Screw Your Dentist – New Dental Veneers $149dn* @ Brighter Image Lab

Screw Your Dentist – New Dental Veneers $149dn* @ Brighter Image Lab

If you have a perfect Smile than this
commercial is not for you if you won the lottery and your teeth are absolutely
spot on then go ahead and skip this commercial my name is Bil Watson I’m
with brighter image and I build smile makeovers for people all
over the world and the reason why they come to me instead of their dentist is
because it’s too freaking expensive I know it and you know it most people
don’t know about removable dental veneers and about how they can change
your smile but if you have bad teeth if you have crooked teeth if you have misaligned
teeth you already know what your smile would be if it was amazing you know the
changes it would make in your life look at these amazing results this is an
after picture of someone that we did just a few days ago now let me show you
what they look like 14 days before that here’s another one 14 days before that
guys, if your smile looks like this and you want to change it to this come see
me at Brighter Image don’t screw around with your smile don’t put it off
don’t wait we build amazing smile makeovers our process is lab direct
there’s no dentist visit you don’t have to come in there’s not x-rays, all
you have to do is want to work with us online there’s no reason to live your
life putting your hand over your smile come see me at Brighter Image

Author: Kevin Mason

49 thoughts on “Screw Your Dentist – New Dental Veneers $149dn* @ Brighter Image Lab

  1. I really wish I could get started doing this. I have epilepsy and used to have a bad habit of drinking Mountain Dew. So my smile is past just kinda bad. I used to be more cheerful than I am now. I don't ever smile. On occasions when I laugh is when my friends see my teeth. And that's about the only time lol. But to get to my point, this looks like a great business and a great idea. Helping people get there smile back is like giving a light bulb its light. My light bulb is broken and I wish there was a way for you guys to help me get my light back.. My name is Cameron Carpenter and I'd be so happy to hear from you.

  2. The website stated $397.50 down… Where can I find the $149.00 promo as advertised? This video is pretty recent, please help.

  3. if I had a better smile…I'd have self embarrassment..and show the world my true self…but I'm ugly and don't smile…if only I could

  4. Please help me, is there a cheaper payment plan you can offer me? I really need help I am just so depressed with my smile anymore I used to be such a good looking girl but ever since I got my wisdom teeth pulled my teeth are just doing crazy shit. I have a job I work but I don't have that much down can you work with people? I just want to be happy again. I would be happy to do a full blog , vlog and YouTube video experience about the product if you can work with me. I never cared the last couple years until a few months ago people started to point it out and asked what was wrong with my teeth and I haven't smiled really since. I just want to get my confidence back and I'll do anything to get it!

  5. I wish I had a great smile. Had 4 crowns that had to be pulled because of root decay. They give me a flipper that gags me and refuse to use it. I spent 900$ on something I can't use or stand 🙁

  6. I really want to do this. I’m so tired of hiding my smile. Sucks being scared to meet new people simply because you’re scared of what they might think of you.

  7. Changing my life to become a Christian and speak with a smile would be a plus to add soul to the kingdom of Christ . This would be a blessing for me.

  8. Batman might visit your image lab.. but what is the name of this awesome music/orchestral score used in this video?? X:D Do provide a link to a website where I can find it if its possible.. much appreciated!

  9. Hi, l live in Chicago is there a way to reach out to you? I'm trying to get my balance back in my life,does age effect having them. Where can I buy?

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