Save Money: See a TRDP Network Dentist

Save Money: See a TRDP Network Dentist

Music A healthy smile is a powerful thing,
protect it, with Delta Dental. The nation’s leading dental benefits provider. Did you know that you can decrease your
dental care costs by an average of 22 percent just by receiving your care from
a TRICARE Retiree Dental Program network dentist? For services like root canals,
crowns, and implants this can translate into literally hundreds of dollars saved! This
savings as possible because TRDP network dentist have agreed to accept
reduced fees and they’ll never charge you more than your copayment and deductible
(if applicable). Not only will these reduce fees lower
copayments but you’ll have more of your annual maximum to apply toward
additional care, too! To add to this, when you see a TRDP network dentist, you’ll
receive two cleanings (or three if you’re diagnosed with Type 1 / Type 2 diabetes),
two exams, and an x-ray in a twelve month period with no out-of-pocket costs!
And since network dentists always file your claims paperwork for you, you’ll never
have to deal with the hassle of filling out paperwork or worry about
insurance payment, as we paid the dentist directly! As one of our enrollees put it,
when you visit a network dentist, you simply “walk in, get great care, and walk out.”
We couldn’t put it any better…. well, other than to add you’ll be “walking
out” with more money left in your pocket. If you haven’t yet search for a TRDP
network dentist’s office to “walk into,” just click on our Find a Dentist” link at and enter the information for your desired criteria. You’ll have
the option of searching either by location, using an address or just the
zip code, or by the dentist’s name, and can even narrow it down by specialty-type and
driving distance from your home or workplace! And you can access our mobile
enable TRDP dentist directory right from your smartphone or tablet. With just one
touch you can click on the dentist phone number to connect directly with the
dental office, check to see if it dentists is accepting new patients, and
make an appointment. The directory even uses your smartphone
or tablet’s mapping capability to give you driving directions to the dental office! Whichever option you choose, you can rest
assured that you’ll soon be on your way to getting great care, as well as, great

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