Scheduling Book Promotion Sites To Increase Sales

Scheduling Book Promotion Sites To Increase Sales

Using a free book promotion site to get
your book out to thousands of readers is one of the cheapest and easiest tactics
in order to get downloads however actually getting sales or reviews out of
that is pretty hard unless you know how to time schedule and reap the benefits
of a well-placed free book promotion push I’m Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur
and today I’m going to show you how to do a free book promotion so it’s to
actually get sales out of it to do this I’ll detail the schedule and the
actions you should take before during and after your book promotion so that
when it’s all done you’ll have the benefits you are actually looking for so
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setting your book to free doesn’t sound like it actually make you a lot of money
right however the idea to this tactic is you set it to free you put it through
book promotion sites that get a whole bunch of people to download it and then
when your free period is over you set it to a paid price and let the momentum of
all that push it into the sale and with the increased momentum and sales and
downloads Amazon will take notice and this will lead to higher chances of your
book being discovered on Amazon for other terms which is pretty cool another
factor is you have a much higher chance of getting that bestseller mark but I
won’t lie to you the tactic isn’t as sweet as it used to be back in the day
you could just do what we talked about with little to no effort and you would
see major results heck I actually remember back in the day when a lot of
the self-publishing authorities had this as one of their aces up their sleeves
now while the returns on this tactic might not be as great as it used to be
you can still benefit from it and I highly recommend that it be a part of
your book marketing plan but to do it correctly it just takes a little bit of
scheduling and planning which we’ll get into so if you’d like to get a little
something out of your book promotion get your book out there
and get some major downloads here are the steps you should take number one
figure out the best day to do your promotion on many people just sit down
and choose a couple of days out of thin air no no definitely not
instead take a look at your KDP dashboard and see which days are
actually bringing in the most sales you may find out that Saturday and Sunday is
your top selling day you want to make that your free day do you of course not
or it could be Tuesday and Wednesday the key is to know which days actually make
you the most money and ensure that those aren’t your free days instead want to
schedule it so that our promotion is just before those big sales days so that
once you change it from free to price you get the benefit however if you
haven’t lost your book yet or there’s no discernable days that are your best
don’t worry about it a general rule of thumb is that weekends tend to be the
best days for book sales therefore choose you do your promotions leading up
to those days number 2 plan your KDP select three days in
advance if your book is under KDP select you get to choose five days out of every
90 days to make it free personally I’ve seen the best results when I split that
five days up into two periods one period of three days and one period of two days
so for example say your peak sales days are Saturday and Sunday then you’ll want
to set your free day to Wednesday Thursday and Friday and then on Saturday
quickly change it back to your paid price but remember this takes planning
so just look at your KDP days and make sure you’re set for what dates you’re
actually going to implement the strategy because that’s important in the next
step number three prepare for the promotion site if you access my list of
best book promotion sites at or just clicking the link
right here you’ll see that there’s a slew of them and they all have different
requirements some require you to contact them two weeks in advance while others
just require that you do its own right when you change it the purpose of the
step though is to make sure that you look at those sites and you’re ready to
do it at the right time there’s nothing worse than the set these books at free
and then find out you miss half of the best one because you didn’t contact them
in advance so give yourself two weeks check them and make sure that at the
right time you contact them to let them know about your free book so that they
do their job and they promote it number four have a plan for what to do when
it’s free when your book is free this is a prime time for you to contact your
followers your fans your acquaintances all of them it’s free you don’t have to
ask them to buy your book instead they can download it and there’s a good
chance that they’re going to leave a really good review and the best part is
even though they download it as free it is seen as a verified review which is
super sweet for helping you increase your conversions your sales your
legitimacy as a book and your rankings in Amazon but I’m going to tell you the
truth oh I don’t really leave this to chance
I just don’t send out an email and just say hey can you go ahead and leave me a
review let’s face it people forget and that’s okay so what I like to do is that
when my book is set to free I’ll actually contact people individually
with personal messages ask them to download it and then a couple days later
I’ll follow up with a friendly email just seeing if they’ve left a review
this isn’t supposed to be salesy or pushy these are people who respect your
work they’re not going to reject the 30 seconds it takes to write a legitimate
review they’re just busy and they forget and we as book marketers need to take
that extra step just to make the ask and assist them in getting that review none
of what I have said violates any of Amazon’s
requirements okay you’re not going to get in trouble for this all it is is
just a friendly reminder to those that respect your work think of it that way
also while your book is free go ahead and put it on social media or if you
have an email list hit that as well the key is you want to give the opportunity
to people to download your book and hopefully leave a review if they’re
calling on social media you’re not exactly a stranger and
they’re more likely to leave a review than strangers from book promotion sites
so take advantage of it number five have a plan for what to do
after your promotion is done immediately upon your free period being over change
your price and then roll into your next promotion push
or something to continue sales the free downloads from the promotion push has
increased your popularity and made Amazon think that hey wow this is a
pretty good book however it’s an even better sign when there are sales to
follow and that there’s continuous streams of downloads and popularity just
tell the Amazon that your book sales were not a fluke and you’re going to see
a lot of other increases whether it’s in search rankings categories bestseller
ranks all of it how do you continue book sales well some of the sage marketers
out there we’ll set up a paid promotion you know through Facebook or through the
new Amazon marketing services this is the prime time to inject those sales so
that you keep the momentum up you could also do paid promotion sites and for
some they like to actually save their email blasts until after the promotion
is over doing these things will help improve the results you get from your
book promotion site push it doesn’t mean that you’re going to have a best-seller
but man does it increase your momentum and that can be incredibly powerful
especially if this is a new book and or you’re not a famous author and this is
your first try I hope you’ve enjoyed these steps and think about it as you go
to prepare for your book push I’m Dave Chesson and I’ll catch you on the

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  1. Hey Dave, I just read in Amazon that the reviewer has had to previously spent $50 in order to leave a review….did I get that right?

  2. Thanks Dave for the amazing strategy moves! I am not an author, however, three if my friends are and it is funny how much they don't realize how to utilize the online marketplace. You are adding true value!!! I will absorb and assist them as much as possible and will take at look at KDP Rocket. Congrats!

  3. Dave, your resources link in the video description is broken. I found the resources page by navigating your site, as it's very intuitive, but I just thought you might like to know.

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