Samsung Galaxy S10 plus PRO PHOTO MODE – How, Why, & When To Use It – Full Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus PRO PHOTO MODE – How, Why, & When To Use It – Full Tutorial

Ahoj… This is Zdenka. I’m holding this
really shiny phone in my hands, Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus which has pro
photography mode in its’ camera native app. If you want to learn how to
shoot fully manual mode on your smartphone, this tutorial is for you. We
will also answer questions, where, how and when. Don’t miss this video. It is very detailed. Let’s get started. And for the new faces, welcome. My name is Zdenka Darula. I have been working as a photographer since 2007. I make photo and video tutorials, tech reviews and creative camera challenges, so you might
consider hitting the subscribe button. I’ve had this phone for some time now
and I have to admit that I’m quite enjoying the camera besides all those
lenses this smartphone offers. It also has Pro photo mode. What is the advantage of shooting in Pro Mode? Well first of all, you can save the images in a raw
format instead of JPEG. Raw is not compressed, JPEG format is compressed. If you’re gonna be editing photo in JPEG and then save it again as a JPEG, you
will compress it even more so you will lose certain quality in your images. If
you’re gonna be editing the file in RAW format and then later save it in JPEG,
you will keep the most in your photos. You will keep the most quality. Let me
open camera pro mode and let me show you where you can enable saving the images
in RAW format. Click on settings, save options and select raw copies and as it
says here images will be saved in JPEG and RAW while shooting in pro photo mode. Let’s return to the pro photo mode and let’s start with the top buttons. Right
beside the Settings button you will find flash. It is turned off by default. You
can turn it on and off right here. Next we have a timer which is great for
taking creative selfies or long exposure photos where you can accidentally shake
the camera by pressing the shutter button. You can choose either 2 sec, 5 sec or 10 second timer. Let’s move on to ratio button. 3:4 ratio is a typical
camera format. It fits on 6×8 inch prints. 9:16 ratio is the modern TV
computer screen size. It is hard to print it though. 1:1 ratio is square it is great for Instagram and full, you know full is just
full phone screen size. For now I am going to select square 1:1 so you
can see the controls very nicely. Normally though I shoot in 3:4 ratio.
Next we have metering. We have 3 options here. First one is
center-weighted metering which reads the light in the middle of the frame ignoring the corners. Number 2 is matrix metering. It basically
breaks the frame into small squares segments and sets the exposure based on the reading the info from the whole frame. Number 3 is spot metering which is best used to expose object or subject in the scene. I personally use it the most.
Last button at the top is out of focus area. You can select either center or
multi, whichever you prefer. Let’s go down to ISO which is cameras sensitivity to
light. During the day when it is bright and sunny, you will select ISO 50. When it
will get darker, you will have to go with ISO up 300, 400 and when it is really
dark, you might have to go even higher but the higher ISO the more grain, noise you will get in your photos. The more light the better it is. Right now it is bright
so I’ll keep it at the lowest ISO I possibly can. Next we have shutter speed.
Before you select the right shutter speed, you have to decide which aperture
you want to choose. Is it going to be F 1.5 which means that only small area
will be sharp, the rest will be blurry or F 2.4 which means that a bigger area
will be sharp. If I’m taking photo of a small flower, then I will choose F/1.5.
If I’m going to be taking photo of lets say a landscape or nature or a larger area
then I will go with F/2.5. The choice we have with shutter speed here is either
auto or we can tap here to control shutter speed manual. If you select auto then you can adjust the exposure here on the right. But let’s
go back to normal shutter speed. We can make the image a little bit lighter or
darker. If you want to take a photo of an action, sport or fast-moving object and
you want to freeze the action, then you need to select quite fast shutter speed.
I would suggest 1/250th of a second or even faster. If the image or the preview
of the image gets darker, then just increase the ISO. For regular speed use
middle or if you want to blur slightly fast-moving action. You can also shoot
very slow shutter on the right you can actually go all the way to ten seconds.
It is ideal for those water shots you know River or a waterfall where you want
that soft creamy effect. But for that you need an ND filter and I included
link to such ND filters in the video description below. I have them all and
they work perfect with this smartphone. Let me put the ND filter on just like
this. Now I am blocking the excessive light which is getting through the lens
and I can take very long exposure shots. So I can set it up to all the way to 10
seconds. Of course for that you want to select a timer as well because you
don’t want to accidentally shake the camera when you are pressing the shutter
button. The color profile selected on this camera is set to standard but if
you want to play around, you can change it by simply tapping this button here.
You can slide left and right to change your color temperature. Tint, contrast,
saturation, highlight and shadows. Next we have auto focus AF. Just tap anywhere
on the screen and it will focus there or select MF which is manual focus that I
like. The camera has focus speaking so when you move your focus
whatever is sharp will lit up green. Last control here we have is white balance.
Here you can just slide and select the correct white balance. Sunny day, overcast, fluorescent and tungsten bulb. So that is Pro photo
mode explained. Hit the thumbs up button if you liked today’s video, subscribe to
all future videos like these. If you have any questions, comments or simply want to say hello or let me know what kind of phone you are currently using, you can do
so in a comment section below and I will see you my friends in the next video
Cau…. Ahoj…. .

Author: Kevin Mason

27 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S10 plus PRO PHOTO MODE – How, Why, & When To Use It – Full Tutorial

  1. Thank you for watching. Have you tried manual photography on smartphone? What app do you use??? How is everyone doing today! GIMBAL WINNER IS: JAYNE NICOLETTI…

  2. Zeedee ahoj! IQ of smartphones is improving. With sophisticated technology they may someday replace bulky gear and lenses.
    Let's see how these gadgets progress.

  3. Thanks for the video, I’m getting on great with the M50. Love the colour coordination in your outfit, which I know is no accident, stunning. Have a good weekend.

  4. Ahoy, jak se máte? You have got it down to an art when making what could be a 'complicated' subject and turning it into something that is simple and easy to digest – great job!  

    Before buying the Canon M50 I considered buying a smart phone with a good camera system, as the quality has improved immensely and they are naturally easy to carry and store, compared to a DSLR or Mirror Less camera. But for me, as I don't use my mobile very often I decided on something specifically designed for the job of taking photographs, the M50 – although if you have withdrawal symptoms you can still however transfer your images to a smartphone via its Bluetooth connection!! 

    Technology is moving so quickly, with smaller, better quality and cheaper products – as 'M Mozumber' hinted ' will smart phone cameras ever replace the conventional camera and gear', who knows??

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day.

  5. Hi very informative video thanks. I am using the S10+ and I use it with the dji smo2 mobile gimbal, can I use pro mode with the gimbal?

  6. Thanks for the video! Very well edited, nice shots and descriptions of everything you talk about. You conitnually get better with your technical descriptions. You must be a very "techie" person, or you have forced yourself to just become better at it. My takeaway today that I have instantly applied: I checked my Samsung Glaxy S9 just now – it also saves in RAW! I don't know why I never checked that before. Now to see how I can increase my storage for these HUGE files! Also, I changed my ratio/resolution from 16:9 to 4:3 for photos (using full 12MP too). So many things to explore and learn. Thanks again!

    *By the way – I still have not completely settled on an app for photos/videos – have you? I use ZY Play when it's on my Zhiyun Smooth-Q gimbal (oldie but goodie), I also have Camera FV-5 app, and of course built-in Camera app. Maybe I should do a video myself talking about these, and get tips/help from comments haha. Sorry for length of comment….

  7. I've just upgraded to the Samsung galaxy S9, which alsohas a pro mode not had much chance to play with it for taking photos & video, on my older Samsung galaxy S7 I used an app called open camera which opens up the manual settings not only for photos but also few settings in video mode. I definitely be try our pro when the weather improves.

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  10. Hi Zdenka! It's me…Linda Miller! This is my other channel where I do mostly my camera stuff exploring and just really practicing getting better with my equipment. This video has given me an idea, to maybe do a Samsung Note 9 Cinematic challenge! Thank you for this detailed video for Pro mode. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Cheers!

  11. Love you 😘 thankful for your time and information. I've been watching your videos they all are very informative and this one helps me a lot didn't understand this mode a now I do! Thanks 😊

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    and learning photography from you my first 7 photos have been approved by Shutterstock can you tell me please that how many time it will take to get first sell?

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