the here and now is the domain of the scientist rather than the artist?

  33. Sean Carroll and Lawrence Krauss are just the best. Gottainclude Alan Guth … er can't leave out Susskind or; Sussybaby (you had to be there) as well as Dr Sheldon cooper.

  34. This woke me from sleep and it sounded like Howard Stern was delivering this (maybe they grew up in the same place… no, Howard was Queens and Sean was Philadelphia)… maybe Sean listens to Howard while commuting…

    34:59 On 'We Do Not Know What the Purpose of Life Is'
    Lower life has no purpose, it continues on blindly without one, driven by natural forces in a chaotic universe. Higher life (life with higher consciousness) can give itself purpose through abstract reason.
    On the view that the purpose of life is to hydrogenate carbon dioxide, it is wrong on three levels, because (1) it fails to take into account anaerobic animals, which have nothing to do with carbon dioxide, not at the input end or the output end, and (2) it fails to take into account life before atmospheric oxygen, where carbon dioxide was not in the picture, and (3) it is applying purpose to non-conscious and lower conscious life (since he said the blanket statement 'life' which includes non-conscious and lower conscious life), which exist with no purpose.
    Note that there are conscious levels that merely 'react' (meaning they are not primarily driven by 'purpose', which, using its non-perverted definition, refers to 'being proactive' – i.e. acting on problems that were solved abstractly ahead of time, as higher conscious life can do), So to apply 'purpose' to that which merely 'reacts' is not correct. Life endowed with 'higher' consciousness can be self-driven with abstract ideas, which is what the definition of 'purpose' is intended to define, and where lower and non-conscious life just careen through the universe, reacting to their immediate surroundings (like microbes, vegetation, and lower animals, and aimless humans, just to note). On a philosophical plane, note that in humans, aimlessness is a symptom of cluelessness, which is still a universal affliction of humanity (and which is what I fully developed my philosophy in response to).

    38:08 On 'Nobody Knows What Life Is'
    Again, Sean is referring to a complete deconstruction of life on a physics level, which is only one way of 'knowing' what life is, and of which there are many at higher levels of understanding, and even at a molecular level we 'know' a lot – for example we know that life originated on, and is driven by, molecular self-assembly. On a higher plane, we know that all life is cellular. On an even higher plane we know that life can be classified by consciousness: non-conscious life (no central brain – microbes, vegetation), merely conscious life (has a central brain, but mainly reacts to the environment), higher conscious life (has a brain, and is capable of broader awareness and proactivity, but is still clueless), and enlightened higher conscious life (that which understand my philosophy).

    41:45 On 'Nobody Knows What Consciousness Is'
    Sean says that we do not know what consciousness is, or how it works, which is not only foolish again, it is again false – he is referring to only one level of understand it – at its fully deconstructed level (on a physics level), rather than on the observation level – that of observing it in action (on a functional level) – meaning there are many different levels of 'understanding' consciousness (as there are in understanding anything). On a functional level, consciousness is quite simple to test and define – just kick something. If it detects it, it is 'conscious'. If not, then it needs a guardian to survive threats from a harsh and deadly universe. If it can take action to avoid or prevent another kick, then it is capable of acting on consciousness. If it tries to reason with you, then it is endowed with higher consciousness (and I'm going on useful functional definitions). On a structural plane, 'consciousness' resides in an entity's central nervous system area (the 'brain') which receives all sensory inputs, and, before outputting any motor responses, 'considers' (a form of processing that provides more flexible outputs) the input, if it has time – the body may have already generated motor responses according to the primitive bio-program of TOWARD, AWAY, IGNORE. This central-brain 'consideration' adds another command to that simple bio-program, MANIPULATE, and it is from this enhanced bio-command that broader awareness of the universe developed ('considering' how to 'manipulate' it), along with higher abstract thought (why), upon which broader cosmic awareness and proactivity emerged, such as proactively discovering and then dealing with cosmic threats before they arrive (which lower consciousness is not biologically capable of doing, hence the guardianship role of enlightened higher consciousness). Personally, in defining consciousness with respect to developing an overall life-guiding philosophy, I found it useful to use the mental tool of 'classification' (as detailed above – 'classifying' life into the hierarchical levels of non-conscious life, conscious life, higher conscious life, and enlightened higher conscious life.
    Back to the kick test: if whatever is being kicked does not take immediate action to avoid or prevent further kicks, then it lacks any appreciable consciousness (or the capacity to act on it), meaning it is not capable of surviving in a harsh and deadly universe without help – it will need a guardian)… so we 'know' what 'consciousness' is on many levels, just not at a fully-deconstructed (molecular in our case) level, though a lot is known even at that level now (about the existence of molecular self-assembly, and the types of molecules involved in life and what their roles are) (all driven by chance, remember, in a chaos universe) (the prudent view, barring a spectacular discovery otherwise).

    40:17 I thought that the 'princess' later became the Queen of England (Queen Elizabeth I)… but no… she was only named after her, being born during the Queen's reign… (there is no unraveling the tangle of European royalty)…

    49:15 to the end of his presentation – Good example of weak and vague philosophizing (thinking trite platitudes are in any way adequate in life-guidance), and of cluelessness…

    Edit: 51:06 On Going Backwards Through Time
    The common misconception here is treating time as a part of the physical world. It is not. If you want to go back in 'time', just run your timepiece backwards. What you really want to do is go back in CHANGE, which is the actual physical property. So those who are endeavoring to travel back in time without addressing change will fail, because they've completely missed the point. The only way to reverse change is within enclosed systems (otherwise you are trying to reverse infinity, which, being boundless, is impossible, since you cannot 'enclose' it). Screwing a bottlecap back on is a small example of an enclosed system – you've 'enclosed' (addressed) all of the pertinent molecules of the former state (the cap on back on the bottle). For a larger enclosed system (such as the entire earth, of you want to reverse its change all the way back to some point in the dinosaur era), you need to reverse molecules that have been dispersed, the equivalent of the bottle cap having been vaporized before you decide to screw it back onto the bottle, which is a daunting task, at least for us today. The trick (and the philosophy) is to continue life, and especially enlightened higher consciousness, long enough for some future generation to figure it out, then the technology of resurrection will exist, which is our only hope of life after death (and which is the prudent assumption – religions are imprudent, since, if you merely 'believe' in an afterlife and it actually does not exist, then that is suicidal, and thus imprudent).

  35. Google, I got buddies that died FACE DOWN IN THE MUCK so that you and I could enjoy these Sean Carroll talks. But that's just like, Sean Carroll's opinion, man. Shut the fuck up Donny.

  36. 1:01:13 "But again, the idea that things have points is not part of the fundamental nature of reality…this level of meaning and purpose and causality is a higher level emergent thing". Hmm. So is awareness of the 'fundamental nature of reality' independent from the fundamental state itself? If so, there's a contradiction.

  37. Can we use time dilation to live or see the future that we not able to see in this life time (using that one man from this generation can go in 1 Jan 2500 WHAT ARE PRACTICAL DIFFICULTY?

  38. It seems to me, that he just out of convenience disregards, Other waves and particles that show up as inconsequential. Yes we see them but they don't matter which seems like bullshit. All the things we could never see to this point in humanity have made huge advances in medicine ,science and understanding, and it seems he just wants to say don't look at these things they wont matter? What???

  39. bad stats also convicted Sally Clark, a uk mother of killing her two babies who apparently died of SIDS, 2 years apart. She was jailed for their murder in 1999 (imagine that compounded grief)… 4 years later her conviction was overturned but the damage was done. The grief of her children's deaths , the trauma/stress of trial/conviction (she was a solicitor) and the hell of prison (particularly for women convicted of harming children), drove her quite literally insane. 3 years later , in 2007, she died of alcohol poisoning. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sally_Clark

  40. Since the Voyager satellite camera that supposedly shot the 'Pale Blue Dot' image was some 4 billion miles away – close to the planet Neptune – and earth was being illuminated by reflected sunlight, it (earth) would be among the faintest celestial objects seen from the camera’s position.

    Sean, I need you to defend your implied assertion that the photo is genuine. Where are the background stars?

    Remember that the usual nonsense about camera exposures being unable to pick up stars will not work here, since the camera is picking up the earth: The camera’s position is near Neptune and Neptune is not visible from earth, not on the clearest of nights, so how could earth be visible from Neptune, but not the heavens themselves (the star field)? This question underlies many of NASA/mainstream science deceits. If you can't answer it, the implications are staggering.

    My blog post that includes the above: http://blog.banditobooks.com/two-seans-one-question/comment-page-1/?trashed=1&ids=7395

  41. A compilation book project in progress that has fascinating quotes along some of these thoughts and understandings.

  42. Once again, Sean Carroll delivers his thoughts with clarity in comprehensible terms making it accessible for many of us to grasp. Great ambassador!

  43. Thank you excellent lecture. I am reading Sean Carroll’s book now and I’m finding it exhilarating!

  44. 57:00 I believe he asked why it is correct to count the states in a certain way. The point is as long as you apply probability, it makes no difference how you count the states. Thanks to the algebra it will be always equivalent.

  45. at 3.35 The Dutch judicial system is different from the American and doesn't convict by jury but she was actually convicted by a judge and again by a higher court judge and it seems more that the fallacy of authority was the reason for her wrongful conviction.

  46. One of Aristotle's four causes was efficiency, which is turning out to the be central issue in physics. Classical mathematics and causal physics are simply way too inefficient and inflexible to describe the world around us. People are not attempting to build quantum computers just for fun, but because fuzzy logic is 10,000-100,000x more efficient than classical, while quantum systems can be 125% efficient. Go ahead, argue some final cause is more important than 125% efficiency, and the Libertarian Party will give you a pamphlet.

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