San Diego Tooth Implant: Average Cost, Benefits, Comparison to Dental Bridges

San Diego Tooth Implant: Average Cost, Benefits, Comparison to Dental Bridges

Benefits of Tooth Implants vs Bridges & Average
Cost Comparison in San Diego Bashar Ahmedo, DDS A lot of people actually ask me about tooth
implants vs bridges and maybe 90% of the time the best option 90, 90% of the cases, the
best option is to go with the implants for many reasons. What are the benefits of tooth implants? Some of the benefits of the implants is like
when you have virgin teeth, means like you have intact teeth, you don’t have any fillings
or crowns on them on both sides of the space you don’t have to damage these teeth and you
just have to put implants right in between them while with bridges you have to actually
damage your teeth and involve them in the bridge. Other benefits of implants is the ease of
cleaning. You can just floss and clean around them just
like normal teeth, it will look perfect like a normal tooth, and it will function just
like a normal tooth. Some other benefits of implants, the confidence
that you will have that you’re not going to break the bridge or you’re not going to break
a piece of your tooth in there, because every single tooth in there is seperate by itself
so incase of the damage of one of these teeth we can just treat one by itself. You don’t have to go and treat the whole entire
bridge. The list goes on and on with the benefits
of implants. It may be that some of the disadvantages of
implants or maybe the only disadvantage of implants which we’re trying to take really
good care of it here at my office is the cost and it’s just a little bit more costly than
bridges options. The biggest benefit of implants: They look
and feel like real teeth. The biggest benefit of implants is that the
implants themself will look and feel just like a normal teeth versus a bridge that won’t
look and feel like a normal tooth, and will add a lot to the confidence especially like
if when you have an interior implant or an interior bridge you can spot that easily when
you have somebody with a bridge in an interior area. While an implant with the new technology that
we have these days, that we can just place the implants in an interior area that just
looks perfectly like 99% just like a normal tooth. It adds up a lot, it makes people very comfortable,
laughing, no more hiding their smiles with their hands and it just strengthens the durability
of the tooth and the implants itself. What about bridges? Why would I choose a bridge versus an implant? The benefit of bridges, the main benefit of
bridges that 10% of the chances that we can not place implants on, we usually go with
bridges. It’s still a good option, it’s not like a
bad option, it’s just like to keep space in there. Bridges are an ok option but the implant is
still the best option in 90% of the cases. And these 10% that where we can not place
the implant either for systemic disease or problems with the bone in that bone is disstructured
too much that we don’t have enough bone to place the implant, we go with bridges. Or when we have damaged teeth, on both sides
of the bridges that we can just place a bridge in there and it will probably lower the cost
on the patients a little bit. We always put these two options; we offer
the implants and we offer the bridges when we can, but when we can’t do an implant, we
just an the bridge option. The one drawback to implants had been the
longer timeline to restore someone’s smile versus bridges – not anymore. In some cases when we have an emergency of
like people like losing a tooth in the front, it’s something like right away maybe a bridge
is the fastest option. But with the new improved technology of implants,
actually we can place implants these days and put an immediate temporizing on the implants. We can just put a ground on the implant that
is not 100% functional, but will just look perfect like a normal tooth. So this is a new advance in high tech of implants. So the bridges are not that superior in this
field anymore that they’re faster; implants are actually getting there. Other, maybe a slight benefit of bridges,
they’re a little bit cheaper, but what you have to take in mind is the maintenance of
the bridge and the cleaning underneath it which is not fun and takes a lot of training. You just weigh your options and then think
and go with implants it’s the best option for a lot of cases. How do implants work? How are they placed in my mouth? So to go over the process of implants, it’s
pretty easy but a lot of people don’t understand what the implant is. So when we have an empty space here, this
model here and this model here it’s an interior area, the implant is something similar to
a screw we place it inside the bone just looks like this and what happens after that, the
body takes care of the rest of the job after we place it in a process we call Osseointegration. The body accepts the implant and the bone
just integrates around the implants. What we have to do after that we place a post
on top of it which we call an abutment and that’s what will stick out of the implant
and will look just like a little metal wedge coming out of the implant. And on top of that after that, we bring the
final crown which will look just like a human tooth and we place it on top of all of that
and will just look normal. Now look at that empty space here, just look
at this empty space; on other models we can just place implants here and there and that
will just look perfect. Another example here just shows you another
two implants in there just to place a bridge on top of it. Okay so in some cases we don’t have to place
an implant for every single tooth, we can cover three teeth with two implants and that’s
similar to the concept of a bridge but with implants. What is the average cost of implants in the
San Diego area? So the average cost of the implants usually
here in the San Diego area I would probably say around $3000. It might go higher it might go lower depending
on the complications of the case. It’s probably very comparable to the cost
of a bridge. If you walk into a dental office and you don’t
have any insurance it’s probably going to be around the same cost maybe the implants
are going to be a little bit more expensive. Insurances these days they’re becoming more
and more aware to cover more implants. Now maybe 50% of the insurances cover implants
while there’s while there’s maybe about 90% of the insurances don’t cover bridges. Do you have more questions on tooth implants? Please call our office: 619-667-3330
I’m Dr. Barshar Ahmedo, I work at at Brite Smile Dental, the address is 6280 Jackson
Drive Suite #2 San Diego CA 92119. It’s still in San Diego but it’s right on
the border of San Diego and La Mesa, the zip code is 92119. And our phone number here is 619-667-3330. Call us today! Free Consultations.

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  1. thank you…I had a seizure and lost my front teeth (anterior). I don't know what to do! This video is helping make my decision.

  2. This is just basically an info-mercial for implants and this dentists practice. No info that most people don't already know.

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